Monday, August 6, 2012

A Little Musical Encouragement For Reactionaries

Over 15 years ago SSI delivered us one of their computer gaming masterpieces, Fantasy General.
Indeed one of the biggest reasons this game is remembered (you'd need dosbox to run it now), is because of its soundtrack.  Putting audio soundtracks on game CDs was kind of a new thing back in those days.  Fantasy General has one of the best soundtracks in a computer game.  Essentially the developers hired a very good soprano and had her sing a number of very old hymns.
Some might ask:  What are a bundle of Eucharistic hymns doing on a wargame soundtrack?!/playlist/view_playlist/1052738?page_object=artist_608582

In fact the developers likely knew exactly what they were doing.  The scenario is one of a tiny remnant rising up behind a Messiah---I mean...Champion to cleanse the wicked from their lands.  Sound familiar?  I suspect that the Maccabees would recognize the theme, as would a number of others throughout history.

I suspect that quite a few such developers are at least crypto Reactionaries.  I could spin a narrative around this particular work, but I won't, I'll just point you to the soundtrack so you can be encouraged.  The various Civilization games also have some exceptional soundtracks, especially in the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

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Rollory said...

"I suspect that quite a few such developers are at least crypto Reactionaries"

Fewer than you would expect. Much fewer. Even those who by their actions seem to understand exactly the sort of points you would make - if the logic of what they are doing were pointed out, they would deny it vehemently.

(I used to work in that field)