Friday, June 1, 2012

The Catholic Church Must Stand and Fight the HHS Mandate
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I have to agree with Ann Barnhardt, the time for retreat, if it ever was such a time, is over.  It is time to make the Administration demonstrate its tyranny in broad daylight.  I'd add the recommendation of wholesale jury nullification to the call for wholesale civil disobedience as well.
I also agree that the timing of 'For Greater Glory', which opens today in the US, could not be better.
One might even suspect that it was Providential.
It is not the time to be nice and non-confrontational.  It's also not the time to be nice to the myriad heretics that infest the church.  Here you have a golden opportunity to drag them into a battlefield under God's own sunlight, with no cover available.


Anonymous said...

I'd join the church if it showed some balls. So far it appears that everyone in the church had their balls surgically removed when they became priests.

Jehu said...

I wager a lot of people feel the same way. I'm a Quaker, but I'd swim the Tiber if the Catholic church broke out the excommunication hammer in a big way and cleaned house.
I'd take Pope Benedict's suggestion that Protestants are operating with an impaired spiritual supply line much more seriously if his church institutionally acted like it believed it.

Anonymous said...

My uncle has been a Catholic priest for 30 years and recieved many honors. I can tell you that Catholicism, like most churches, is fighting for it's life. The number of genuine Christians is much smaller then the number of Christian posers, but without the posers the church as an organization would collapse overnight.

Balancing the need for genuine religion with the need to appeal to the masses isn't some dilemma lost on the church, there just aren't a lot of good answers if you don't want to shrink massively.