Tuesday, August 21, 2012

That Hideous Strength Wasn't Intended As An Instruction Manual, Was It?


Thus far, the UK has implemented NICE, which has disturbing similarities to the same organization in That Hideous Strength.
Now Homeland Security has implemented Fairy Hardcastle.

There is something deeply disturbing when books using a bit of over the top hyperbole become more tame than reality.
One almost has to wonder whether C.S. Lewis was a prophet.

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Anonymous said...

I just finished this book last week. A very therapeutic read when you work for an organization where everyone talks exactly like the books demons.

There are really two questions to ask:
1) Is there an objective good?
2) What is it?

Western Society fouls up the first because it believes in nihilism, the only rational result of atheism. CS Lewis sold me on the answer to the first question, which I think it the most important of the age.

On the second question Lewis could never do to well, which I think is just the truth of the matter given limited human knowledge. And he never really touched politics or economics. On the issue of eugenics he was strongly against it, but he hated egalitarianism as well especially right before his death.