Thursday, August 30, 2012

Christianity And Political Degrees Of Freedom

Unlike Islam, Christianity has an awful lot of degrees of freedom insofar as political, economic, and social organization is concerned. 

It is exceedingly unlikely, for instance, that God cares a whole lot which incredibly rich (by New Testament Standards) group occupies the front or the back of the American status bus.
It is also exceedingly unlikely that God cares too much whether a candidate that will spend ruinously prevails over one who will spend insanely relative to our actual means.
It is further pretty unlikely that God cares too much whether marginal income taxes are a few points higher or lower.
He probably doesn't even have a strong opinion on whether one should have to present an ID in order to cast a ballot---or, for that matter, what qualifications suffrage is based upon.
Societies historically with a Christian majority or plurality have made a significant constellation of different decisions on these issues.  About all they would agree upon is that when Jesus returns, he'll be an Absolute Monarch.

St. Vincent's rule of thumb---basically looking for the commonalities throughout Christian Tradition, should be our guide insofar as taking positions on issues that are politicized.  If the direction of Scripture and Tradition is clear, go for it.  Otherwise, it is unwise and probably immoral to wrap it in the banner of Christ.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alaska: Weird, But Sane

Alaska has a lot of odd birds in it.  It also has a lot of people with low agreeablity.  But collectively they seem to be probably the sanest state in the US.
The amounts that they're planning to stockpile, IMO, are far too low, but at least they're thinking about the possibility of problems.  Their citizen's dividend is an awfully good idea also---personally I'd prefer to see defense spending cut massively (at least 50%) and most non-defense spending replaced by a citizen's dividend for any non-felon citizens of the US greater than 18 years of age. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Recommendations To the 21st Century Church From One Who Loves It

Today I intend to provide criticism and recommendations to the Church of this century from the standpoint of one who loves it.

1.  Teach your pastors to in general use the Scriptural Exposition method of preparing and delivering sermons.  Just like avoiding being alone behind closed doors with attractive young women that you're not married to, this greatly reduces the occasion of temptation when preaching.  The sort of temptation is to grind one's own particular ax or to make accommodation to the culture, rather than to God.  You see, if you preach entire books of the Bible, not avoiding any uncomfortable passages or books, you will be forced out of your cultural comfort zone into the deep wherein you and your congregation can actually encounter the actual God of Christianity, rather than the god of Churchianity.  In particular, make sure to give the Old Testament its due, because frankly, the New Testament makes zero sense without the 'spiritual grammar' of the Old.

2.  Don't take official positions on things wherein the Tradition and practice of Christians throughout the ages are contrary to yours.  Not only are you EXTREMELY likely to be wrong when the Communion of the Saints from AD500, 1000, 1500, 1750, 1850, and even 1950 disagree with you, but you are contributing to a hatred of the Church among a lot of people who might have become believers back then and you are seriously squandering your offense budget.  Remember this:  Simply saving nobody comes to the Father but through Jesus is plenty offensive.  When you absolutely need to take political positions on moral issues that have become political, make sure the Christians of the eras previously cited would mostly agree with you.  Also, in pretty much every case, your endorsements ought to be negative--as in, don't vote for X.

3.  If you can't take the Scriptural position on a cultural war issue, at least be silent.  Taking the world's position on said issue simply aggravates the problems in 2).  If you do 1), you'll have a much easier time taking the Scriptural position.

4.  Stop pushing size of congregation as the primary metric of success for pastors.  This just intensifies the temptation to accommodation that pastors constantly face.  Also, in groups of 150 or less, people can actually be regarded as human beings, as opposed to mere social constructs.

5.  Purge your seminaries of heretics.  If you need guys with floppy hats and red robes to do it, using surprise and other tools, so be it.  Just get it done.

6.  Stop being afraid of talking about Hell.  Jesus talked about Hell plenty, way more than Paul, for instance.  He also didn't talk about it like it was a place that only a very select few got into---broad highway and 'many find it' were more His speed on said issue.  Does someone who fails to tell you about a deep dark pit with spikes at the bottom that is in front of you in your path of travel for fear of offending you love you?  Hell No!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gas Prices Nearing that $4 A Gallon Psychological Threshold

With quite a few potentials to break through that level.
As I've indicated before, I believe that Obama is sunk if the price stays north of $4 for any meaningful period this year.  Perhaps he understands this too, given the talk of releasing from the strategic reserve.
A lot depends on the path that hurricanes take this year, and their number and severity---not just the one menacing the Republican convention.  Iran is of course a factor as well, as is the unfolding nonstop crisis in Europe.  Will Greece exit or be ejected before the election?  Will another of the PIIGS' shoes drop?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Theology Of The Three

No, I'm not going to talk about the Trinity today, but rather the theology of the three year old.  In this case the theology is appallingly bad AND appallingly common.  Perhaps I should be proud of my little boy's creative mind, to have independently developed one of the most popular heresies of our age at the tender age of three.  But I think not, I simply corrected him.

It goes rather like this:
Little Boy:  Does something very contrary to the rules governing him
Jehu:  Why did you do ?
Little Boy:  Because that is how Jesus/God made me

Interesting set of implicit premises here---that the natural state is in some way good, or at least not that bad, and that my inclination must therefore be right, or at least not that wrong.

I see this all the time from folks that want to argue as Christians contra the authority of Scripture (or the authority of Tradition even moreso).  Sometimes from them it might draw a response of---well, my natural man inclination wants to slug you right now, would THAT be ok?  But from one's child, the response is a gentle but firm correction.

There is a temptation to toss this back in the face of the next theological liberal who makes a similar argument in my presence, with the prepared counterbattery fire should they say something to the effect of
'From the mouthes of babes' of
It is telling that you consider as the height of wisdom.
Prepared counterbattery fire is, in my experience, the best response to snark---rarely will you encounter someone capable of impromptu 'counter-counterbattery fire', with the exception of perhaps a stand-up comic.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Barrack Obama And The Pain Of Regulatory Uncertainty

It is probably safe to say that most business leaders in the US are members of the 'Second Sigma'.
These are the folks that typically control business expansion, hiring, and the like.

One of the particular quirks of the Second Sigma is that they absolutely LOATHE the possibility of looking like fools or rubes.  Much of their identity and ego is tied up in being 'smart'.  Thus uncertainty is extremely painful to them and tends to put them into paralysis by analysis.

For instance, come the next couple of years, it might cost 10% more to employ a person, maybe 25%, and maybe even about the same.  But terrific regulatory uncertainty exists because of Obamacare and other legislation which will be interpreted by administrative types in DC.  When I say interpreted, I mean largely dictated.  What are they going to decide to do?

This interferes mightily with the ability to determine whether an expansion or wave of hiring is going to be profitable.  Will we be scourged by whips or scorpions?  Under such circumstances most of the Second Sigma simply hunker down.  Judging by the employment population ratio, garbage index, and other stats that are difficult to manipulate, that is precisely what they are doing.

My prediction is that if it looks like Romney is going to win during October, that the economy will start to pick up a bit.  Perversely, such a pickup might cause him to not win, but nobody ever accused the median voter of making sense.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

That Hideous Strength Wasn't Intended As An Instruction Manual, Was It?

Thus far, the UK has implemented NICE, which has disturbing similarities to the same organization in That Hideous Strength.
Now Homeland Security has implemented Fairy Hardcastle.

There is something deeply disturbing when books using a bit of over the top hyperbole become more tame than reality.
One almost has to wonder whether C.S. Lewis was a prophet.

Monday, August 20, 2012

New Study on Charitable Giving Confirms Thesis of Who Really Cares,0,5841892.story

Although this study is interesting in that it compared giving as a percentage of discretionary income rather than AGI, which is a more usual comparison.  Therefore the fractions and percentages involved are a lot higher.  Interestingly, by this metric, the most generous group is the somewhat above the median in terms of income---call it the top half of the middle middle class.
Also, rich people living outside wealthy enclaves are considerably more generous.
I tend to see things more in terms of AGI honestly, as I view the decision to live in, say, Portland Oregon, as a consumption decision relative to other less pleasant options, but I'm sure lots of folks, especially on the left side of the spectrum, will studiously try to ignore that fact.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Height of High Trust

I've been out and about Oregon with the family the last few weeks, generally enjoying the time with the kids and observing the rural and small town life away from Portland.

I've written previously about noting the practice of selling firewood with a can to deposit the $5 in with no attendant or other security out on the coast.  But this month I noted a whole extra dimension added to high trust societies.

Here I noted a farm with orchards, where if the farmer and his family aren't around (when I was there, they happened to be, which was fortunate because I enjoyed a fairly long conversation with them), the posted instructions are to weigh your own produce and fruit, consult the prices listed on the blackboard in the front, make change for yourself as required, and have a great day.

That just blew my mind---this presumes not just high levels of honesty, but also passable levels of overall competence.

What is living in such a society worth?

In general these past couple of weeks I've been impressed by the general level of honesty and functionality of folks in these little towns and rural areas.  One guy, recognizing how much a friend of ours must have been bummed out after her husband's boat broke down (requiring a part that is still a few days away), even came by our camp and took the two of them water skiing without any request or prompting.  They also showered adoration on my two little blue-eyed redheads, more or less constantly wherever they went, be it a grocery store, restaurant, motel, etc.  How can I not love these folks?

Sadly the nice frequently need the less nice to defend their interests.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pro Lifers Finally Start to Get With The Total Warfare Program

In this case, via a law that required all abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges at a local hospital.  By throwing up obstacles, even fairly small ones, you reduce the initiative and energy of the targeted group.  This is part of the total cultural warfare strategy that I've advocated here at the Chariot.  It may well be the best strategy to throw out an insane amount of small obstacles and hindrances, rather than go for figurative instant decapitation.

Attack whenever and wherever the correlation of forces favor your side, against targets dear to the other side.  It really doesn't matter whether admitting privileges matter much or what the particular club you're using to beat the other side with happens to be.  Until you can reward your friends and punish your enemies, you will continue to lose the cultural war.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why We Won't See Sane Governance Until After A Collapse

What would sane governance look like?
Well, to start with, it would determine a percentage of GDP that it intended to loot for its expenditures.  Experience has shown (see my earlier posts on this topic) that the US isn't capable of plundering more than about 20% of the GDP in taxes at the federal level.  Funny that, when you punch at them, they try to dodge out of the way.

Once it had determined how much blood it was going to drain, it would then determine the manner of the draining.  Only then would it decide how to split up the swag among its clients and patrons, with the total amount to be split strictly limited to the amount pillaged.

That would be how a sane government (notice I don't say a just government, personally I think that'll only happen when Jesus returns for round 2) does things.  Notice how it bears no resemblance to how things are practiced by either party.

You simply can't be elected by being honest about this, because the truth is far too horrible for the median voter to bear.  The only reason we're not suffering worse right now is because we're the tallest pygmy with the reserve currency.  The economic argument for electing Romney is that he's more likely to keep us the tallest pygmy longer than Obama, by increasing the debt at a less breakneck pace.  But what can't go on forever...doesn't.  Make your plans accordingly.

Monday, August 13, 2012

NYC Joins Milwaukee in Poisoning Crime Statistics

Here we see fairly conclusive evidence that the practice of falsifying crime stats has become MORE pervasive (approximately twice as much, from roughly 25% to over 50%) since 2000, at least in NYC.
Previously we blogged on the same topic in Milwaukee and we alluded to such as a possibility for why the ratio of aggravated assault to homicide seems to have stopped improving.

It looks like that possibility (medicine for trauma continues to improve but the denominator is falsified moreso than in the past) is strongly supported.  The study referred to in the story is a very useful one---we expect a certain amount of fudging on crime stats, this gives us a real indicator of how the amount of such falsifying has changed over time.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Warning to Doctors in the US: Don't Let These Idiots Define You

Let's face it doctors, you are in a LOT of trouble right now.  The chances are very good that your quality of life is going to take a distinct downturn in the next few years due to politics.

The last thing you need to do is to further aggravate population segments that are generally inclined not to want to make your lives unpleasant.

Yes, I'm talking about things like asking your patients if they have a gun in the house as a matter of course.  Lots of us get VERY VERY pissed off when you as much as ask the question, precisely because we don't trust your professional and political organizations or your relationship with government and the Cathedral.  You see, we don't like the idea of just lying to you, because taqiyya has a significant psychological cost, and given your role, we'd prefer not to get into the habit of lying to you.  We also recognize that refusing to answer ALSO leaks information---usually being interpreted as a yes. 

We also know damned well that but for a few exceptions, you probably know LESS about actual gun safety and usage than we, as gun owners do, particular insofar as the risk tradeoffs associated with manner of carry or storage in our own individual circumstances.  You're being encouraged to ask these questions for reasons that have everything to do with attempting to pathologize gun ownership in much the same manner as has been done with smokers.

You're also in a position of ridiculous observer bias.  Which uses of firearms are the sort that you, in your professional capacity, are likely to see?  Think on that for a bit before you reach for your anecdotes.

Look also on the absolutely WRETCHED state of your medical journals and peer review.  Guess what, when they operate outside of their own actual areas of expertise....they are even worse.  Studies like Kellerman et al are absolutely shameful abuses of both statistics and science.

Where you're fortunate is that most conservatives in the US aren't like me----YET.  See, I'm in favor of what is essentially total cultural war.  That is, to systematically attack the economic, social, and political position of any and all of our enemies.  For doctors, that would be the esteem you're held in, your income, and your political clout.  Socialized medicine would do a hardcore number on all of these---would you prefer to enjoy similar levels on all of these indices with, say, British doctors?

Thought not.  To prevent this, you need to retake control of your professional organs and get them to stop antagonizing the few groups that actually generally support you (and who, I suspect, are a LOT less likely to through malpractice suits around willy nilly).

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Powerful Revealed Preferences on Education

Wow, the revealed preferences are screaming so loud I can barely hear the platitudes.  This is especially damning when you consider that education professionals are more likely than the average middle class person to know which schools are less bad and how to manipulate the system to get special assignments to the better schools and avoid the more marginal instructors.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perhaps Chick Fil A Needs an Auxilliary Business Plan?

Seems to me that the Westboro Baptist plan---provoke local officials into violating your civil rights, then sue the BeJesus out of them, might actually be appropriate here.  Is there anyone above 4 years of age in California that believes that this denial wasn't politically motivated?

Time to lawyer way way up Chick Fil A.  Those lawyers can be a serious profit center until the Left decides to stop this nonsense.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Desacralization of the Justice System Continues, More Rapidly Than Expected

Apparently a Vermont farmer was busted for marijuana possession and got annoyed, so he resisted arrest also.  Afterwards he decided to inflict a bit of 'car crushing excitement' on the police cruiser fleet.

But that part isn't the real news.  The real news is that there's a fairly significant well of support for this guy.  That tends to revise upwards my estimate of just how desacralized the judiciary and justice system has become in the eyes of ordinary people.  Check out the comments, on this story and on the other stories as regards the event.  There's a lot of...well, maybe he overreacted but we understand his frustrations running through them.

It also points up an important observation, which I won't elaborate much on.
Modern police forces and militaries are EXTREMELY strong in attacking places when they get to play their set piece game.  They are, however, absolutely wretched at defending when their opponent gets to decide the when, where, what, and how.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sleight of Hand on IQ

It's always amusing how convoluted the rules are for a good SWPL regarding the whole IQ thing.  It's supposed to not matter per their official rules, but they're obsessed with it---see all the constant articles they're linking to each other about how they're smarter than conservatives or how GW Bush has a low IQ.

But when it comes to denying the moral agency of those with low IQ for purposes of getting them off the death penalty, IQ is suddenly handed down on stone tablets from Heaven Above.

Frankly I find this denial of moral agency pretty offensive---especially when one cuts it at a mere 70..barely a Standard deviation below the US black mean and less exceptional than that in many African countries.  And, if we do deny him moral agency, and the lack of agency isn't temporary or repairable---is that not basically calling him a mad dog, or perhaps a rogue primate?  In such a case wouldn't we just put him down like said dog?  It strikes me as odd that the denial of the Imago Dei would be used as an argument for clemency.  My position is that it is far more dangerous to err on the side of denying moral agency than it is to attribute said agency in error.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Little Musical Encouragement For Reactionaries

Over 15 years ago SSI delivered us one of their computer gaming masterpieces, Fantasy General.
Indeed one of the biggest reasons this game is remembered (you'd need dosbox to run it now), is because of its soundtrack.  Putting audio soundtracks on game CDs was kind of a new thing back in those days.  Fantasy General has one of the best soundtracks in a computer game.  Essentially the developers hired a very good soprano and had her sing a number of very old hymns.
Some might ask:  What are a bundle of Eucharistic hymns doing on a wargame soundtrack?!/playlist/view_playlist/1052738?page_object=artist_608582

In fact the developers likely knew exactly what they were doing.  The scenario is one of a tiny remnant rising up behind a Messiah---I mean...Champion to cleanse the wicked from their lands.  Sound familiar?  I suspect that the Maccabees would recognize the theme, as would a number of others throughout history.

I suspect that quite a few such developers are at least crypto Reactionaries.  I could spin a narrative around this particular work, but I won't, I'll just point you to the soundtrack so you can be encouraged.  The various Civilization games also have some exceptional soundtracks, especially in the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Latest Cellphone Text Scam, and a Golden Opportunity for Romney

Apparently the latest scam is for crooked companies to send unsolicited spam texts to cellphone users and then bill them $9.99 through their cellphone company as 'Premium Services'.  If you call the cellphone company, as we did for my wife's cellphone bill, they'll remove the charges without any particular fight, but we PROFOUNDLY RESENT having to take any sort of defensive actions or spend any sort of initiative on our cellphones---this is, after all, why we have an autopayment set up.  Lack of social trust is the reason why I scan the bill on a monthly basis.

Judging by the responses I see online regarding this, it is not an isolated thing (given the business model involved, one would hardly expect it to be), and the level of anger I feel at it is fairly typical.

This is a golden opportunity for a presidential candidate to demonstrate that he hates what we hate.  Promise the use of excessive force against such malefactors.  Promise to burnish the reputation of the SS---changing its perception from the scammers of Latina prostitutes to that group that plays '24' with cellphone scammers, identity thieves, robocallers, and the like.

FCC complaints have flown like a flock of birds on this, but nothing seems to actually get done.  Anarcho tyranny in action.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Resacralizing Marriage: The Covenant Option

Covenant marriage---presently an option in 3 states (Louisiana, Arkansas, and Arizona) is essentially marriage 1.0---marriage before no fault divorce.  Presently it's used by less than 2% of the population in each of the three states where it is authorized by law.

Since the overwhelming majority of divorces are initiated by women, and most of those aren't for the '3 A's', it follows that covenant marriage supports patriarchy and improves the position of the man within marriage.  For this reason even highly secular MRAs ought to get behind it.  In addition, because the popular narrative is so at odds with reality (husbands trading wives in on a newer model is actually pretty uncommon but it gets tremendous play in the narrative), it is quite feasible to get lots of feminist-leaning women to join as 'useful idiots'.

Here is a long term plan that would be useful.
Get more states to sign on to the plan.  Like the case with CCW, you can point to the existing states that have covenant marriage and have had it for quite a few years now and explain that 'look, the sky hasn't fallen there'.  Good places to start would be neighboring states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.  Sure most of your initiatives will fail but you generally only have to win once per state.  Seasons where there is a crowded ballot are pretty good too, because your enemies will generally have a lot more fish to fry.
The next step is to get several denominations to push covenant marriage hard in their congregations.  Perhaps they could even go to the extreme of only doing covenant marriage ceremonies in their churches.
This is what taking marriage seriously and resacralizing it means.
For a covenant to really be sacralized, it needs to be at least reasonably equitable to both sides.  Marriage 1.0 was equitable, and Covenant marriage basically IS 1.0, which is why the hardcore feminists are against it---they see it as turning back the clock on no-fault divorce.  They're quite correct, it is a flanking maneuver aimed at precisely that. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Profoundly Sane Legislation, That Won't Go Anywhere

HR668, deemed the 'Shield Act', is an attempt to address the insane vulnerability of the US electrical grid to a host of threats.  Like similar acts before it, it represents a profound sanity and a focus on some of the few things that governments actually can be good at.  Also like similar acts, it will likely go nowhere.  It's almost like we have a death wish as a civilization.

The brute truth is that a close cousin of the 'Army of the Twelve Monkeys'---call it the 'Army of the Twenty-Four Angry Smart Rednecks', is all that it would take to end civilization as we know it in the US.  The article talks about things like terrorist EMPs, low kiloton nuclear weapons at extremely high altitude, and intense solar events like the Carrington event.

All of these are real and quite legitimate threats.  But the fact of the matter is that even something far simpler would be just as devastating, perhaps even moreso. 

Back when the 'great and the good' decided that we had to meddle in the Balkans back in the late 90s, I worried quite a bit about this scenario.  You see, Serbs, for instance, don't stand out in the US.  Most of them are Orthodox or Catholic.  One is a friend of mine for some years at work, and few people would guess that he was a foreigner.  It is PROFOUNDLY DANGEROUS in a country with infrastructure as fragile as that of the US to mess with countries having a population that would not draw much attention in the US and fairly high levels of intelligence and technical acumen.

There's a good chance we'll get some hardcore solar storms out of the upcoming solar maximum this year or early next.  It's also true that 24 angry smart rednecks (which can be translated into any language you choose as long as it produces that population segment) could trash our power grid beyond repair.  Ultra high voltage transformers are pretty much absolutely essential to maintaining said grid, very vulnerable, fairly small in number, have negligible spares available, are not produced in the US, and have very long lead times for new orders.

A sane government would stockpile spares in safe distributed locations.  We don't have a sane government.
Judging by the difficulties in restoring power after the Derecho storms, the institutional competence of the power companies and Corps of Engineers appears to be slumping also. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chick Fil A, Boycotts, and Buycotts

Judging by the rather over the top response today at the various Chick Fil A restaurants across America (albeit unfortunately none around Oregon), it seems clear that conservative and reactionary elements in the nation are much, much better at buycotts than they are at boycotts.

Perhaps such elements need to consider declaring buycott events more frequently, and 'outsourcing' most of their boycotts.
By outsourcing, I mean this. 
Imagine a company, probably an LLC or a corporation, that is essentially organized as a 'destruction company'.  A group pays this company X dollars, and its goal thereafter is to cost another company some high multiple of X dollars in profits, by any means legal and expedient.

If that means sending lots of coupons for competitors products to that company's most lucrative customers, so be it.
If that means buying all their loss leaders and being super-slow customers in their check out be it.
If that means throwing tons of banana peels under their feet whenever they are trying to get a zoning variance or be it.
If that means encouraging lots of additional lawsuits against the be it.
Whatever gives you the highest multiplier on X is what such a company would want.  I bet there are lots of business types with tons of ideas on that score.
Hell, once it gets rolling, it can probably even self-fund through put option trading.
Reactionary or conservative elements contemplating a boycott of Company X for its Daily Outrage could funnel money to 'The Destruction Company', which would go to work.  Call it AstroTurf Alinski with a business degree.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dissolution of the Monasteries II: Blue on Blue

One of the big things going for Reaction is that our foes are strongly self-destructive.  Sometimes one need only hand them a gun with which to blow their own brains out.

Here is such a gun.
Presently lots of Blue States and cities are seriously strapped for cash, having run out of other people's money.  They look to the huge endowments of the Cathedral's universities, and, in the immortal words of Gollum---they WANTS it.  So far there have only been a few noises made in this direction, but the inclination is clear.  We need only encourage such.  Here are some memes we can feed to the far Left.

No Cathedral university with an endowment bigger than X should charge any tuition to its students.  It is that students leave saddled by a mortgage on their future.


We should tax the hell out of any endowments bigger than Y.

Basically paint them as Scrooge McDuck.  It doesn't matter what they use the funds for, most likely pouring it down rat holes or setting it afire is what will happen.  The important thing is to get the endowments looted.

Should option 1 be chosen, and I think it has an easier time politically given the current zeitgeist, you've got another wonderful result:

The students will ironically feel LESS grateful and loyal to their institution.  This is neurotypical ingratitude for you.  What is obtained cheaply is generally held in contempt.
Also, the lack of the debt burden on the graduates will make them much more likely to go 'off the reservation'.

The seeds and ideas are already there, it is to us to water them and to supply the rope to the Cathedral's acolytes with which to hang themselves.