Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is It Just Me, Or Is The Benghazi Affair Looking More And More Like An 80s Action Film?

Ex-special forces (in this case SEALS) involved as key figures, there's even two of them per a common action buddy-movie trope:  Check
Desperate, repeated pleas for help from the ambassador and his minions:  Check---with accounts oddly enough on MMO boards reminiscent of Balin's journal in Moria (They are coming...)
Heroic Protagonists repeatedly request permission from corrupt/incompetent/evil higher ups:  Check
Heroic Protagonists finally decide to violate orders:  Check
Immediate success in a daring rescue:  Check
Action-packed flight to place of relative safety while requesting evacuation or reinforcement:  Check
Siege scene, with request after request denied: Check
Protagonists claim a large honor guard on their way to meet their Maker:  Check
Massive recriminations at high levels in government afterwards---Hopefully

To make it a more upbeat 80s film, the pilot/gunner/etc of the AC-130 on the scene would have to have violated orders also, and evaporated the antagonist's mortar team prior to the deaths of our heroes.  But, if there were indeed a substantial number of others that they managed to enable the escape of, it'll do as a sort of Alamo scene.

This is one of the reasons I'm so terribly conflicted on the military.  I loathe most of the uses that they are put to, and their upper leadership is not worthy of them.  But I love the American soldier himself, and I greatly respect his valor.  Why---well, recall that I'm a Southerner by birth.  It's a blood thing.  Check out the pictures of the secretary of defense and one of his generals in a recent press release---the general is looking at him like he's some sort of bug.

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bdoran said...

I served, and this entire matter is reminiscent of serving under the Clinton's in the 90s. Panetta is a bug: Hillary's bug precisely.

As far as Hard info/Harm's Way; Americans under attack is sufficient info.

You may have noticed the sudden relief of the Head Admiral on the Carrier Stennis -Adm. Gaouette- and the Commanding General of Africom General Carter Ham. In Ham's case it's reported he was placed under arrest after directing aid to Benghazi despite Washington's order. I would suspect that Adm Gaouette's sudden "inappropiate judgement" was along the same lines.

It is very trying to take orders from criminal filth. It's most obvious we'd be left to die as well. Not to mention we take "no one left behind" very seriously, to the point where we have still forensic teams searching for WW1 remains to this day. Oh and willful cowardice is a mortal sin. You'll be punished by "shunning". See the salute unto death scene in "Master and Commander" if you want to see how that works out.

Mind you certain people don't mind. The Clinton's for instance would barely notice.

Anonymous said...

Any white man who is stupid enough to join the very imperial forces that are committing genocide against his people back home deserves to get his nuts blown off. By wasting our money and their lives, and by allowing the System to use these overseas wars as a distraction, they are accelerating the destruction. It's like a Jew or a Pole joining the SS in 1943.

Anonymous said...

Seen Nat Geo's Seal Team Six? I can't find a character named Amal Ahmed listed in the credits...