Saturday, October 13, 2012

Golden Dawn Bashes Blasphemers And Smashes Sacriligious Scum?

Ok, I couldn't resist the alliteration.  Apparently a bunch of leftist multiculturalists decided that they wanted to degrade Texans, Jesus, and Christians in one fell swoop.  Because, of course

Ridicule Trumps Reason

But then the Golden Dawn and some Orthodox Greeks with balls decided to show them another truth well known to our readers

Violence Trumps Ridicule

The comments on the story are interesting...I particularly like this one
Linda Karlsson 2 comments collapsed

Collapse Expand I often wonder if multiculturalists intentionally pretend to be dumb or if you actually are an ideology of idiots.
Naturally Golden dawn does not hate foreigners. Golden dawn does not want their people to become a minority in their own country. If you define that as hating foreigner, then all countries in the world execpt the western ones are pretty much ultra-neo-nazists. Since only the western world is working hard with replacing their native population with foreign populations. You will find no mass-immigration into Japan I assure you.

Secondly, would you stand up and support the degrading of Judaism in the same manner you support the degradation of Christianity? If the play showed Muhammed as being gay, to provoke muslims, would you support it? I can assure you the rest of your anti-white anti-christian multiculti cadrè would not. In fact if there was a play about degrading Islam, "anti-fascist"(The actual fascists) would probably be attacking the theatre goers with knives and rocks.


You know I've often joked that a TV show 'Beat the Press', would probably get incredible ratings.  Let's see how this hypothesis plays out in the next Greek election.  Golden Dawn has shown it has no particular reluctance to beat the snot out of hostile reporters.  This has the potential of creating a prisoner's dilemma for every reporter in Greece regarding them.  Schelling would nod sagely.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Violence works.

Hail said...

"If you define that as hating foreigner, then all countries in the world execpt the western ones are pretty much ultra-neo-nazists"

The way things are going, one of these days the EU will mandate ethnomasochism for Whites. Anyone of unmixed European ancestry who is found to lack ethnomasochism would thus be jailed for conspiracy to commit hate crimes.

Anonymous said...

Golden Dawn folows the lead of the Greek government administering to "expatriate homogeneity". THe 2003 book of Berkeley Theologian Paul Manolis exposed how they racketeer to deny the ghetto their American Birthright in order to have them as a captive lobby for Greece.

Jehu said...

Pretty much every ethnicity that has a diaspora tries to leverage them politically. This is YET another reason to be seriously cautious in allowing immigration into your country.