Friday, January 25, 2013

Intuit Declares Itself As An Enemy

I've used Turbotax and Quicken for years.  No longer.  Unless an abject apology and reversal of policy is offered by Intuit, and I DO insist on the abject apology, there will be no further business from me, or my house.  Indeed I will advocate against them at any reasonable opportunity from now forward.

It seems strange---wonder if anyone could make a mint writing a business book with a central thesis of, avoid pissing off your core customers?  Nah...too Occam's Razor'ish, we must use Occam's butterknife.


Anonymous said...

I think that "righting" should be "writing".

Jehu said...

Quite correct, fixed.

Anonymous said...

Well... if they don't need the business of a huge percentage of the American population, we shan't give it to them.

AWC said...

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Janet said...


Here's an interesting reading list: Pro-Western Christianity

Bookmark it because it's a valuable resource!