Thursday, October 18, 2012

Who Will Be The Next To Crowd The Confessional?

Some time back, we posted a Request For Propaganda---as an attempt to distort the histogram of reality and thereby 'Crowd the Confessional'.

Well, last week my wife and I read SM Stirling's latest 'Lord of Mountains', and he did not disappoint the RFP, clocking in around 1 reference to the sacrament of confession per 100 pages.  Not only that, he had a very Dante with a dash of CS Lewis portrayal of Purgatory for my favorite Lord Protector of the Portland Protective Association.
Ok, Catholic authors.  SM Stirling at least professes to be a heathen.  But he's writing way better propaganda for your cause than most of you.  I believe you can do better.  God wants you to do better.
Holy Mary for Portland!


S. M. Stirling said...

Well, I'm not a believer. However, there are many types of nonbeliever; many of them are angry at God, or something of that nature. Many of them dislike or look down on religious people.

I'm not that kind of heathen. I actually wish that it were true, I just don't find it credible. I also appreciate the beauty of the belief system aesthetically, and the amount of effort a lot of very smart people have put into articulating the theology over the centuries. Theologically I'm an atheist, but culturally I'm a very old-fashioned high church Anglican.

Since I don't think religious people are bad or stupid, it's not so much of a stretch for me to be able to get inside their heads and see things from their point of view as a writer.

Jehu said...

Well, thank you for, knowingly or otherwise, supporting the campaign to crowd the confessional. I do have to say that you write an excellent heroic Catholic.
As a reactionary Christian, obviously I believe that God makes use of whoever He pleases to do His work, without so much as asking my leave. I also believe that He does a tremendous amount of work well below what you might call the 'Vulgar' level---loading the dice of conflict, for instance. I also believe, that were you to use a metaphor of a simulation for existence, that He deliberately set the seeds and initial conditions so as to bring about His desired outcomes. What are those desired outcomes? Honestly I don't know. Job didn't get an answer other than a whirlwind either, and he was far wiser and more pious than I.