Sunday, June 17, 2012

Homeschooling While Black?

Apparently the black homeschool community has started growing in recent years, the above article estimates that there are over 200k black homeschool children now.

This is all to the good, any homeschool family, regardless of race, belief, or religion is a double-plus-ungood enemy of Big Brother.  I'd be willing to wager than a large fraction of these black homeschool kids come from intact families as well.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of this is motivated by simple fear of the physical dangers that black kids are going to face in public schools especially as they get older.
This is of course virtually left unspoken in public discussion but black parents must be aware of it.

Some years back the radical anti-white ideologue Noel Ignatiev (of all people)
sardonically noted that black teenagers were in far greater physical danger from their own school compatriots than they ever were from white supremacists or the Klan.

Black families may ask whether free public baby- sitting and meals are worth it 
when you count the risk of your kids:

1. Not learning jack.
2. Getting maimed or killed.

Jehu said...

Those are certainly motivators---they're cited by the black homeschool parents interviewed in the article in fact.

Anonymous said...

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Sigh. I find it a really crappy platform for comments..

Anonymous said...

It's hard to get black families to homeschool.

1) The ones that do care about their kids are very wary of anything "non traditional" or "radical" like homeschooling. Most involved black parents are very conservative with their kids. They are far more likely to send the kids to a private religious school.

2) They are in the leftist political complex and definately feel pressure to view homeschooling as wrong.

Jehu said...

Around 200k black children are presently being homeschooled, and the number is growing pretty rapidly. This is a positive development in light of your point 2)---they'll feel less comfortable in the mainstream left political complex and gravitate to another (there are lots of options, mainstream right, hard right, and hard left, where homeschoolers are considered praiseworthy).