Saturday, June 9, 2012

Accomplishing The Subversion of the Far Left

I’m a firm believer in the use of covert persuasion against the far left. Frankly, I think they’re a more fertile ground for persuasion than is the mainstream conservative. To subvert a leftist you honestly only need to do one thing:

Make them love SOMETHING, ANYTHING, more than diversity. It doesn’t matter what that something is. It could be walkable cities, high percentages of non-overweight attractive women, safe mass transit, a clear environment, their own children, the list goes on and on.

Once they love that one thing more than diversity, it is only a matter of time. In leftist spheres, where obviously I do not go by the name of Jehu, this is my strategy. Find what they love that isn’t diversity, and try to enhance their love for it until it becomes a greater ‘god’ for them than diversity.


Jim said...

That's fine, but how do you do it? Let's see, they've sacrificed the environment for diversity, they welcome antediluvian Muslims who fundamentally (hehe) disagree with their entire world outlook, they turn a blind eye to racist beatings and rape (of whites) despite their so-called anti-racism and feminism, you could go on and on. The problem here is Liberalism doesn't love diversity, they loathe whites, there's a difference. The catch phrase "anti-racism is a code word for anti-white" is literally true. Let this fellow over at Unamusement Park explain their position:

The only thing that will make leftists see the light is when they see lights, when it hurts to advocate the hate they advocate, when they can no longer shelter at the feet of power. Whether it's a real threat of getting their skulls cracked by one of their victims, or whether it's when their idiotic beliefs reduces the nation to poverty and an orgy of non-white violence, only pain and fear will change their ways.

bdoran said...

Let me Help.

"Why Elites Fail" by Chris Haynes at The Nation. As you can see from his own account, there is at least one thing they love more: privilege. I would add the same from same account - money. He whines that the SEC failed because they weren't compensated enough.

[An Honest public servant used to work for a lifetime of modest wages.]

Money and Privilege: Oh these we know they Love. And when this man is seen to be the deadweight of Diversity that he is, and they see their precious positions in mortal jeopardy - Diversity will go the way of the Hitler-Stalin pact that it is...and hence their unraveling anyway.

The Intellectuals are already turning and fast. We know from the 20th century their mercilessly fickle nature and the fate of the lumpenproles who trust them.

Steve Sailer said...

A more likely scenario is that nothing much will change. Those who can, will go on preaching one thing and practicing another.

Jehu said...

Steve, Jim

The way to get them (the far left, the center left is far more problematic) to change is to push them into the deep end of whatever pet cause they happen to have. This is particularly easy with environmentalists---you just need them to go beyond mouthing the platitudes. Add water and you've got John Tanton.

The far left isn't like the 'moderate left' or the center left. Many of them actually have the potential to care about things besides whatever gets the most status points.

BTW, loving 'diversity' is functionally the same thing as loving to hate whites. When they love anything more than they hate whites, keep pushing gently and they'll realize that whites are generally the only way they can get that 'anything'. Then in the darkness of the night they'll realize that they are as racist as the staunchest klansman.
Other fertile areas for subversion are left-wing prepper circles.