Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Latest Cellphone Text Scam, and a Golden Opportunity for Romney

Apparently the latest scam is for crooked companies to send unsolicited spam texts to cellphone users and then bill them $9.99 through their cellphone company as 'Premium Services'.  If you call the cellphone company, as we did for my wife's cellphone bill, they'll remove the charges without any particular fight, but we PROFOUNDLY RESENT having to take any sort of defensive actions or spend any sort of initiative on our cellphones---this is, after all, why we have an autopayment set up.  Lack of social trust is the reason why I scan the bill on a monthly basis.

Judging by the responses I see online regarding this, it is not an isolated thing (given the business model involved, one would hardly expect it to be), and the level of anger I feel at it is fairly typical.

This is a golden opportunity for a presidential candidate to demonstrate that he hates what we hate.  Promise the use of excessive force against such malefactors.  Promise to burnish the reputation of the SS---changing its perception from the scammers of Latina prostitutes to that group that plays '24' with cellphone scammers, identity thieves, robocallers, and the like.

FCC complaints have flown like a flock of birds on this, but nothing seems to actually get done.  Anarcho tyranny in action.


Anonymous said...

People who do this should be executed. This is not a joke.

Jehu said...

Lots of people feel that way. Seems to me that a candidate---for instance, Romney, could easily get out in front of the issue.
Dispatch a flock of lawyers now, I'm sure they're already retained and ready to go, to harass the industry. Meanwhile promise more aggressive measures should you be elected.