Friday, September 28, 2012

Got To Love The Golden Dawn

Taking part of the anarchy out of anarcho-tyranny.
The tone of the article is of course negative, but the takeaway from the comments is positive.  Go figure.  They empathize with the Greeks.  Nobody else will do anything about crime and malfeasance from immigrants.  But the Golden Dawn provides protection and solves their problems.  This is particularly effective because of one thing:

The Golden Dawn had NO hand whatsoever in creating the chaos, being an up and coming group of upstarts with no connection to the existing powers that be.

Golden Dawn sucks the least of any of the parties in Greece.
Hell, they suck less than any parties on realistic offer here in the US.  The article also mentions that they're reaching out to the Greek diaspora throughout the Western world.  This is encouraging.  Further encouraging would be establishing friendly contacts with similar ethno-nationalist organizations from other ethnicities in Europe.  They're, if not your friends, at least other targets for the Multicult to deplete its ammunition against.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

TSA Scum Steal More Than Dignity
Hat tip to

This is interesting:  ABC News apparently ran the sting operation.  Apparently hatred for the TSA is even pretty strong even among the media.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, I bet the average reporter flies a lot more than the average American.

Are you listening Romney?  You're going to need some wedges to carry off this election.  You could do a lot worse than putting effigies of Bush and Obama in TSA uniforms and setting them on fire.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Different Sort Of Hate Fact

Violence > Ridicule > Reason

Honestly, only a few conservatives like Coulter and Limbaugh recognize that ridicule trumps reason. They have that realization in common with most liberals. This is why they are hated so.  Both Coulter and Limbaugh are honestly far tamer than the invective poured out by the left.  Listen to a leftist radio station sometime if you don't believe me.
There’s only one trump to ridicule, which is violence. Therefore if you want to win, and you’re outmatched in ridicule, there are really only two options—either improve and expand your efforts at ridicule, or use legally sanctioned or unsanctioned violence to trump it.

I hate the fact that the above statement is true, which makes it an entirely different sort of ‘hate fact’ than the usual.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Delaware Adds New Reason To Teach Your Family Taqiyya And Be Wary Of Mandatory Reporters

Delaware has apparently decided to outlaw spanking.  I'd prefer to outlaw a supermajority of politicians.
But until that glorious day (or more likely night) when the lamp posts of the nation see their highest and best use, it is important that the family is taught Taqiyya early and often.  Furthermore, no mandatory reporter should be allowed within your close social circle unless their loyalties to you outweigh any others.
This of course points up additional opportunities to push jury nullification.
Remember, any successful use of nullification, regardless of the issue it is on, weakens the Cathedral by desacralizing the Judiciary. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jeremiah Goes To San Francisco?

The Pope has sent a new, hardcore Archbishop to San Francisco.  One who is sure to imitate the prophet Jeremiah.  Surely the remnant of San Francisco needs the encouragement he will provide.

I joked with my wife that it would perhaps make a great screenplay were the Pope to send Jonah, instead of Jeremiah.
Jeremiah, you see, calls people to repent, and desperately wants them to, but know that they assuredly will not.
Jonah, on the other hand, calls people to repent, under duress from God, and hopes that they won't.  But they did anyway, a profound lesson for any would-be evangelist.  You can plant the seed, but only God gives the increase.  Sometimes He gives it without any consideration whatsoever to our desires.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another Hurrah For The True Finns

The True Finns---calling themselves the 'Finns Party' now apparently for English-speaking consumption, looks likely to score a lot more representation at the municipal level in the coming election.  It has radically expanded the number of candidates that it has running and will probably do quite well.  This is, IMO, very important because it will both strengthen their power and client base and weaken that of their enemies.  The Finns party GETS demographic hegemony, and we here at the Chariot have tremendous sympathies in favor of any such parties.  Being solid on demographic hegemony makes me not inclined to care whether you're socialist or a disciple of Rand when your opposition is bad on that issue.
Existential issues, after all, pretty much by definition, trump pretty much everything but Deus Vult! issues.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Golden Dawn Surges Ahead

Also reported on

I'm not surprised and I am somewhat encouraged by this development.  Golden Dawn is for the demographic hegemony of the Greeks over Greece, and since pretty much all of their opposition isn't, I'm for them.
They've also taken a page from building public support from 1920s Germany, along with something else interesting:

They've taken to forming groups to go out and enforce laws that are on the books but that the ruling regime has no interest in enforcing.  This is sticking a thumb in the eye of anarcho-tyranny.  I suspect within a decade this might be a viable move in the US.  One thing to remember, when in the jury room, always practice who...whom.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sheer Insanity and the Wisdom of Old-School Bigotry

Sheer insanity is inviting in immigrants who will predictably demand that the rest of the population walk on eggshells.
I have to acknowledge the wisdom of the old-school 'bigots', who moderately hazed each new group of immigrants.  Only through fairly thorough hazing can you guarantee that a group isn't going to go Muslim on you once it gets its demographic or political critical mass.
What's more, groups that are actually hazed tend to develop more loyalty to the polity.  Go figure, it's the nature of the neurotypical.  Fraternities and secret societies have always known this, if only at a gut level.  The banning of such societal hazing is one of the many reasons why the assimilating power of the US is at an all time low.

Sanity would be an immediate time-out on net immigration and an Operation Wetback II that is more grandiose, in the style of all good sequels.  The timeout would last at least 2 generations, 3 if it doesn't include a WWII-sized war in the middle.

But to accomplish this ordinary white people need to get over themselves and accept that THEY HAVE INTERESTS as such.  Drop the universalist crap and stop hiding behind the skirts of your minority totems and simply pursue your interests as a group.  Yes, this means acting politically EXACTLY like your opponents.  News flash:  There is no prize for being the last group to still follow the rules. 
PS:  God never ordained the rules you were following.  Any argument from Christianity that has an obvious consequence that nobody but post 1950 Christians are really Christians is ridiculous on its face.  Treat it as such.
PPS:  Civility is overrated and won't be returned and is furthermore absolutely inappropriate in existential conflicts.  You're in one, start acting like it.  Oh, and one more thing:
White privilege doesn't exist, but it should.  Start fighting to make your world look like the fevered imaginations of the 'anti-racist' (i.e., anti-white) sanctimonious scolds.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More NonAligned Memes, Per Request

Rusty Mason in our comments section has requested that we elaborate more on the NonAligned Companies concept.  Towards that end, I'll provide some memes, hopefully memes of outstanding virulence.  This set of memes is best pushed from a non-ideological, disinterested in the issues as such but concerned for the good of the company or business in question stance.

The mood of the country is growing angrier by the day.  This anger is like the electricity in a summer thunderstorm---it is desperately seeking a place to strike and ground itself.

Let's NOT be that lightning rod.

I foresee a profound breakdown in the rules of the engagement wherein both sides are going to use whatever governmental apparatus, be it local, state, or national, to punish any company they can identify as being among their enemies in any way, shape, or fashion they can.  It probably won't even be directly connected---we'll just all of the sudden wonder why we're getting anti-trust suits thrown at us like so many banana peels.

, attorney general of Kansas, what are you waiting for?>
Given that we're not an ideological company, but a company that makes for the mass market, what sense does it make to alienate X% of our customers?  Especially as angry as the country is getting no good can come of this.

Given that food banks are reporting major shortages this year, and not even the can say a bad thing about , why don't we focus our corporate philanthropy on them this year? 

From the standpoint of defense against any local governmental machinations, what say you to us sponsoring a bunch of local youth sports teams this year?  It's dirt cheap insofar as insurance policies go and it draw us zero negative attention unlike a lot of the other things we support.

We can also throw a few bones to and .  None of these things will cost much, or produce any negative blowback.

How we feel personally about issue X is really not the question.  It isn't our mission as a company. We have a duty to our shareholders and our customers not to become entangled in anything that can hurt our ability to carry out our mission.  The fact that we're talking about it more or less proves that it is controversial and taking either side will hurt us.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Spambots Getting Closer and Closer to Passing a Turing Test

I've noticed some of the spam comments in my spam comments folder are actually getting reasonably insightful.  If, for some reason, you have a legitimate comment that appears to have vanished, let me know, in a comment without an associated link.  The spam format I'm seeing most looks like this:
Insert flattering stuff here, occasionally even a good suggestion, like use more pictures
Visit my website .

So if this is your typical comment format, blogger tends to flag it as spam.  I'm actually moderately forgiving if the commercial link is arguably somewhat germane to what is being discussed.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why Are Moslems So Touchy? Because It Works!

A lot of folks in the blogosphere right now are asking---why is it that Moslems are so touchy about being insulted?
After all, Christians are insulted all the time, and generally with much more scathing insults at that.  But you don't see them beheading anyone, or even threatening the same.

The truth of the matter is this:
Moslems are basically allowed by the Cathedral's rules of engagement to do nearly any damned thing they want to without severe reprisal.  This is because they're not considered white.  Only whites are held to universalist standards, and only the wrong kind of whites (non-elite and non-SWPL) actually get punished with any real frequency for violations of said standards. 

But back to the main point.  The violence veto WORKS.  In the final analysis, there are two moves in the cultural war, violence and ridicule.  Ridicule trumps pretty much everything else, and is amplified by control over the media and cultural battlespace.  Everything guessed it...violence.  The endgame of this is left as an exercise to the reader.

When your group's beliefs are subjected to ridicule, this lowers the status of its members with respect to the general society.  This is especially true when you're the ONLY such group that people are allowed to ridicule.  One might say there is in society a 'Law of the Conservation of Niggers'.  That is, society must always have a certain number of niggers, bitches, or whatever you prefer to call them.  Someone who occupies the rearmost seats of the bus.  Until Jesus returns, some group or groups will ALWAYS be the niggers.

One might also formulate a 'Theory of Optimal Persecution'...which is to say the proper amount of persecution to level to maximally surpress and marginalize a group.  Too much and you make martyrs, too little and they ignore you.  Moslems in their early phases of conquest seem to have found the sweet spot for their populations of interest.  The more courageous the population you're surpressing, ironically, the LESS harsh you should be (for instance, convert or die didn't work against the early Church when the Romans tried it, but convert or be a second class citizen and pay bonus taxes actually largely did over time).

Moslems get this, if only at a visceral level.  They're not about to allow their religion to face the twenty centuries of mockery and scoffing and ridicule that Christians have.  Let's face it, for most ordinary people, sacralized things and humor are like calcium and iron.  They find it awfully hard to maintain the numenous, holy state of something in their mind if it has ever been the punch line or butt of a joke.  Libertarians and the like just don't get this, because most of them are miles from neurotypical.  How many ordinary people, for instance, can laugh at Monty Python's 'Every Sperm is Sacred', and still maintain an orthodox theology of the body?

If you can you're probably not neurotypical.  There is reason why the Catholic Church used to censor the hell out of anything without its imprimatur.  It wasn't because they were stupid.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Downgraded Again
The US credit rating has once again been downgraded in the face of QE3.
Commit to printing press up a bunch of money (yeah, I know it's really more a matter of magick'ing up a bunch of ones and zeroes to make a loan), and one would rationally expect that your creditworthiness would decline.
Frankly I'm shocked that our credit rating is as good as it still is.  Probably that's just because somebody has to be given a good credit rating, and we're the best of skid row.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Opportunity For Reaction To Use The Left Against Itself

From our old reactionary friend Sun Tzu
To a surrounded enemy, you must leave a way of escape.

Show him there is a road to safety, and so create in his mind the idea that there is an alternative to death.

It is essential to reduce the financial and cultural power of our adversaries.  One way of doing this, of course, is through boycott and buycott.  But presently, we lack even enough buycott targets (no Chick Fil A within a couple of hundred miles of Portland, for instance).  So perhaps we need to create buycott targets.
How do we do this?
By creating a safe avenue of retreat from the Cultural War for lots of small businesses and maybe a few corporations.  How do we create this avenue? 
We subvert the Left into creating it for us.  The Left largely has this entirely mistaken idea that corporations are on OUR side rather than theirs.  We can use that.  What we push for and support the creation of is something akin to the old League of NonAligned Nations.  Basically, this is a group of companies, mostly small, that are certified as being totally neutral in any cultural conflict and which do not seek to involve themselves in politics at all.  They only give charitable contributions to totally noncontroversial (which we'd define by the 2 sigma rule, if it's non-controversial to the 98%, that'll do).  Examples would be local kids sports or academic teams and food banks.  They'd be certified by some trusted independent arbiter, like with early organic foods and could display the insignia of the nonaligned league at their places of business
The contingent that hates the Citizens United decision should be all over this as a way to help take the influence of corporations out of politics.  Reactionaries and our unwitting allies could patronize these companies disproportionately.  Truth be known, the whole attempt at localization of consumption is almost halfway to this, since local companies are generally FAR less instruments of the Cathedral than nationals and multinationals, even in places like Portland. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rage Over The TSA Builds, Still Desperately Seeking A Political Expression

Look at the comment like and dislike counts on this story about the TSA's petty thuggery and demand for submission rituals.  There is a VERY strong undercurrent of anger about the TSA.  Romney is an idiot for not capitalizing on it.  People REALLY don't like being made to undergo submission rituals and would like an avenue of retaliation.  This is especially true because it's nearly all security theatre anyway.  The passengers are a far more effective anti-terrorist agency than the TSA will ever be, and it took them all of around 3 hours to change their configuration from 'don't get involved' to 'fight or flight, and since there's nowhere to run...'.

Notice also that comments like this one...
5 users liked this commentPlease sign in to rate a Thumb UpPlease sign in to rate a Thumb Down69users disliked this commentPudles  •  19 hours ago
The TSA screens hundreds of peoples all over the country every day; the few stories that leak to the media, might lead to the TSA relaxing their stance...but thats when the real bad peoples get in...*shrugs* we have another 9/11 or worse...or put up with the TSA...yeesh...even a police officer would give you a ticket for something minor if your attitude sucked xx

Are getting downvoted into oblivion.
while comments like this one

1508users liked this commentPlease sign in to rate a Thumb UpPlease sign in to rate a Thumb Down49users disliked this comment
BD  •  18 hours ago
As a 25 year law enforcement veteran - Maybe you can begin to see how fast a government can change and all of a sudden cops and security turn into Gestapo. All they need is permission to act bad and it will happen and it can go from bad to worse overnight.. As a former Chief of Police I know that maybe 5 percent of cops would do what is right by our constitution. The other 95 % would act like Nazis in a heartbeat. I have seen it from the inside and tell you the average citizen needs to be aware. The U.S. government knows cops are like tigers on a chain. All they have to do is unlock the chain.

are being upvoted into the stratosphere.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Light Unto the Nations: Israel Once Again Shows the Way!

In this case, Israel has shown the proper translation of 'Segregation Today, ...' into Hebrew.
Whites in the US should behave more like Jews in Israel.  They GET demographic hegemony.  So should you.  And when the dead dogs of the ADL or SPLC start their yammering, slap them in the face with the wisdom of their betters who reside in Israel.

Most folks who like to point up the hypocrisy of elements of the Left do so in the attempt to force them to live up to their beliefs.  My purpose is different, to get ordinary non-elites to recognize that the rules of engagement are irreparably broken---the veil is torn---and for them to devolve the conflict to the proper slugfest of self and group interest that it should be.  Take back the discourse from the sanctimonious scolds and sophists.  It is absolutely OK to be for something because it is good for your group.  Every other group recognizes this, and most make no bones about it.  Get over your pretensions whites.  It is your task to defend your naked self and group interest just as much as it is the task of NAMs and Jews to defend theirs.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How Well Does The Smart Redneck Thesis Hold Up?

Frequently I like to reexamine the world to see how well my world model fits it.  It is a useful exercise that is rarely undertaken enough.
The core element of the Smart Redneck thesis is that there is a significant element of the US population comparable to the group I call the 'second sigma', but with a stronger focus on mathematical/spatial intelligence than verbal and a decidedly more rural slant.  Obviously I know these people exist, because I interact with them on a daily basis in professional and personal settings.  But let's look now to see if we can see any strong evidence of them in other contexts.

If one consults Mu Alpha Theta (which is a national competitive mathematics society of long pedigree and wide scope---I participated with some success back in the 80s myself), you'll see some curious results

You'll note that the consistent winners these days seem to come from Vestavia Hills and Buchholtz High Schools.  Vestavia hills was a strong force back in the 80s when I was involved, Buchholtz if I remember correctly was not.  Vestavia Hills is in Alabama and Buchholtz is in Florida.  Are those redneck states enough for you?  By the way, when I say redneck I'm in no way being insulting---I like this group in general a lot more than the second sigma and they are way more useful.  Vestavia is fed pretty strongly by the old Huntsville space and military complex, so lots of sons and a few daughters of engineers there, and Buchholtz likewise from the area around the University of Florida.  UF is actually a pretty major producer of engineers---enough such that one year there their student government was overrun by the 'Engineering Party'

The National Merit competition actually discriminates against this set, because it uses 2x verbal plus 1x mathematics in its selection index.  This is allegedly done to equalize sex ratios of National Merit Scholars, but one has to ask, is this not actually also an example of structural competition between the Smart Redneck class and the more SWPL Second Sigma?  Certainly it dovetails with the evidence of statistical discrimination against applicants with activities like JROTC, FFA, or 4H.
This is actually a big deal, because to be honest, the PSAT was the most lucrative test I ever took.  Generally you could get a full ride to an undergraduate STEM degree at your home state's flagship university even if you were a white guy back in the late 80s if you were a National Merit Scholar.  For a lot of smart rednecks, that's a bigger deal than elite institution admissions (altough those are insanely important as regards the national question). Anyone know if that has changed?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Note to Libertarians, Consider Closely the Median Voter

In a democratic or pseudo-democratic system, you will NEVER get more freedom than the median voter desires.  Perhaps demand, in the economic sense of the word is a better fit than desires, in the sense of being willing to be at least slightly inconvenienced to obtain or enjoy it.
It is, of course, very easy to obtain LESS freedom than the median voter's desires.  The proof is an exercise of simply looking around you.
Because of this, libertarians would be wise to consider carefully just WHO they are advocating, either explicitly or as a foreseeable impact of the policies that they favor to fill the roll of said median voter.  Low church libertarians are far more sensible in this regard.  National boundaries aren't just lines on a map, they also partition different populations with not simply different distributions of abilities and capabilities, but also differences in distribution of desires for various sorts of freedoms.  You've been flying cover for the plutocrat wing of the Republican party for at least a couple of decades now in its hunger for cheaper labor.  How's that working out for you?

How many of your opinions could cost you your job now, if they were freely spoken, versus, say, back in the 1980s?
The fact of the matter is you'd be far better to consider freedom as a direction, rather than as a tangible destination.  You'll find that many of the freedoms you advocate are in practice antithetical to each other, like trying to absorb calcium and iron at the same meal.
Libertarianism, of the low church and ESPECIALLY the high church variety is an almost exclusively Anglo and to a lesser extent, Germanic thing.  The proof of this is available by simply opening your eyes and looking around at any gathering of such.  It has pretty much no traction among the bulk of illegal, or for that matter, legal immigrants in the US presently.  The least damaging thing you could do for your prospects is to call for a complete moratorium on net immigration of all sorts for at least a generation.
You probably ought to have opposed female suffrage too, but that ship had largely sailed before the notion of libertarianism had any currency at all.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stumbling Over The Truth

As Churchill and Ben Franklin before him noted, most of the time, when a man stumbles over the truth, he dusts himself off, gets back up, and carries on as if nothing had happened.
Today I'm going to relate an experience of mine, from back in the late 1980s, wherein I did precisely that.
Picture the 1980s in your mind.  Recall an era where even such supremely geeky activities as competitive mathematics at the national level had female 'hangers-on' who would be considered very attractive by today's standards (many pushing the 80th and low 90th percentiles), due to the  much, much lower prevalence of obesity.  Recall also the vastly less uptight relations between the sexes, in the SMP/MMP and outside.
Consider a young, very tall and ectomorphic non-neurotypical with nearly nonexistent emulation.  He and a couple of his friends encounter two of these hangers-on--one being easily in the 90th-95th percentile of today's attractiveness, and the other being probably around 75th by today's standards.  Both are nice, Southern, and very visibly Catholic girls.   For some reason---to this day I'm not certain why---I drop what amounts to a nuclear neg, very insulting to Catholics in general, although not delivered with any heat or venom.  What happened afterwards was seriously shocking.  Instead of taking actual offense instead of pro forma offense, she proceeded to shower me with affection and basically make me her boyfriend for the duration of the competition.  Of course, lacking any game, or even the framework to understand this bizarre turn of events, my follow through was very lacking.  And, in keeping with Churchill and Franklin, I more or less picked my self back afterwards and conducted my relationships for years afterwards according to the socially approved (officially) 'blue pill' standards.  But the insight was available to me all that time had I the inclination to analyze it.

The girl was used to being the 'belle of the ball', having a social circle primarily composed of math geeks.  She was almost certainly used to a large amount of supplication on their part.  The nuclear neg thus found a very receptive target, even impressing her less attractive friend.  Being essentially 'on holiday', she was primed to be open to a strange man.  Too bad I didn't distill  this knowledge down into something useful for at least five more years.

The takeaway for my younger readers, particularly of the non-neurotypical sort, is that a lot of what we call game techniques work pretty damned well even if deployed totally by accident, even if you have very little neurotypical emulation at all.  The most powerful of which, against women in the 80th and low 90th percentiles of attractiveness, is the appearance of not giving a damn what they think about you without projecting any hostility or venom.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sign of the Times Regarding Concealed Carry

The sentiment in favor of CCW is apparently strong enough that a leftist physics professor has been reprimanded for threatening not to teach students with concealed weapons (how would he know?).

Of course, as Gary Kleck and other criminologists who have actually studied would agree---although they'd probably nuance and hedge so as to be less blunt:

Anyone who reduced the crime rate of the general population to that of CCW holders SHOULD (but wouldn't) win a damned Nobel Peace Prize. 

What is it anyway with physicists?  They're cut from the same cloth typically as engineers of the various flavors (lots could have and almost did choose the other path back in college), but engineers seem on the whole a lot more grounded and have a lot more children.  Is it the fact that they're mostly dependent on academia for their livelihood and have less options outside it?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Philosophy Of The Three

Having used my little boy to illustrate profoundly bad theology, I have to note that his philosophy is honestly not half bad.
Jehu:  What am I going to have to do to get you to stop turning on the lights in the back of the car?
Little Boy:  You have to get a Pius V that doesn't have lights on the inside where little boys can reach them.

I have to admit he made me laugh.  But moreso that that, he underscored an important point:

Whenever a technical solution to a problem is feasible and not unaffordable, it should nearly always be preferred.  Any solution beginning with ....If Everyone ... or ...If We All... is really low percentage.  If you genuinely had the kind of buy-in implied by your solution, you probably wouldn't have had the issue in the first place.

The problem with technical solutions is that continued success with them tends to create serious overconfidence in other, non-technical types of problems.  How many times have you heard something of this form...If we can put a man on the moon we can ...?

But in general, working with the laws of physics or chemistry through engineering is pretty easy.  Changing human behavior or hearts is hard. 

But this of course doesn't mean that little boy won't be bent to my will eventually on the car lights issue.  I'd be remiss in not demonstrating proper parental coercion.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

On The Army Of Darkness

On our previous post, Anonymous commented:

Let us not forget that Screwtape's goal not the corruption of "society", it is securing individual souls. Insofar as whatever political or social conditions on earth aid this end they are good, but they are in every place secondary. It is the salvation of individuals on which the battle is fought, not "societies".
God cares not for the state of the world, it will be whatever state he wishes in the end. He cares how men act. Job was not asked to make heaven on earth. He was not asked anything but to show faith in the face of a miserable earth.

What I suspect that the commenter is forgetting is that just as the Body of Christ and the Communion of the Saints is an army, so too is what I'll call the 'Army of Darkness' are free to use Powers and Principalities if you prefer a more KJV feel.

Just as armies have elements that specialize in retail level destruction, so too does the Army of Darkness.  Screwtape, for instance, advises one of his minions who is precisely just such a retail-level agent of corruption.  But armies also have artillery sections, specializing in wholesale destruction, and they also have logistical and intelligence sections, which, IMO are the most dangerous of them all.  Screwtape is basically a fairly ranking officer in Infernal Logistics.

The culture is basically the logistical arena of the battle for individual souls.  This is why it is so important to at least contest it vigorously.  Just as you'd not like to be an army fighting while constantly beaten down by artillery fire enabled by your enemy's logistical supremacy, so too is it much harder for Christians to keep the faith under such adverse conditions.  Sure, there are some that do regardless, but let's be real.  The mass pornification of our culture has made it a LOT harder to walk the Christian walk.  Satan most assuredly cares about the culture and the society, because that is the strategic and logistical environment wherein he will secure the individual souls that he is ultimately after.  Because he is our Adversary, we should care as well.

Because encouragement is a main focus here at the Chariot, I'll close with this.  Satan's strength in the US is immense on the tactical and strategic level, but he is very vulnerable in logistics.  Cutting his line of supply is doable, indeed many of his organs of corruption are both not profitable and vulnerable to disruption, technological and otherwise.  Many of them lack even the support of his fire and maneuver elements, who could probably be manipulated into opening fire on their own logistical troops in the glorious manner of 'Mordor Friendliness'.