Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pope Benedict Needs to Get His Senior Minions In Line

This is a serious unforced error.  Being perceived to have taken Obama's side in the gun rights war will alienate a LOT of people.  And it will do so on a manner largely orthogonal to the Gospel.  Get your minions in line Benedict. 


Dave said...

It might be a trial message to Obama's minions: play ball on Obamacare regulation and we will rally our base for gun control.

in Columbus said...

The Pope is caught: he can't exercise power because he's supposed to be infallible, and if he exercises power, the people he opposes will stop speaking of him in that way, which will diminish his power.

A similar tension exists between Rome's claim to be a Universal Church and it's claim to have a Magisterium that teaches perfect doctrine. In practice, what happens is that they don't teach doctrine, they don't root out, say, the modernist heresies, because to do so would make them seem less convincingly universal to the public. So they police their conservative fringe much more sharply than their liberal one. It's smaller and less powerful, so attempts to marginalize it don't create as large a scandal.