Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Progress on Reporting of Black Dysfunction in the Portland News

Check out the comments---many of the comments with highly positive ratings could have come from our merry band here.  The article itself is quite good by MSM standards---it actually says that the attacks were by large bands of black teenagers, no reading between the lines is required.

Now, as a commenter to the story points out, if the races were reversed, this would be absolutely priority one and would be shouted from the rooftops, so we're a long long way from parity.  But seeing such 'racist' comments with lots of agreement in liberal Portland is encouraging.  Perhaps whites in Portland aren't too far away from openly advocating their own interests (presently they do EVERYTHING in an infuriatingly passive-aggressive way, whereas I far prefer aggressive-aggressive).


Anonymous said...

Some of the comments are condemning KATU for not calling it a "hate crime". I think KATU should be applauded for mentioning the race of the perps. Each baby step in the right direction should be encouraged.

Nick Steves said...

My mother lived her whole life in Portland. Grew up in North Portland. She was viscerally racist. I grew up there always thinking that Portland had a bad section (the near NE) and (as Brahmin educated) Black people just happened to live there. After having been away for 25 years, I'm only just coming to learn that Portland is among the whitest cities--pathologically so, apparently. I thought this might be a recent phenomenon, but from reviewing Portland's demographic history, it doesn't seem that there's been great in or out migration of whites or blacks in the last generation.

So Portland is really, really white, which highly correlates with devout white people believe fairy tales about blacks. But obviously Portland does have its "bad sections". And any white who lives in or near those sections (in Portland or any other city), will no doubt be disabused of fairy tales.

Portland may be a bit like Milwaukee in that its blacks may tend to be of a more viscious sort--i.e., descendants of the ones most anxious to high tail it (for whatever reason) out of the South a few generations ago.

B322 said...

Holy frijoles, the comments on that KATU thread are ANGRY. The one guy I saw blubbering about (anti-black!) racism got tons of thumbs down and not a single thumb up.

If Willamette Valley whiterpeople can wake up, anyone can. It's still a big if; I'm sure a lot of the Birkenstock set are too scared even to read an article like that. Even admitting that Blacks could do anything mean is too horrible to contemplate.

Nick Steves said...

Checked back today. The comments appear to have been nuked. There is only one... it is, alas, somewhat "racist". Freedom of speech is a bitch, KATU!