Thursday, June 28, 2012

These Children Really Have Two Mothers, AND a Father?

Apparently a new protocol has been successfully tested, wherein additional genes from a female donor are injected into the mother's eggs to allow a successful conception.  (Apparently the injection in this case was of mitochondrial DNA).

People will go to terrific lengths to have children when they really want them.  Regardless of any feelings of mine or anyone else's on the moral status of such procedures, it is folly to presume that such technology can in any way be stopped, short of the center failing to hold and things falling apart.  From a purely political standpoint, if the children in these cases grow up to be cute and apparently at least normal, mounting political opposition is probably a non-starter anyway.  The same was the case in IVF with the original 'test tube babies', and there's no reason to believe that it would be different this time.

Readers probably ought to slightly update their priors as to the likely timing of significant amounts of human genetic enhancement being employed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just One More Datapoint Regarding Why Libertarians and Conservatives are Insane to Favor Immigration From Mexico, Legal or Otherwise

So you say you want smaller government?  The only way to get that is to have a voting population that actually favors such, and the only segment of the population that actually is in favor of such is easy to identify.  If you've ever been to a gathering of libertarians, you know the demographic.
White males, that's pretty much it.  Anything that decreases or dilutes the influence of white males is bad for conservatism or libertarianism.  Full Stop.
There's no prize for being the last group to retribalize.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Israel Demonstrates How It Is Done: Operation 'Going Home'

I love that name---Operation Going Home.  Israel is repatriating its 'Illegal Infiltrators', in this case back to the South Sudan.  Flights 'Going Home' are leaving every week.

Romney has talked about 'self-deportation'---and indeed a lot of that takes place for every planeload that is sent to be 'Going Home'.  Perhaps he could take a leaf from Bibi, who I understand he's fairly close friends with.  Bibi shows how demographic hegemony is done.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Following Up: How Well Has For Greater Glory Done?

Box Office Mojo at this time estimates that it has made approximately 9 Million since its release, a bit more than half in the US.  I'm not certain (nor is the site) what its budget was, but it's safe to assume it was on the lower end of film budgets, being more a period piece than a summer blockbuster.  My guess is that it'll do pretty well in the video market as well.
Hopefully we'll see some more movies of similar stripe soon.  I for one would really enjoy a movie retelling of the struggle of Poland against the Soviet Union from 1919-1921
Between WWI and WWII really is the black hole (or perhaps memory hole) of history for most of us in the US, with the very minor and very partial exception of the Spanish Civil War.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Progress on Reporting of Black Dysfunction in the Portland News

Check out the comments---many of the comments with highly positive ratings could have come from our merry band here.  The article itself is quite good by MSM standards---it actually says that the attacks were by large bands of black teenagers, no reading between the lines is required.

Now, as a commenter to the story points out, if the races were reversed, this would be absolutely priority one and would be shouted from the rooftops, so we're a long long way from parity.  But seeing such 'racist' comments with lots of agreement in liberal Portland is encouraging.  Perhaps whites in Portland aren't too far away from openly advocating their own interests (presently they do EVERYTHING in an infuriatingly passive-aggressive way, whereas I far prefer aggressive-aggressive).

Saturday, June 23, 2012

If Anarcho-Tyranny is Your Game, Don't Be Surprised When the Citizenry Begrudges Your Monopoly on Violence

Let's see---how many platitudes are falling on deaf ears here?
We can't allow vigilantism
People can't be allowed to Take the Law into Their Own Hands

All these pervasive memes are pernicious when anarcho-tyranny is the rule.  Hopefully the California jury will take a cue from the Texas one and just say 'Not Guilty'.
No reason is required, hell, Reason isn't required.  All that matters in anarcho-tyranny is Who...Whom.
Don't like that?  We can talk about notions like the rule of law when it is something other than the punchline of a bad joke.

Friday, June 22, 2012

More on the Homicide Narrative: Falsification of the Denominator

Back in this previous post, we examined the steadily decreasing lethality of aggravated assault due to improvements in trauma medicine and emergency response.  These improvements mirror the same improvements in accident and automobile fatalities as well.

Back then we remarked with interest on how the trend appears not to have continued to improve after 2000-2003 or so.  One speculation was that the denominator (the number of aggravated assaults) was being fudged moreso than was the norm in the past (homicide numbers are almost never fudged, even in places like Detroit).

Well, this article via Althouse confirms that suspicion----this Wisconsin city apparently falsified nearly 20% of its aggravated assaults since 2006---billing them as lesser crimes in reporting.  This is likely not an incident isolated to Wisconsin, that hotbed of official corruption.

It also seems likely that we won't be able to use that particular technique (estimation of normalized homicide rates using the ratio of aggravated assaults to homicides) going forward as it appears that the rate of data poisoning in the aggravated assault rate has substantially increased since 2000. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Witness The Awesome Power of Modern Trauma Medicine

This teen will almost certainly live and will probably make a reasonable recovery.  Score another for the power of modern trauma medicine.  Such medicine has made our homicide rate deceptively much lower (the 'conversion rate' of aggravated assault into being actually killed has fallen dramatically since the 1960s, see previous posts here on that topic).  In addition, it has made the fatal accident rate much lower, and not just in automobile accidents.  This plays into one of the strong meta-themes here at the Chariot:  Improvements in Technology account for nearly all of the improvements in the lives of ordinary people, in many cases hiding massive increases of dysfunction caused by malgovernance.

Update:  Simply slothful on my part not to include this link

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scott Walker Turns the Cathedral's Left Flank?

I have this suspicion that Wisconsin's governor might not be stupid.  His targeting appears too strategically sound and his time horizons too long to be a member of that party.  This initiative of his has the potential of greatly diminishing the power of the Cathedral over higher education.  It's also a blessing for autodidacts everywhere.  We will continue to watch his career with great interest.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Homeschooling While Black?

Apparently the black homeschool community has started growing in recent years, the above article estimates that there are over 200k black homeschool children now.

This is all to the good, any homeschool family, regardless of race, belief, or religion is a double-plus-ungood enemy of Big Brother.  I'd be willing to wager than a large fraction of these black homeschool kids come from intact families as well.

Friday, June 15, 2012

God Save The Kings?

Via Takimag we see some inklings that not all the life of monarchy has departed from the world, and the European powers that be are nervous.

Are they afraid that one dark day, when their prestige is in shambles and the people are ready for a change that a once and future King will rise up before the people and say,

If you will be My Children, I will be your Father

There will be no more electing a new people to replace you, for there shall be no more electing with the power to overturn your demographic hegemony at all.
Though you betrayed my father's father, I will redeem this land for your children's children.

Has a very Book of Hosea feel to it doesn't it?  It taps directly into quite a few of the mythic narratives of Western civilization, particularly those most cherished by the warrior caste.  This is probably the most absolutely optimistic endgame for England, for example, that I could conceive of without been seriously under the influence.

I've heard it said that your enemy will often talk of what he fears most, and to defeat him, most often you need to go and do precisely that.  Perhaps the various Euro powers that be are wise to fear.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The MMP/SMP, Past and Present

One thing that has come up a lot in recent posts is the serious impact that the proliferation of obesity among women has had in the SMP/MMP.

If you go back to the 1950s, approximately 10% or so of the female population is significantly overweight.  Most of these are women beyond prime marriage and dating years (which was also significantly younger back then).  Today those numbers are well over 50% in many population segments.

One significant result from this is that a lot of groups that have raised their relative status, by pushing someone else to the back of the bus, still haven't improved the attractiveness of the women that will give them the time of day in the SMP/MMP.  Let's illustrate...

Imagine a black man @1950-1960 who is around 25th percentile in terms of status among black men.  He's not in significant competition with any other races in his SMP/MMP due to segregation.  Therefore what he's likely to be able to attract for marriage is a black woman around the 25th percentile of attractiveness.  What was that back in the 1950s?  Essentially it was a non-overweight girl around the 25th percentile of attractiveness among non-overweight women.  The lack of any significant numbers of marrying age black women who were overweight put even the 25th percentile black man in pretty decent shape. 
That same black woman would be around the 50th + 1/4(50)---or around the 62nd or 63rd percentile today among black women!  So even if we presume that other factors contrived to raise his effective status among society as a whole, is he better off?
The same man at the 50th percentile back then would likely pair with a woman who would be around the 75th percentile in today's distribution, and the man at the 75th percentile would probably get a wife around today's 87th or 88th percentile.  Much above that and you probably can't use my basic assumptions, as the 95th-99th percentile women of today compare pretty well with those of yesteryear.
Is a large component of the baby boom's fertility just a predictable outcome of the fact that average Joe's, white and black, had more attractive partners and what Athol Kay calls 'structural alpha' (i.e., society wasn't going out of its way to weaken their position in the family or SMP/MMP)?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On White Privilege

White Privilege as conceived in the minds of most Leftists would be a good idea compared to what presently exists.  Pretty much every other group organizes to its own advantage in competitions against other groups, it seems like it is RACIST for whites to be any different.  What, do they think they're better or superior or something?!

Let me share some of my own experience.  I've run hiring task forces for a major technology company in the past.  The primary reason I've done so is that I've stepped backward the smallest number of steps when volunteers to run the task force were solicited.  I am somewhat less uncomfortable in such a role than the median technical person.  This is something that I'd encourage reactionaries to be willing to step up to the plate to do when asked, as it carries tremendous soft power---ask any Leftist who knows what he's doing.  But that is a matter for another post.

We're not hiring right now in any large numbers---haven't been in any significant volume in my division for a few years, so I've not been activated for this role in a while.  But let me let you know a few things:

If you're a URM (Under-represented minority), and we can plausibly delude ourselves that you MIGHT be adequate to the task, we are ALWAYS hiring.  You'll find this true of most companies.  So where's the white privilege?

Oh, I hear you saying, but white people have an easier time getting the necessary credential---you hire pretty much just STEM MS and PhD holders right?

Do you really want to go there?  You'll find that as a minority of the non-Asian variety, your ability to get accepted into graduate school, and more importantly, to get a full ride there is vastly enhanced.  So where's the white privilege?

Do you really want to be reduced to arguing that because whites get a bonus to some cosmic intelligence statistic that this advantage of theirs should be socialized away?  I'd agree with the first part of your argument, it's a VERY mainstream psychometric position, but I don't think you'd win any friends in polite society, right or left, for explicitly making your argument on that basis, and the second part of your argument is just who...whom---not that there's anything wrong with that.

I'm actually of the opinion that whites would be prudent to actually fight for and enforce a 'white privilege', of exactly the sort that presently exists only in the deluded minds of many of the Left.  In practice, only a pathetically small minority of humanity, probably smaller than the number of Catholic saints, is capable of actual neutrality and impartiality.  Since nepotism and bias are going to exist, the only question is, is your group part of the Who, or part of the Whom?  Let us ridicule the extreme universalists off the stage of history, along with their sanctimonious scolding, and replace it with a sublime straightforward slugfest of group and self-interest.  Perhaps once we've swung a ways back towards the particularist end of the spectrum we can adjust to a more favorable equilibrium.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

As Wise As A Serpent?

By the look of things, most of SSPX may well reconcile with the Catholic church as a whole fairly soon.  This raises an intriguing possibility---Benedict may well actually be as wise as a serpent, if his game is to harness the energy of the SSPX traditionalists in his bid to purify the Church.  His opening salvos against the heretical nuns of America tend to support that estimation.  My own denomination has pretty serious problems with heresy as well, perhaps the former head of the office formerly known as the Office of the Holy Inquisition can instruct us.
For those who have their irony detector gain levels set high, I'm not being ironic here at all.  I'm quite in accord with 2 Peter 2:1-22 on the subject of heresy.

Dante was probably right in his Paradiso when he said that Divine Justice always appeared to be far too slow, or far too fast depending on your perspective.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Thinker That The Republican Party Is Far Too Stupid To Employ
No, not myself---my laziness exceeds my arrogance by a fair margin.

Read especially the parts about a failure cascade and how to break the bonds of a social alliance.

Read it?  Good.  Now ask yourself, what sort of conflict does corporate MMO struggle map to?
Nobody actually dies, nobody is even hooked into an electric shock when their avatars are dispelled into virtual cosmic dust.  Groups that are determined can just keep respawning again and again into the ongoing whirlpool of destruction until they achieve victory.  The only way to win is to break the collective will to fight of the other side, to make it no longer fun for them to exist in the corporate alliance entity that they are part of.

This is nearly precisely the environment of politics in Western nations presently.  The Republicans would be wise to consult with the leader of the Goon Squad, but likely will not.  They'd also be wise to learn that the various swords and clubs and axes of Alinski can be wielded in both directions.

Yes, the other side likes to say that 'the personal is political'.  Maybe it is---frankly, that a meaningful fraction of the population says so makes it inherently political.  But the political can also be made personal.  I don't think that most of today's left has the stomach for a conflict wherein they had to face the unrelenting personal animus of anyone who happened to be on the other side---where they were viewed as actually Evil, as opposed to simply misguided, and were forced to shed relationships not on THEIR terms, as in the ubiquitous facebook unfriend, but on the terms of the Other.

I know, for instance, that there is much higher dependence within my own extended family by those on the left on those on the right than vice versa.  They would suffer far more should the cultural war escalate, and I frankly think they lack the stomach for it.  Most likely the mainstream left had balls back in the 60s.  I don't think they do presently.  Honestly, I think part of them wants responsible society to go hardcore on them and show them their limits.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Accomplishing The Subversion of the Far Left

I’m a firm believer in the use of covert persuasion against the far left. Frankly, I think they’re a more fertile ground for persuasion than is the mainstream conservative. To subvert a leftist you honestly only need to do one thing:

Make them love SOMETHING, ANYTHING, more than diversity. It doesn’t matter what that something is. It could be walkable cities, high percentages of non-overweight attractive women, safe mass transit, a clear environment, their own children, the list goes on and on.

Once they love that one thing more than diversity, it is only a matter of time. In leftist spheres, where obviously I do not go by the name of Jehu, this is my strategy. Find what they love that isn’t diversity, and try to enhance their love for it until it becomes a greater ‘god’ for them than diversity.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Question Professional Sports Dreads The Public Asking

That question being:

How much of a performance hit would, say, the NFL take if it insisted on at least 50th percentile moral character from all its athletes, coaches, and other representatives?

My guess is not much of one, and probably not one that most sports fans would even notice.  Imagine a league wherein guys like Tim Tebow aren't really insane outliers.

As Tebow himself has pointed out, all high-profile professional athletes are role models, even those who claim not to be---just often they aren't very good ones.  From a reactionary point of view, they are very high status---apex alphas in the language in several related blogospheres.  Changing the behavior that they exhibit (and more importantly, the behavior that they APPEAR to exhibit and are expected to exhibit) has the potential to have a massively outsized impact on the culture as a whole.

Thus the fear of Tebow.  He awakens a sense of what might be possible should the public demand it.  There are enough inefficiencies in 'caste football' that you could probably put together a zero-felony team without giving up much chance at the playoffs at all.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Necessary in Wisconsin

Walker seriously needs to direct whatever police forces are loyal to him to investigate some of the many accusations of voter fraud during yesterday's election now that he has won the election.  Heads need to be placed on pikes, in a metaphorical sense.  Probably about 20 would do, but if you can't find a hundred times that, you're just not trying.  Come on---SAME DAY REGISTRATION with very, very loose proof requirements??!!
What you really need is to get some rich SWPLs who think laws like only voting once don't apply to them and throw the book at them.  Otherwise you're going to see even more fraud come November, when the Chicago trained team comes to play.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reactionary Oregon County Provides An Interesting Experiment

Josephine County in Oregon voted down a massive property tax increase (one which would have multiplied their effective rate by 4 or 5 times) and decided to downsize their law enforcement apparatus by about 2/3 to 3/4 instead.  It will be interesting to see what comes of this.  My prediction is that all hell will fail to break loose.  When news articles use words like "Wild West", my skepticism level goes through the roof.  It's even possible that crime may decline.  Cutting from 25 to 6 minions makes enforcing anarcho-tyranny a lot harder I suppose.

Anyone want to bet that the newspapers won't have any followup article to this about a year from now? (I've seen this article in different forms in several Oregon newspapers).

There's also of course the issue that the big cities full of liberals in Oregon tend to vote to strangle the economic livelihood of the rural counties in Oregon.  Too bad the State of Jefferson can't be called into being.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Request For Propaganda: Crowd the Confessional

The next request for propaganda I have (RFP for those who love TLAs) is not so much an attempt to create propaganda that reflects reality but more of an attempt to shape or alter said reality.

The objective is to give a long term indirect line of attack to elements of the Catholic hierarchy who have their hearts in the right place but who are fearful of direct confrontation.  It's not my style, or my preference, but perhaps a Pope must go to war with the bishops he has, not those he might wish he had.  Where is the Hammer of the Heretics when you desperately need him?

The weapon brought into play here is the confessional---specifically, the Sacrament of Confession.  It is a powerful weapon and I know very well that Satan fears it.  I also know that it is almost entirely disused---very few Catholics make anything remotely approximating regular confession.  If they did, you would very likely find many of your orthodoxy and orthopraxis problems greatly mitigated, simply because of the dread of having to fess up to them at the next regular confession.

Here is how the weapon is brought into play.  What you need is for authors and other writers to associate confession with high-status characters.  They don't even need to follow them into the confessional---simply stating or showing that they go to get confessed regularly (to trigger the weakness of the neurotypical mind to this kind of histogram distortion propaganda, you just need to show it twice, and they'll fill in the estimate that character X confesses regularly).  Do this a lot in literature, film, and television and you'll create an expectation in the minds of ordinary Catholics that a high-status Catholic just does this.  It's not an attempt to sway the rational mind but the gut level status estimator.

My wife and I read a ton of books every year between us.  Interestingly, the only author we can think of that we read who has used confessions more than once for his characters is S.M Stirling in his Change novels.  Stirling is either agnostic or atheist for God's sake!  If he'll carry the water of life for you it shouldn't be too difficult to get others to do so as well.

There are some advantages for writers in the confessional.  You see, one of the big dogmas of present day writers is 'Show, Don't Tell'.  If you want to show the readers or audience what a character is thinking, or want to digress on some point of that character's background or history, what easier device can you think of than the confessional?  Good Lord, you can launder an authorial information dump quite easily that way.  Just do it twice (because to the gut, there's no such thing as two, only unique or ubiquitous) and use high status characters.  TV occasionally uses the trope of the confessions being sealed and intimately related to some particular crime.  There is a LOT more that can be done with the confession box.  You can also use the assignment of penance as literary glue for why the confessing character has to do something afterwards that they would not otherwise be disposed to do given what you have revealed about their personality thus far.

My gut tells me that boosting participation rates in confession will help you a lot in terms of keeping your priests in line as well.  Getting lots of confessions from more than little old ladies and hardcore traditionalists will impress on them the gravity and sickening pervasiveness of sin.  The wrecks of lives and souls will be seared into their minds and the need to cal out to God for aid and mercy will be almost undeniable. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Request for Propaganda: Divorced Women Nearly Always Wind up Trading Down

It is nearly trivially true that most women who divorce wind up with replacement partners that are objectively (and usually subjectively too) inferior to the partner that they divorced.  Sometimes they wind up with no new permanent partner at all.
They're almost always at a weaker position in the MMP/SMP than the first time.  This effect is so strong that I can't think of any counterexamples off hand that I personally know.  In many cases the delta in quality between first and second husband is truly profound.

But if you were to look at our mainstream entertainment, one would tend to conclude the opposite of this truth.  Therefore, I'm putting out a request for RFP for those amused by that sort of thing...for artists, writers, etc, to present the world as it actually is, in a statistical sense.  Hell, there's a good chance that a lot of women would even misinterpret your move as 'identifying with their actual problems', when you show the newly divorced woman with a couple of kids having a rude awakening in the SMP/MMP.  I suggest doing this with secondary and tertiary characters, so you don't feel compelled to give them a happy ending, as it were.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

For Greater Glory: One Reactionary's Opinion

I got a chance to see this tonight with my wife.  Let's open my opinion on this movie with two words....

Tim Tebow

If you genuinely like the man, if his ways and words speak to you, and you're not just supporting him because he's on your side of the culture war, you'll probably like this movie.
If not, you'll probably hate it.
Notice I say 'like' and 'hate'.  I'd categorize this as a good movie, not a great one.  Since this is most nearly a historical epic, I'm going to throw any concern of plot spoilers to the wind.  The basic structural supports of the movie---who fought, why, who had the advantage of 'correlation of forces', and what was the outcome, are all readily available to you in history books and numerous websites.

Calles is called out, early in the movie, by Kellogg---he of the famous pact to outlaw war, and the US Secretary of State at the time, as a Bolshevik---that is, a communist.  The US interest in the conflict is primarily economic---specifically, oil concessions for US oil companies.  Needless to say neither the US nor the Vatican of the 1920s covers itself in glory here, greater or otherwise.  Only under the present pope have the martyrs of the Cristeros war started to get beatified or canonized by Rome.
The portrayal of the horror show of Calles' minions is actually remarkably restrained, although still quite gruesome.  The godfather and local mayor of one of the martyrs does his best impression of Pontius Pilate, and provides a great Obama campaign slogan for later this year when he invites the young Cristero to save his own life by saying:  Death to Cristos Rey, Long Live the Federal Government.

I can just see that on a poster with a Warhol'ized Obama in the background.  Perhaps some reactionary agents provocateur ought to have some posters printed to that effect on hand for Obama rallies?

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Catholic Church Must Stand and Fight the HHS Mandate
by way of

I have to agree with Ann Barnhardt, the time for retreat, if it ever was such a time, is over.  It is time to make the Administration demonstrate its tyranny in broad daylight.  I'd add the recommendation of wholesale jury nullification to the call for wholesale civil disobedience as well.
I also agree that the timing of 'For Greater Glory', which opens today in the US, could not be better.
One might even suspect that it was Providential.
It is not the time to be nice and non-confrontational.  It's also not the time to be nice to the myriad heretics that infest the church.  Here you have a golden opportunity to drag them into a battlefield under God's own sunlight, with no cover available.