Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Return of Mangan's: Diversity Kills Through Heart Disease and Cancer Too


Mangan's blog is back up, with several worthy new posts.  Today he delivers us a link to yet ANOTHER way that diversity kills.  It's amusing the way the authors of the study try to hedge and spin their results, by appealing to the way that diversity is unhealthy for NAMs, but the message is pretty clear.  Maybe it'll give cover for nice white ladies (damn I loathe their impact on the political discourse!) to oppose diversity for NAMs' sake.

I'd much rather people oppose diversity for who...whom's sake and to be open partisans of their own coethnic's interests.  But one must work with what one has, I suppose.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is It Just Me, Or Is The Benghazi Affair Looking More And More Like An 80s Action Film?

Ex-special forces (in this case SEALS) involved as key figures, there's even two of them per a common action buddy-movie trope:  Check
Desperate, repeated pleas for help from the ambassador and his minions:  Check---with accounts oddly enough on MMO boards reminiscent of Balin's journal in Moria (They are coming...)
Heroic Protagonists repeatedly request permission from corrupt/incompetent/evil higher ups:  Check
Heroic Protagonists finally decide to violate orders:  Check
Immediate success in a daring rescue:  Check
Action-packed flight to place of relative safety while requesting evacuation or reinforcement:  Check
Siege scene, with request after request denied: Check
Protagonists claim a large honor guard on their way to meet their Maker:  Check
Massive recriminations at high levels in government afterwards---Hopefully

To make it a more upbeat 80s film, the pilot/gunner/etc of the AC-130 on the scene would have to have violated orders also, and evaporated the antagonist's mortar team prior to the deaths of our heroes.  But, if there were indeed a substantial number of others that they managed to enable the escape of, it'll do as a sort of Alamo scene.

This is one of the reasons I'm so terribly conflicted on the military.  I loathe most of the uses that they are put to, and their upper leadership is not worthy of them.  But I love the American soldier himself, and I greatly respect his valor.  Why---well, recall that I'm a Southerner by birth.  It's a blood thing.  Check out the pictures of the secretary of defense and one of his generals in a recent press release---the general is looking at him like he's some sort of bug.

Those curious about more details on the story would be advised to pay instapundit.com a visit.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Behold the Incredible Magnitude of Authorial Affirmative Action


The sort of affirmative action we tend to see in our daily lives tends to be around the level of a sigma or so----roughly around the magnitude of the difference between the white and black mean level of intelligence.

But authorial affirmative action is far larger than this---it is easily 3 sigmas, maybe even more.

Consider this:
The marine infantry officer training is very very hard.  Apparently only those who are already exceptional in physical and mental endurance take it, and even among that population, about 1/6 of them fail it.

It has recently been opened to women, and volunteers were solicited for it.  2 women lieutenants in the Marines stepped forward, aspiring to be the first women Marine Infantry officers.

What can we reasonably infer about these 2?
They're probably more exceptional relative to the female population of marines than the average male candidate is relative to the male population of marines.  That's probably a sigma at least right there.  If male marine infantry officer candidates are typically drawn from the 'Second Sigma' of male physical ability, it is likely that these two were from the Third Sigma, maybe even the Fourth, of female physical ability.

They're probably also likely to get the 'benefit of the doubt', at least in any 'coin toss' sorts of deliberations.  What instructor is going to risk his career by being perceived to be 'unfair' to them?

But both of them washed out.

From this, and a lot of other evidence, we can conclude that the difference between the male and female distributions is on the order of 3 sigmas at least.

So, when an author places male characters around the +4 sigmas relative to the male distribution, and then places women who are competitive with them in the same capabilities, that author is engaging in authorial affirmative action of insane proportions.  GI Jane---indeed.  There do in fact exist women who are stronger than an average man, but they are few and far between.  Women stronger than men in the 'Second Sigma' of physical ability are pretty much Olympic quality, and women comparable to men at the NFL level (generally in the 5 sigma ballpark), basically don't exist.

But you'd never know that from watching television or movies.  For God's sake, the MSM arm of the Cathedral has convinced most of the population that a quarter of the population is gay.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Roy Beck of Numbers USA on the National Question in the Presidential Debates


In essence, nothing has really changed.  Romney is likely friendly to state level enforcement efforts, and will be more vigorous in dealing with illegal immigration via things like E-verify and turning off the magnets so as to encourage self-deportation, but he's probably not good for 'Operation Wetback II'.
He probably has decided that this is the most that 'nice white ladies' will bear.  Sometimes I loathe our political discourse.... Beck's article on the NumbersUSA site breaks down the transcript line by line.  It's worth the read.

Methuseleh's Children, the Undead, or Just Ordinary Voter Fraud in North Carolina?


Perhaps North Carolina is the secret headquarters of the Methuseleh foundation?
Or perhaps, like in Chicago, the dead walk on election day, or before it, to file absentee ballots.
Or perhaps there are lots of glitches in the database, with default values of January 1st 1900?
It is terribly annoying that no real energy is put into prosecuting such behavior.  A reactionary Christian like myself terribly disapproves of abusing the Dead.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Who Will Be The Next To Crowd The Confessional?

Some time back, we posted a Request For Propaganda---as an attempt to distort the histogram of reality and thereby 'Crowd the Confessional'.


Well, last week my wife and I read SM Stirling's latest 'Lord of Mountains', and he did not disappoint the RFP, clocking in around 1 reference to the sacrament of confession per 100 pages.  Not only that, he had a very Dante with a dash of CS Lewis portrayal of Purgatory for my favorite Lord Protector of the Portland Protective Association.
Ok, Catholic authors.  SM Stirling at least professes to be a heathen.  But he's writing way better propaganda for your cause than most of you.  I believe you can do better.  God wants you to do better.
Holy Mary for Portland!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mining the Minds of Smart Rednecks: More That Just 'Ick'

From talking to some of my friends in the 'Smart Redneck' category, it occurs that their gut contains more information about a lot of the things that make most neurotypicals say 'ick' than just 'ick'.

For instance, the usual response by a neurotypical to the idea that people could sell, rather than just donate, organs (usually kidneys), comes out as 'ick'.  Sometimes Second Sigma Sophists wrap it in a veneer about 'exploitation' or 'social justice', but they don't actually believe that, at least by the revealed preferences test.

However, talking with some of my allies in a pure listening mode, lubricated by a few drinks, one finds that their guts contain more than ick or folk Marxist sophistry.

One concern is that if kidneys, et al, are saleable, that the value of same will be entered onto every person's 'balance sheet', and taken into consideration before eligibility for things like financial aid at college, Medicare/Medicaid, and the like.  They agreed with my basic argument that people are selling chunks of expected lifespan all the time with jobs like roughneck on offshore rigs or contractor in dangerous areas.  It probably helps that some of them have actually worked such jobs themselves.  My suspicion is that they grok that the delta from forbidden to mandatory is awfully small in 21st century America.

A related concern as regards legalization of prostitution would be that women would be EXPECTED to accept jobs in that 'growth industry' should they be unemployed.  I vaguely recall a case to this effect from Germany some time back, so frankly that concern is hardly paranoid.  It's just one or two unprincipled exceptions away.

The common theme in all of these things is that it is really hard in the US for something to be legal but discouraged and low status, especially when the Cathedral lawyers get involved.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Golden Dawn Bashes Blasphemers And Smashes Sacriligious Scum?


Ok, I couldn't resist the alliteration.  Apparently a bunch of leftist multiculturalists decided that they wanted to degrade Texans, Jesus, and Christians in one fell swoop.  Because, of course

Ridicule Trumps Reason

But then the Golden Dawn and some Orthodox Greeks with balls decided to show them another truth well known to our readers

Violence Trumps Ridicule

The comments on the story are interesting...I particularly like this one
Linda Karlsson 2 comments collapsed

Collapse Expand I often wonder if multiculturalists intentionally pretend to be dumb or if you actually are an ideology of idiots.
Naturally Golden dawn does not hate foreigners. Golden dawn does not want their people to become a minority in their own country. If you define that as hating foreigner, then all countries in the world execpt the western ones are pretty much ultra-neo-nazists. Since only the western world is working hard with replacing their native population with foreign populations. You will find no mass-immigration into Japan I assure you.

Secondly, would you stand up and support the degrading of Judaism in the same manner you support the degradation of Christianity? If the play showed Muhammed as being gay, to provoke muslims, would you support it? I can assure you the rest of your anti-white anti-christian multiculti cadrè would not. In fact if there was a play about degrading Islam, "anti-fascist"(The actual fascists) would probably be attacking the theatre goers with knives and rocks.


You know I've often joked that a TV show 'Beat the Press', would probably get incredible ratings.  Let's see how this hypothesis plays out in the next Greek election.  Golden Dawn has shown it has no particular reluctance to beat the snot out of hostile reporters.  This has the potential of creating a prisoner's dilemma for every reporter in Greece regarding them.  Schelling would nod sagely.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ways To Rub Neurotypicals The Wrong Way

The classic non-neurotypical seriously rubs the neurotypical---even the smart neurotypical the wrong way terribly frequently.  Today I'm going to talk about one way that the typical aspie, geek, or non-neurotypical can be perceived as less annoying by most everyone else.

There is a ubiquitous habit among the non-neurotypical, and that is attempting to offer corrections, or more normally, nit-picks, when a neurotypical is speaking.  This irritates the living hell out of them.  So, before doing so, I recommend that you ask yourself these questions:

Are you in an adversarial mode of interaction with the speaker?  Briefly said, is the speaker your enemy or do you want him to perceive you as such?  If not, I suggest you continue on to the rest of my questions before blurting out a correction.  Even if so, delivering pin-pricks is usually less effective than logical or rhetorical decapitation as it runs the serious risk of making you look like an ankle-biter.

Is the perceived inaccuracy actually a 'load bearing' part of his argument?   Is he even actually making an argument as such?  If not, just let it go.  You can mention it in passing afterwards in private to him if you feel the need.  Most of the time it isn't actually load bearing, and much of the time, it's not even an argument at all.  If it is actually load bearing, I suggest repeating back a short paraphrase of his argument as you understand it to him before you attack it, giving him a chance to confirm or deny it.  You'll find that neurotypicals as a rule aren't very precise, and sometimes the quick summary with a chance to catch his breath will let him make a face-saving self-correction,

Resisting the urge to snap at any minor inaccuracy that passes by will make the neurotypicals a lot more comfortable around you.  One of the reasons is this:  the average person, especially the average neurotypical, and in particular those of the Second Sigma or below has no surplus of what a computer scientist or engineer would call 'Stack Space'.  When you interrupt their train of thought, effectively you're commandeering quite a bit of that space---pushing it onto their mental stack, so to speak.   Salesmen frequently use this sort of technique to confuse the customer and deplete his reserves of willpower.  Unless you're getting a real payoff for doing so, don't do it.  Antagonizing people is rather like warfare:  it should be done only deliberately to accomplish coherent objectives, not incidentally.
Carnegie would tell you to NEVER make such corrections.  Recognizing the nature of my audience, I'm not going to go anywhere near that far.  If I can induce you to at least consider the above before interjecting, I'll consider myself to have served you well enough.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TSA Demonstrates The Compassion That The Dying Should Expect From Government Healthcare


Yes, let's demand abject submission rituals from dying leukemia patients!
Romney is a fool for not bashing the TSA mercilessly.  Look at the comments on shine, which is a pretty liberal venue.  The loathing for the TSA is rising.

Paraphrase that old Serbian Gentleman,
Nobody should DARE to ever humiliate you again!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reasons Why Homeschool Families Are So Much Larger Than The Mean?

Per the Ray 2009 Homeschool study, the TFR of homeschoolers is apparently likely slightly greater than 3.5.

Why is that?
You can explain some of the deltas based on homeschoolers being more religious.  They're also on the average slightly richer and slightly more educated, but these things don't typically result in many more children.  They're also far more likely to be married and the wife is usually a stay at home mom, although a fair number also work part-time.

My suspicion is that having a large net disadvantage in the war of indoctrination reduces the fertility of non-homeschooled families.  It accomplishes this by making your children less respectful of your authority and thereby making them more annoying and burdensome.  Do we have any natural experiments available on this sort of question?  Do white families in areas with full-day kindergarten or preschool have a lower TFR?
Did areas where television was late in adoption (e.g. South Africa) have a slower fall in white fertility?

Or do we have to cop out and attribute the homeschool TFR nearly entirely to extra-hardcore religiosity---beyond that which can be easily captured by GSS or similar instruments?
Anecdotally, the homeschool families I know very well personally have this many children:
3*, 3*, 1, 5, 12, 4*, 4 (plus one extra adopted)
where an asterisk indicates that the family is PROBABLY finished having kids, but not a 95%+ certainty.
By the standards of homeschoolers, my wife and I, with likely our 3rd child being born next spring, have a fairly small family.  This is probably attributed to the fact that I married pretty late---in my 30s, whereas most of the other homeschool families married in their 20s.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Obama Takes Foodstamps...Higher and Higher

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-10-05/us-foodstamp-usage-rises-new-record-high   After Obama's minions release their patently ridiculous unemployment numbers, we see that food stamp recipients in the US are now at an all time high, pushing well past 46 Million. Anecdotally, my wife and her homeschool mom friends went to help out and make some food donations at one of our local Pacific Northwest food banks.  They say they have been EXTREMELY busy, much more so than they have any recollection of being. Reminder to self:  make sure to subtly push towards food banks and away from United Way in terms of corporate charitable giving.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

On Affirmative Action And Other Spoils


White people need to get over themselves and simply advocate for their own interests in a who...whom manner. Allowing things to be presented on a bogus universalist plane simply means you'll get finessed every time. Neutrality is effectively impossible, even for those of reasonably good will. Somebody WILL be favored. The only question is Who...Whom.

This nonsense about saying...we would support affirmative action but it's 'damaging to its recipients due to mismatch effects'/degrading to black people/etc is just plain disgusting. The reason to oppose it is because...drum roll...

It is contrary to the interests of non-elite white people. Period, end of story. God curse all the 'nice white ladies' that force the discourse into such a mendacious sewer and force the laundering of wholesome group and self-interest through the skirts of token minority totems like Sowell.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Did The Nazis Persecute Homeschoolers As Much As the Current German Regime?


Honestly one has to wonder.  Most Western governments, it seems have adopted all the worst parts of National and International Socialism without any of the good stuff, like National Socialism's concern for demographic hegemony, or its cool parades, impressive architecture, or snazzy uniforms.  When the substance is effectively the same---lots of socialized areas in the economy, lots of crony capitalism and the use of government to benefit favored businesses, and the blatant use of education as a means of political indoctrination, how is this NOT Nazi or fascist?  Instead the modern preference is to use the name as an all-purpose epithet and to quietly adopt the substance.
The German Powers that Be are apparently more aware of the threat that homeschooling presents to their Nazi New World Order.  Note especially the picture of the homeschool dad and his four beautiful children.  Homeschoolers have a vastly higher TFR than the rest of society, especially in Germany.  The future belongs to those who show up for it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Demonic Possession?


This story is truly bizarre---on the order of the recent 'zombie attack' stories.  Are we seeing an upsurge in demonic possession or are people just freaking out over the election and the whole '2012' thing?