Monday, June 11, 2012

A Thinker That The Republican Party Is Far Too Stupid To Employ
No, not myself---my laziness exceeds my arrogance by a fair margin.

Read especially the parts about a failure cascade and how to break the bonds of a social alliance.

Read it?  Good.  Now ask yourself, what sort of conflict does corporate MMO struggle map to?
Nobody actually dies, nobody is even hooked into an electric shock when their avatars are dispelled into virtual cosmic dust.  Groups that are determined can just keep respawning again and again into the ongoing whirlpool of destruction until they achieve victory.  The only way to win is to break the collective will to fight of the other side, to make it no longer fun for them to exist in the corporate alliance entity that they are part of.

This is nearly precisely the environment of politics in Western nations presently.  The Republicans would be wise to consult with the leader of the Goon Squad, but likely will not.  They'd also be wise to learn that the various swords and clubs and axes of Alinski can be wielded in both directions.

Yes, the other side likes to say that 'the personal is political'.  Maybe it is---frankly, that a meaningful fraction of the population says so makes it inherently political.  But the political can also be made personal.  I don't think that most of today's left has the stomach for a conflict wherein they had to face the unrelenting personal animus of anyone who happened to be on the other side---where they were viewed as actually Evil, as opposed to simply misguided, and were forced to shed relationships not on THEIR terms, as in the ubiquitous facebook unfriend, but on the terms of the Other.

I know, for instance, that there is much higher dependence within my own extended family by those on the left on those on the right than vice versa.  They would suffer far more should the cultural war escalate, and I frankly think they lack the stomach for it.  Most likely the mainstream left had balls back in the 60s.  I don't think they do presently.  Honestly, I think part of them wants responsible society to go hardcore on them and show them their limits.

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Steve Nicoloso said...

Leftism as multi-generational shit test. Makes about as much sense as any of the other etiologies I've seen...