Sunday, August 12, 2012

Warning to Doctors in the US: Don't Let These Idiots Define You

Let's face it doctors, you are in a LOT of trouble right now.  The chances are very good that your quality of life is going to take a distinct downturn in the next few years due to politics.

The last thing you need to do is to further aggravate population segments that are generally inclined not to want to make your lives unpleasant.

Yes, I'm talking about things like asking your patients if they have a gun in the house as a matter of course.  Lots of us get VERY VERY pissed off when you as much as ask the question, precisely because we don't trust your professional and political organizations or your relationship with government and the Cathedral.  You see, we don't like the idea of just lying to you, because taqiyya has a significant psychological cost, and given your role, we'd prefer not to get into the habit of lying to you.  We also recognize that refusing to answer ALSO leaks information---usually being interpreted as a yes. 

We also know damned well that but for a few exceptions, you probably know LESS about actual gun safety and usage than we, as gun owners do, particular insofar as the risk tradeoffs associated with manner of carry or storage in our own individual circumstances.  You're being encouraged to ask these questions for reasons that have everything to do with attempting to pathologize gun ownership in much the same manner as has been done with smokers.

You're also in a position of ridiculous observer bias.  Which uses of firearms are the sort that you, in your professional capacity, are likely to see?  Think on that for a bit before you reach for your anecdotes.

Look also on the absolutely WRETCHED state of your medical journals and peer review.  Guess what, when they operate outside of their own actual areas of expertise....they are even worse.  Studies like Kellerman et al are absolutely shameful abuses of both statistics and science.

Where you're fortunate is that most conservatives in the US aren't like me----YET.  See, I'm in favor of what is essentially total cultural war.  That is, to systematically attack the economic, social, and political position of any and all of our enemies.  For doctors, that would be the esteem you're held in, your income, and your political clout.  Socialized medicine would do a hardcore number on all of these---would you prefer to enjoy similar levels on all of these indices with, say, British doctors?

Thought not.  To prevent this, you need to retake control of your professional organs and get them to stop antagonizing the few groups that actually generally support you (and who, I suspect, are a LOT less likely to through malpractice suits around willy nilly).

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B322 said...

I'm glad you mentioned Kellerman. I first heard of that guy's work (not his name, or any details) in 1982. One of my schoolteachers referenced the New England Journalism of Medicine article (not by name), completely misrepresenting it in exactly the same way that all lefties do. I later found out what the &*^#!! she was talking (lying) about.

Good post. I'd write more if I weren't so busy.