Thursday, April 4, 2013

More On The Philosophy Of The Three

Referring, of course, to that philosophy articulated by my three year old...
One of his favorite games at this age is to pretend he is something, like a bird or a snake, and tell the adults what he 'is'.  I often play along with him and suggest some of the logical implications of his choice of 'form'---like, you should look out, our cat is going to chase you if you're a bird or a snake.  To which he replies...I'm just a Pretend Bird, she only chases Real Birds.
It's funny sometimes how he winds up expressing ridiculously common behaviors among adults of the Cathedral without any added varnish.  You see, our country is CHOCK FULL of 'pretend' environmentalists, 'anti-racists', and 'moral universalists'.  The difference is they lack the self-awareness of my three year old.