Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TSA Demonstrates The Compassion That The Dying Should Expect From Government Healthcare


Yes, let's demand abject submission rituals from dying leukemia patients!
Romney is a fool for not bashing the TSA mercilessly.  Look at the comments on shine, which is a pretty liberal venue.  The loathing for the TSA is rising.

Paraphrase that old Serbian Gentleman,
Nobody should DARE to ever humiliate you again!


Anonymous said...

these people who get abused by the TSA always seem to have something in common...

Anonymous said...

Nowhere I go is the TSA less than 50% black. It is another government jobs program to give lazy, surly blacks big pay and benefits. It wasn't *intended* that way but anything the government does turns out like that due to affirmative action.

Anonymous said...

It was -definitely- intended that way.

1. It is more degrading and dehumanizing to whites.
2. It re-enforces the idea of whites submitting to blacks.
3. Blacks will not be sympathetic to whites (most of them are outright hostile to whites) so they will rarely, if ever, feel like what they are doing is wrong. They will not "go easy on" a grandma the way a white person might, because it doesn't remind them of their own grandma. And by the same token, they are likely to "go easy on" blacks.