Monday, October 22, 2012

Methuseleh's Children, the Undead, or Just Ordinary Voter Fraud in North Carolina?

Perhaps North Carolina is the secret headquarters of the Methuseleh foundation?
Or perhaps, like in Chicago, the dead walk on election day, or before it, to file absentee ballots.
Or perhaps there are lots of glitches in the database, with default values of January 1st 1900?
It is terribly annoying that no real energy is put into prosecuting such behavior.  A reactionary Christian like myself terribly disapproves of abusing the Dead.

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Hail said...

I've seen a lot of media frenzy this year of supposed "Intimidation of Nonwhite Voters" It's about some kind of billboards declaring "Voter Fraud is a Crime" -- as if trying to stop people from voting illegally is the real problem.