Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Desacralization of the Justice System Continues, More Rapidly Than Expected

Apparently a Vermont farmer was busted for marijuana possession and got annoyed, so he resisted arrest also.  Afterwards he decided to inflict a bit of 'car crushing excitement' on the police cruiser fleet.

But that part isn't the real news.  The real news is that there's a fairly significant well of support for this guy.  That tends to revise upwards my estimate of just how desacralized the judiciary and justice system has become in the eyes of ordinary people.  Check out the comments, on this story and on the other stories as regards the event.  There's a lot of...well, maybe he overreacted but we understand his frustrations running through them.

It also points up an important observation, which I won't elaborate much on.
Modern police forces and militaries are EXTREMELY strong in attacking places when they get to play their set piece game.  They are, however, absolutely wretched at defending when their opponent gets to decide the when, where, what, and how.

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Anonymous said...

Your insight is keen. The police treasure blind obedience. In order to rise in their ranks, one must be willing to march off a cliff. Such thinking does not promote true tacticians.