Saturday, December 29, 2012

More on the Track Record of That Hideous Strength

Some time back, we discussed how CS Lewis's great work 'That Hideous Strength' has been taken as perversely prescriptive rather than descriptive.

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised really.  After all, the UK followed the prescription of 'The Abolition of Man' so as to make a nation of 'men without chests'.  And they've followed Screwtape's advice damnably well also.  Whether CS Lewis was a prophet is well beyond the scope of this blog, but the man KNEW Satan in the intimate way that nearly all great saints throughout history have.

So let's take a look at another of the themes of 'That Hideous Strength'.
Here Ransom is wrestling with Jane's rationalization hamster.

(hat tip to )
Jane said, “I always thought it was in their souls that people were equal.”
“You were mistaken,” he said gravely. “That is the last place where they are equal. Equality before the law, equality of incomes – that is very well. Equality guards life; it doesn’t make it. It is medicine, not food. You might as well try warming yourself with a blue-book.”
“But surely in marriage . . . ?”
“Worse and worse,” said the Director. “Courtship knows nothing of it; nor does fruition. What has free companionship to do with that? Those who are enjoying something, or suffering something together, are companions. Those who enjoy or suffer one another, are not. Do you not know how bashful friendship is? Friends – comrades – do not look at each other. Friendship would be ashamed…”
“I thought,” said Jane and stopped.
“I see,” said the Director. “It is not your fault. They never warned you. No one has ever told you that obedience – humility – is an erotic necessity. You are putting equality just where it ought not to be.

If we construct what CS Lewis is saying as an argument, and apply the principle of charity, we might formulate it something like this:

As a woman your marriage and in particular your erotic life will be much better, by and large and on the average, if you adopt a posture of obedience, humility, and submission with your husband.

So how much support is there for this?
Anecdotally, I've never known any women who have a Biblically complementarian relationship with their husbands to have any complaints at all as regards that part of their lives as compared to their more 'equalitarian' sisters.

But it turns out there is actual data we can appeal to on this question.

Suffice it to say, the more conservatively religious the woman, the more likely she is to regularly achieve release with her husband.  This is also not a small difference, but a rather gross one.  I'd like to see Catholics more broken down into Catholics in name only and hardcore traditionalist Catholics, and Biblical complementarians broken out of 'Conservative Protestants', but the direction is pretty clear.

If one projects further back in history, if CS Lewis' thesis is largely correct, one would expect to see women in previous eras experiencing more 'voluptuous spasms'.

Feminists maintain the Victorians lived in total ignorance, with women consigned to frigidity or frustration. In fact, physicians were publicly candid about female sexuality in the nineteenth century, including Dr. Charles Knowlton, who wrote of the female sexual organ, as is recounted in Linda Lichter’s excellent book, Simple Social Graces. In the 1970s, the historian Carl Degler uncovered a sexual survey of married women born between 1850 and 1880. Most of the middle-class women surveyed reported that they typically experienced “voluptuous spasms” while in bed with their husbands.

Every generation likes to pretend that it invented sex.  It seems pretty likely that these high Victorian women would put up better numbers than any of the groups in the 1994 study.

Glen of Instapundit fame recently suggested that the Republicans purchase women's magazines as a way of subverting the low information voter and some of the organs of culture.
I suggest that something like this would be an excellent series to run.  Use the cult of the orgasm as an armor-piercing weapon against the fell rationalization hamster.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Only The Schools Attended by the Elite Should Be Protected by Armed Guards

So sayeth Rahm Emanuel the anointed one.  So sayeth the Obamanation of Desolation. 

Perhaps we should post the names and addresses of all those who protect gun control advocates, and insist that they stop protecting them with evil guns.  Frankly, I am increasingly convinced that we can not live under the same sky.  Simple secession is probably not enough, and even that isn't possible without a veritable ocean of bloodshed.  Anyone who expects civility under present circumstances is smoking something considerably more potent that what was voted on in recent initiatives in Washington.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

On The Difficulty Of Avoiding Being A Heretic In Today's Church

You really have to work hard to NOT be a heretic presently. Hint, anytime you disagree on an issue with theological significance with most of 2000 years of Christian tradition, you’re probably a heretic—especially if you’re a pastor, elder, or church leader. Here’s an amusing note: I’ve RARELY met anyone with a title like ‘head pastor’ who I haven’t considered a heretic. The pastors who I’ve considered orthodox rarely have more than 150 or so in their congregation, with many having much less.

Here’s only part what you’re got to do to NOT be a heretic:

You have to strongly oppose abortion and make no bones that it is a serious sin

Ditto homosexuality

You have to have a complementarian as opposed to egalitarian or equalitarian view of men and women. You have to teach the whole Scripture on male-female relationships, not just what is comfortable to the women in your congregation.

You also have to not put women on a pedestal as somehow more pure or sinless than men.

You have to not put minorities on a pedestal as being somehow more pure or sinless than white people. In short, you can’t be an ‘anti-racist’—read, anti white. Those who would like to disagree with me on this point are invited to explain why pretty much everyone pre-1960 in Christendom is wrong and THEY and the current cultural zeitgeist are right.

It’s damned hard not to be a heretic today. This isn’t even an exhaustive list, it’s just sufficient to declare a supermajority of pastors today rightfully heretics.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Low Church Vegetarians?

It's been my observation that the least annoying variety of vegetarians are the sort that were raised in a bona fide culture that is vegetarian.  Most of the others, especially the vegans, seem to be almost all SWPLs with degrees that don't pay much who are desperately trying to distinguish themselves from the hated proles.
But for the cultural vegetarian, it's no big deal, and they don't get sanctimonious about it, despite the fact that it ACTUALLY IS a religious issue for them.

For instance, a group of my colleagues at work and I were cooking a bunch of freshly caught fish at a team building event some time back.  We'd brought along some veggie burgers and the like for the vegetarians in our group.  Knowing that some vegetarians have a concern for meat contaminating their vegetables when cooked on the same grill, I inquired of them if they'd like me to cook their veggie burgers first so as to not adulterate them with fish.  They all told me, oh, don't worry about that Jehu, just toss 'em all on.  You see, they understand that incidental animal material is going to be part of pretty much anything you cook or eat---even just grains.  They don't have a complex about it in the way that status-striving Western vegetarians and especially vegans generally seem to.  In short, they're Low Church Vegetarians---which is kind of ironic considering that they have a legitimate tradition going back thousands of years.  Perhaps it's always the new 'converts' that demonstrate the over-the-top zeal.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Apocalypse When

Apparently not now, as here on 12-20-2012, a trip through Costco is not even slightly a madhouse, even a mere few days before Christmas.  My suspicion is that the whole 2012 thing was just a convenient meme to hang the gut feeling that our entire society and way of life are well past their sell-by date.  While lots of people, myself included, do indeed believe that the existing order is unsustainable and will collapse in a reasonable amount of time, the 21st of December holds no special significance.  For if it did in even the minds of a very very small minority, Costco would be cleaned out rapidly of things like rice and thrice-cleaned beans, both of which they sell at prices very close to the price per ton on the world market for such goods.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Serious Hygiene Needed in the Scientific Establishment

Ultimately the problem boils down to, what gets rewarded gets done.  I've previously written about peer review here

Note that my own experience with same is in areas where there is much less inherent temptation and politicization.  But there are NEVER just two roaches in a kitchen.

Probably the only reasonable way to clean things up would be to have a 'loyal opposition', which made it its work to attempt reproduction and verification on large numbers of papers that are published.  That loyal opposition would have to be incentivized through equivalent publication credits and availability of funding, or it'll never happen (this is why it will never happen).  They'd have to be given significant funding and prestige for taking scientific scalps.  At the front end, journals would have to approve experimental designs in advance and commit to accept the paper REGARDLESS of what the results were assuming the experiment described was carried out faithfully.  Presently the bias introduced based on what the journals want to hear is pretty massive, especially in areas like health and medicine.

Monday, December 17, 2012

On Violence And Following The Script

One of the things I learned a pretty good amount of as a non-neurotypical with really bad emulation in a public school back in the 80s was the way the untrained and poorly trained initiate and conduct violence.

In essence, they pretty much always had a script they'd follow.  And they'd follow it extremely predictably, almost religiously.  There was nearly always a ritual of pushing, insults, and attempted intimidation that preceded any actual blows.  Everything was to be precisely according to the script that they'd constructed in their mind.  Did they get this script from watching others, or perhaps from TV?  Did it really matter?

One of the things that I learned was that deviating strongly from the script, or preempting them by 'skipping forward a few scenes', would generally give you a significant advantage.  They would generally hesitate at least a few seconds, and THEN they'd do the equivalent of 'checking morale'.
The dirty little secret is that schoolyard and bus stop conflicts have a lot in common with ancient warfare---they're more about morale than almost anything else.  If you get in the first attack, and press your advantage relentlessly, you will nearly always win, especially if your first strike comes before the actual aggressor had planned to take it.  You're also way less likely to be punished by the official authorities if you don't allow the circle of onlookers to form but instead execute a competent preemptive strike once its clear that pugilism is going down today.

It is pretty likely that what the CCW holder did in the Portland mall was break the script of the attacker.  By drawing his weapon after taking cover, the assailant realized that the game was up and had to check morale.  In this case, as in so many others, his morale failed and he offed himself without the need of any shots fired by the CCW holder.  This is likely the main reason why the body count was so low in comparison to so many other such cases.  Interestingly, there WAS a no-gun policy at this mall, but fortunately the CCW holder aimed to misbehave.  Fortunately also, the lack of a clear shot also prevented him from having to have an up close and personal trip to 'see the elephant'.  There is a lot of trauma associated with such trips that I don't wish on anyone.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sweden Engages In Evil and Suicidal Behavior

Taking a child away from a competent family is the height of evil behavior on the part of a state.  It is also ultimately suicidal, because nothing pisses a man off more than that, and competent men can make their anger keenly felt in a fragile society.  Sweden IS a fragile society, perhaps even moreso than the United States because of the climate.  Probably you'll get away with it this time Sweden, but I'd be shocked if you weren't running at least a 1 in 100 chance of national destruction each time you pull something like this.

Hint:  your power grid is the lifeline of your population, and it is likely just as vulnerable as that of the US.  You've probably got other bottlenecks in your JIT infrastructure that are exceedingly vulnerable to attack besides this, and I wager you've got about as much slack in your system as in the US---which is to say a criminally low level.  Machiavelli would counsel you better than to do things like this.  You think that guy Breivik in neighboring Norway was bad?   You'd wish for a hundred like him rather than one who simply wants to see your system burn and has the necessary competencies to do so.  Tread very carefully.

Of course you won't.  It isn't in your nature.  The fact that you snatched his son while he and his family were in the process of leaving the country for good for India is indicative of that.  So you'll likely receive the cup of wrath that God has stored up for you through your malice, arrogance, and lack of foresight.  Lots of innocent people are going to die, because you insist on manufacturing enemies of an existential nature out of whole cloth and eventually, one of them is going to strike you a blow you can't endure.  But hey, at least it will reduce your carbon footprint, right?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Milestone For Florida: Soon To Exceed One Million Active CCW Holders

This really is quite impressive---the number is nearly 5% of the population in Florida.  Notice also how the feverishly predicted 'rivers of blood' have failed to manifest.  Should malefactors decide to riot over developments in the Zimmerman case, the unprecedented CCW density may produce...interesting...results.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Antifa Gives the Ultimate Endorsement to Golden Dawn

There's no bigger endorsement than to bomb their headquarters.  This works out about as well as you could hope for really for the Golden Dawn, as none of them were even killed, although not for any particular concern on the part of the Antifa (read, Anti-Whites).  If the progressive groups weren't jumping for joy to claim responsibility, I'd almost suspect this was a counter-intelligence operation.  But sometimes the Reichstag fire really WAS set by a communist.  This is a gift from God.  I wager He hates Golden Dawn far less than He hates their opponents.  Note also the comments in the article, they're pretty pro-Golden Dawn.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Reason to Favor the Citizen's Dividend

Frankly, it'd be a lot cheaper over time.  To administrate a citizen's dividend, all you need is a dozen or so geeks, a small server farm, and lots and loads of EFTs.  It could actually be reasonably efficient since large amounts of efforts at means testing (i.e., are you good enough at gaming the system) would not be necessary.  Administrative overhead would be negligible, and there'd be no such thing as a welfare cliff.

A citizen's dividend would also give society the ability to transition into two radically different possible futures without apocalyptic disruption.

Future 1:  Technological singularity, most people are rendered zero or negative marginal product workers by advancing robotics and AI.
Future 2:  The end of cheap energy forces a massive economic contraction forcing the end of lots of make work and demanding a radical simplification of rules and structures.

Honestly I think the probability of Future 1 or Future 2 is pretty high, probably well over 50%.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dividends and the Fiscal Cliff

It is uncertain whether the tax on dividends is going to go up next year.  It may rise to the rate of ordinary income and it may not.  I've noticed that several companies, for instance, Smith & Wesson, have issued fairly large special dividends at the end of this year, perhaps to get them under the wire of any change in taxation.  It would probably be a good idea, from a shareholder value perspective, for some companies to pay their 2013 dividends early---in the same manner that individual taxpayers will sometimes cluster deductible expenses right at the end of a tax year that would normally occur over the course of two tax years.  I wonder if we'll see any of that as it becomes clearer that we will or we will not see a significant change in the taxation of dividends.

Increasing the dividend tax rate will likely drive companies more towards stock buybacks, which IMO are not really a good thing, because they are so often misused.  Considering that the agents typically have large numbers of stock options themselves, a little imagination will tell you whether stock buybacks are typically exercised when the stock is cheap versus when it is expensive.  Frequently they're also used merely to cover for the dilution caused by the issuance of said options.  Because of the incentive alignment problem, I'm not in favor of stock options in general at the highest decision making levels of publicly traded companies.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thought Experiment: Imposing Order on Detroit

Anyone care to take a gander at how much wealth would be created by imposing Order (in the reactionary or Moldbuggian sense) on Detroit?  I suspect that even were you to impose NYC policing norms (how the hell do they get away with that in NYC anyway), you'd be talking billions of dollars created virtually overnight, in a manner that'd make even Helicopter Ben envious.

How much wealth have we foregone in the US because we lack the will to impose Order?  How would the number of people you'd have to kill to impose Order compare to the ordinary toll of homicide and aggravated assault imposed by the lack of Order?

Could an Imperial Governor from the old school---perhaps @1900 or so---make Detroit the envy of America?

Achieving a state of Order really wouldn't be that hard insofar as a technical or military problem.  It is solely an issue of Will.  Presently we lack the Will even to ask the question in public.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Convergence of Spheres is No Accident

Foseti finds the phenomenon of 'Volunteer Thought Police' fascinating.  I find it rather infuriating.  But I rather suspect that more of my moral system is routed through my disgust response than is his.

To his post I supply this response.  This response also explains why there is so much overlap between Reaction and the purveyors of Game.

I’ll tell you what motivates a lot of these Voxian Gammas.

The mistaken impression that if they suck up to the Cathedral, especially the feminist league, that perversion of honest nunnery, that they’ll enjoy higher status and get laid more often or with a less obese variety of women.

This is why, IMO, it is important for Reaction to be in the forefront of spreading a less wrong perspective on male-female relationships than the presently politically correct platitudes. G-Damned Cathedral doesn’t even get its f*** collaborators laid on a regular basis. The Nazis with their spiffy uniforms, and probably even the Soviets enjoyed far more success on that front. Partially choking off the flow of gammas is an important objective.

Just ask the gammas—hey, is all that talking down other men really working for you? Are you getting laid like tile? Underneath most gammas is a massive core of resentment.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Steve Sailer with More on White People with Sometimes Not Even Spanish Surnames

Increasingly I think white people should make a two-pronged attack.
First, use ridiculous bad faith and claim Hispanic whenever and wherever it gives them personal benefits. 
I for one an a HUGE fan of the great Saint Diego Matamoros, and I have a soft spot for the Spanish Inquisition, which has a history blackened by the propaganda of the perfidious English.

Secondly, we need to push at minimum that nobody lighter than Zimmerman should be allowed to get any affirmative action bennies---even while collecting them ourselves.  Heightening the contradictions, as Lenin would say.  Who...Whom, that's all there is to politics, and white people need to learn this lesson now.  Learn it good and hard.

There are several good reasons to learn Spanish as a white person.  First, there's actually a lot of good literature written in Spanish, and knowing Spanish will give you another entry wedge into the Romance languages as a whole.  In addition, it turns out you can say all kinds of reactionary and Christian stuff in Spanish without anyone batting an eye---even people who speak Spanish.  Call for an airstrike from the Holy Spirit?  Venerate the great Slayer of Moors?  Describe your disdain for homogamy?  Spanish gives you the pass.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Slippery Slope: Logical Fallacy But Social Reality

Whenever reactionaries make a slippery slope argument in the public square, they’re almost always correct, although their timing is sometimes off a bit. For instance, they predicted that legalizing contraception for unmarried people would INCREASE the rates of unwed mothers—certainly very counterintuitive at the time. And…they were right. Pretty much everything they have predicted has come to pass. Slippery slope might be a fallacy in the Platonic world of formal logic, but it is an inductive argument that is usually correct when discussing human behavior, politics, or law.

I'm hard pressed to think of any counterexample. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Truly Outrageous Graph

Be glad most people can't do math, or we'd be even more screwed than we already are.  The marginal impact of earning an additional dollar 'on the books' in many of these ranges is negative---VERY negative.

Increasingly I'm an aggressive proponent of junking out entire state, local, and federal welfare and social services sections and just cutting everyone---EVERYONE, no means testing---who is a citizen over 18 years of age and not in prison, a citizen's dividend on the order of $10k per year.  You the people demand a fair amount of socialism, and while I think it's a bad idea overall, I think the citizen's dividend solution sucks the least.  It at least would be highly transparent and, if directly linked to something nice and transparent (like replacing the income tax with a consumption tax or perhaps a national property tax, or, my preference, a substantial revenue tariff) would be very capable of defending itself as a political construct (as with the Alaskan citizen's dividend).

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Message to the Republican Party

I normally don't write much for the benefit of the Republican party as such, or for conservatives as opposed to reactionaries for that matter.  In general, I view conservatives as potential, or perhaps latent reactionaries and want to help them achieve their reactionary destiny.
But today, I'll write something of direct partisan interest to Republicans.  Here's the fix you're in.  You have a bunch of networks around the 5th-15th percentile of Leftism relative to the American population.  You have one network right around the 50th percentile.  Even your 'extreme' talk radio types are at most 60th-65th percentile.  Ask yourself this;

Does this not appear to be a recipe for fairly rapid movement Leftward of the universe of acceptable discourse?  The Overton window if you like that term?

If you had any sense, you would, probably instead of dumping money on yet another NCAA college football team, establish a news network that is far to the right of you.  I suggest around 95th percentile---as far Not-Left as the most biased major networks are Left.  This will make you seem much less extreme.  It will make Fox seem 'balanced'.  It will also give you the ability to have neutral or friendly moderators in debates.  In addition, it will give top cover for your guys who make 'gaffes' (read, who say truths imperfectly that most people actually believe in).  It is even better if said network criticizes you from the not-Left extensively, as it will not be seen as your house organ.  There are tons of things in our culture that have 20%, 30%---and even near majority support that are considered unspeakable in the mainstream media.

As to how to get there, well, if you've got the money, I suggest a campaign of terror in the media spectrum auctions.  Even if you don't win initially, you can bleed them of money by ratcheting up the prices they have to pay for access to their spectrum.  If you do win, you can exploit their advantage of incumbency at their position on the frequency dial.

Aren't you tired yet of having your positions of 10 years ago denounced as retrograde and atavistic by YOUR OWN PARTY? 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Authorial Affirmative Action: Even the Politically Incorrect Rarely Engage on More than a Single Aspect

One of the things that is rather amazing about authorial affirmative action is how pervasive it is, even among artists who are pretty transgressive against Cathedral hegemony relative to their peers.

For instance, the movie Idiocracy (opening scene )
opens with a demonstration of the massive delta in fertility between the smart and the stupid.

The smart couple, Trevor, IQ 138 and Carol, IQ 141 basically have no descendants.

Do you see the authorial affirmative action, even in this least PC movie made in recent memory?

Here it is:  First of all, women in the 2-3 sigma range are substantially rarer than men.  So it is much more likely that the IQs are reversed, even ignoring hypergamy.  Second, women in the 2-3 sigma IQ range are VERY hypergamous on IQ, because it is almost invariably a huge component of their identity.  We discussed this back a few months ago.  Simply put, a woman in that category will almost never accept a mate who isn't smarter than she is, by an amount sufficient for her ego to accept that fact.  Been there, married that.  So you see a concession to feminism practically right in the opening credits.
Then you see the IQ 84 couple, which are OF COURSE, not black or Hispanic, despite this being fairly probable (50% of the black population is there or below, about 15-16% of the white population is---given the relative ratios of the population in the US, you'd expect randomly selected such couples to be black or Hispanic around half the time).  No, they had to be fat rednecks for authorial affirmative action purposes (although the fat part requires no affirmative action, most people in that IQ range in the US are obese.

You see much the same sort of authorial affirmative action in the 'Unincorporated Man' series-in particular, the 'Unincorporated Woman' being in fact, a woman.  Given her nature and capabilities, the probability that she is a she is damned near zero.  Amusingly, you could rewrite her character to be a man with next to no effort, leading me to conclude that it is blatant authorial AA.  It's also easy to ignore if you want to enjoy the story and its exploration of a lot of ideas. The series to date is well worth the read.  But whenever a good author writes a character of a protected class and you could divest them of that status with a trivial rewrite (it isn't load bearing in the characterization), it's authorial AA at work.

Perhaps it is a reluctance to fight a war on more than one front?  Unfortunately, what you're facing isn't so much multiple possible fronts, against powers that would otherwise not be at war with you simultaneously, but more akin to multiple army groups loosely coordinated all on the same front against you.  You can't assume that the other groups aren't going to counterattack you if you leave them alone while you're dealing with your primary target.  If you're an outlaw conservative or reactionary anyway, best to give not even a pinch of incense to the Cathedral.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

UN Encourages Obama Administration to Overturn the Colorado and Washington Pot Initiatives!/2012/11/un-to-dc-ignore-colorado-washington.html

What is there for reactionaries to do but cheer at blue on blue violence?  Indeed, we should help the weaker side so as to prolong the conflict while encouraging the stronger to keep doubling down.  To that end, make sure to practice Who...Whom jury nullification whenever you get the chance.

And while Obama might have no personal animus against the potheads, his nature will not allow him to surrender the power of the FDA without a fight.

Even, or perhaps, especially, when you consider that it is insane that pot is scheduled as it is.

Struggles like this have the potential of minting tons of low-church libertarians (i.e.---leave us the hell alone), and not a few genuine reactionaries.  You'll note that the whole FDA and Prohibition thing was a Progressive Cathedral affair from the very start.  Prior to 1900, you could probably mail order whatever drug you wanted---subject, of course, to the requirement that said drug had to actually have been invented.
Similarly, you could mail order pretty much any firearm you liked as well, and if you go back further, you could---and no small number did---own the genuine munitions of War as well like cannon and warships.

Pre-Cathedral reactionaries in the US tolerated levels of negative freedom nearly unimaginable by most moderns.  But you had to deal with the fact that other people could, and frequently did, ostracize you if they didn't like how you used it---or didn't like you for whatever reason.  Someone, after all, always has to be in the back of the bus.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nope, No Outbreak of Sanity After All

So after an incredibly positive reception, they've gone and disowned and pulled their paper.
What a bunch of imbeciles.  Listen:

Intellectual property, the term, is an act of intellectual pickpocketing.  IP isn't really property, it is a grant of monopoly status for a limited (haha) time.  Were it property, violating it would be natural law theft and reasonable consciences would twinge against it.  It is granted purely for prudential reasons, not for moral ones, and therefore prudential arguments against it are totally cricket.  Allowing the other side to in some way sacralize what they call IP is insane.  Instead, let's call it Intellectual Monopoly or Intellectual Cronyism, depending on whether we like the holder or not.

But it's worse than that for the Republicans.  Even if you're not inspired by the truth, you ought to at least appreciate the Who...Whom of this issue.  If you can't smite your enemies and reward your friends, you will lose to those that can.   Remember the stronger horse.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is the Republican Party Having a Minor Outbreak of Sanity?

I've written about copyright quite a bit here at the Chariot.  Perhaps someone has been reading?
Intellectual property is NOT a natural right granted by God, nor does it exist in a 'state of Nature'.  It is a purely contractual privileges, granted by a legislature in the hope of promoting some common good.  The Constitution in fact authorizes the issuance of its instruments---copyrights and patents---for precisely this reason.  Note the difference in the way this is worded versus, say, almost everything in the bill of rights.  Pretty much all the rights alleged to exist in the Bill of Rights are not granted by that document,  but simply recognized and theoretically protected from infringement (how'd that work out?).
It frankly disgusts me to see propaganda attempting to smuggle copyright infringement under the moral aegis of theft.  It's not, it's more like violating a regulation granting a monopoly to a favored crony.  Perhaps the Republicans are starting to realize this as well.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Neurotypical American and Their Complex About their Hired Help

Sailer is always worth reading, but occasionally he turns up something really exceptional.  Here's his summation:

In summary, your service workers used to be real people to you, and that was a major hassle. Now, they are just The Other, and you like it like that.

I am, I suppose, an upper middle class person, with a lot of friends ranging from upper middle class down to medium proletariat.  What Sailer is saying is such a common sentiment that it is almost painful.  But we almost never talk about it explicitly.

Most, by which I mean neurotypical white Americans have a lot of hangups about hiring things done.  There's usually a nagging sense of guilt---as in---you should do this for yourself and not hire it done.  This is especially true for things that aren't hard, just time consuming and unpleasant.  And, as Sailer notes---hiring someone who could be a member of your social circle in theory is even worse.

And, oh my God---hiring someone who actually IS in your social circle is just beyond the pale if you're a typical neurotypical American.

Having several maids who are friends of ours through church circles, that sort of attitude is pretty pervasive.  Amusingly, one who does maid service part time through her own business pretty much proves this rule through the exception.  I'm probably her MOST neurotypical client.  All of her other clients are significantly more non-neurotypical than I.  It helps that her husband is pretty far on the scale, and that she has something of a passion for the creation of Order.  How many maids do you know of that enjoy not just cleaning but reorganizing as well?
The other maid echos the standard position---she takes pains never to work for anyone that she actually knows from any social circle, although she does make good referral suggestions, as in when we needed a thorough post-moving cleaning.  The reason why is of course the standard American awkwardness as regards 'the help'.
Personally I find the attitude somewhat absurd.  When I've a job that I'd prefer to hire out than to spend the organizational capacity to do within the nuclear family, my first thought is ALWAYS, do we have any friends who make their living this way that we can offer our business?  All of these are perfectly honorable vocations, and, if I actually like you, I prefer to give you my business at the normal market rate.  But apparently my attitude is pretty rare, and these complexes are likely driving a lot of the support for open borders among the 'nice white lady' set.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Dog That Rarely Barks in Free Trade Discussions

Is it just me, or are there ANY free trade arguments that could not also be made against income or sales taxes, usually without any rewording at all?  It is almost as if we've totally lost sight of the fact that tariffs were originally a revenue measure, and quite an effective one, requiring far less invasion into people's lives and businesses than sales taxes or especially income taxes.  It is almost as if we have forgotten that belts hold one's pants up and are a fashion accessory for the sartorially inclined and solely discuss them in the context of domestic discipline.

Let's see---deadweight losses due to making transactions no longer profitable to both sides and thus not happening?  Check.
Interfering in patterns of specialization and comparative advantage?  Absolutely
Opportunities for rent-seeking and favored groups?  Yes, on steroids

So why is it that we here so much about these arguments when we're talking international trade and hardly ever when we're talking about intra-national trade?  Why are the 'free traders' so privileged in the discourse?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Appeal to the Neurotypical

Please stop professing things that you don't believe---especially as regards moral universalism.  It's horrible for the children and the non-neurotypicals, and it has already and will continue to come back to bite you.

When I say 'believe', I'm speaking of the way Christians understand the word.  We don't mean believe in terms of 'give the mere acknowledgement of the existence of'----that's the kind of belief that the demons have, and tremble.
Instead, we mean the sort of belief that you demonstrate when you sit in a chair which you believe to be behind you---a reliance on the basic truth and goodness of what you are asserting.

Let's face facts.  You are NOT a good moral universalist.  Not even Singer is, and he'll fess up to it, even without a few drinks in advance.
You'll of course respond---yeah but the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.  To which I reply:
Observation of your actions and your gut reactions is consistent with one thing and one thing only:

Your ethics insofar as they exist are primarily duty-based.
What's more,

You feel a greater duty to your cat than you do to the 'starving children of FILL IN THE BLANK HERE'.
You feel a greater duty to your own children than you do to anyone else's, even those of your neighbors.  The ratio of this duty is the charts.  If someone told you, and you believed them, that the benefits derived by the other children in a bad school that your child would normally be assigned to was 200 times the negative to your child from attending said school...guess what?
If you had the choice, you WOULDN'T send your kid there.  You might pretend to profess admiration for other parents who chose otherwise---although they're likely rationalizing their inability or unwillingness to make the sacrifices necessary to make the choice you favor.  But you wouldn't really feel it in your gut.  You'd feel they were something 'off'.  And, God bless you for feeling that way.  It means that you haven't 'denied the faith and thus become worse than the heathen'.  You see, God and Nature have given YOU the duty to care for YOUR children.  You are charged with it.  Your children are not means towards an end---you might say, they ARE the end.  Your duty to them is deep and profound.  A mere deuce from this suit of particularism trumps all four aces of moral universalism.  You know this in your gut.  This is why conspicuous displays of moral universalism make you so uncomfortable.  Yeah, there are a few people---VERY VERY few, who actually walk that walk sorta-kinda.  But the bootleggers in that crew so far outnumber the baptists that you probably couldn't find a Bible if you had the TSA strip-search the lot of them.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Elizabeth Warren

Everyone's favorite fake American Indian has won her race for the Senate, despite appalling levels of bad faith and who...whom.

I've often joked that perhaps everyone should check whatever race gives the most benefits to them, which would mean calling yourself white on census forms (which establish group denominators and numerators for disparate impact) and Hispanic/Black/Indian/whatever on any applications with individual benefits associated with them.

It's bad faith, even if you could trump up a stepfather's last name or the like which is something like Diaz or Garcia. It is gaming the system. If you're not darker than Zimmerman, you've got no business calling yourself 'Hispanic' in an honest game.

But the system long ago ceased to have the moral standing necessary for people to respect it sufficiently not to game it much. Let the bad faith flow like a river from the mountain of hypocrisy!

Let the young adopt the credo of the Munchkin, checking whatever box gives the biggest bonus.

Let us force the hand of the servants of sanctimony. Let us force them to demand a blood quantum. Perhaps it is even time to steal a page from the 'transgendered', and subvert affirmative action for women as well.

You're a lesbian Hispanic transgendered woman. So say us all.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Business, At Least, Happy With the Election Results

The stock market in general isn't too happy with yesterday's results, but at least one industry is probably glowing.
Obama already has exceeded Bill Clinton as the greatest gun salesman in history, and he's back in his sequel.  America's Golden Dawn will likely be far better armed when its time comes.  More so than gun sales themselves, I'm particularly interested in ammunition sales.  Someone buying an expensive rifle and a few boxes of ammunition is sending an entirely different message than someone buying ammunition in bulk.   Zombie Apocalypse gallows humor indeed...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Women in Combat

Putting women in combat arms in the US military has already unquestionably lowered its combat effectiveness.  Arguing otherwise is lunacy.  What's more, it has also lowered the nation's effective casualty tolerance, which is yet another 'force divisor'.  In addition, it will predictably result in the lowering of standards---you don't SERIOUSLY think women flunking out Marine Infantry Officer training will be tolerated very long will you?---and not just for women.  We're not capable of a least-hard honest quota system, we're way too insane for that.

But, honestly, I'm not terribly upset about this.  Consider, who is the US military likely to be used against in the future?  Can you think of any conflicts it might get used in that are beneficial to the interests of non-elite white people that aren't dead certain to go NBC on us?  Also, hardly out of the question is that institution being used Janissary-style against us.  So weakening and desacralizing the institution now is probably actually to the good.  The existing order does NOT deserve the courage and sacrifice of men like the two former SEALs who gave the last full measure of their devotion to employees of a State department that holds their like in contempt.  This is one of the reasons reactionaries---and frankly libertarians and conservatives as well---should support truly profound cuts in the military budget--at least 50% and probably more than that.  Not only can't we afford it, it is extremely dangerous and creates undue temptations to go off in quest of monsters to slay.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Things To Consider For Next Week's Election

I'm not going to ask anyone to vote for anyone in particular.  Frankly, I don't see any particularly good options for the Presidency this year.  Even the Constitution party candidate has significant 'invade the world' tendencies.  But I would like my readers to consider carefully several issues that haven't already been done to death in this sphere.  Towards that end, I'm not going to talk about Iran, the Supreme Court, or abortion.

What I'm going to ask you to consider is this:
There is a reasonable probability that within the next 8 years that we will have a 'things fall apart, the center can not hold' event.  There are lots of ways to get there, and there's no slack in the system to keep them from creating cascading chains of failure.  Cascading chains of failure have serious potential to create what I'll euphemistically call a 'national triage event'.  Recent moderately severe weather events (the various derechos, Sandy, etc) should have updated your priors as to the failure modes of our terribly complex, incredibly brittle system of provision.

Who do you least want having a strong influence on 'national triage event' decisions?  Who do you most want having that influence?  Consider these questions very very carefully.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Return of Mangan's: Diversity Kills Through Heart Disease and Cancer Too

Mangan's blog is back up, with several worthy new posts.  Today he delivers us a link to yet ANOTHER way that diversity kills.  It's amusing the way the authors of the study try to hedge and spin their results, by appealing to the way that diversity is unhealthy for NAMs, but the message is pretty clear.  Maybe it'll give cover for nice white ladies (damn I loathe their impact on the political discourse!) to oppose diversity for NAMs' sake.

I'd much rather people oppose diversity for who...whom's sake and to be open partisans of their own coethnic's interests.  But one must work with what one has, I suppose.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is It Just Me, Or Is The Benghazi Affair Looking More And More Like An 80s Action Film?

Ex-special forces (in this case SEALS) involved as key figures, there's even two of them per a common action buddy-movie trope:  Check
Desperate, repeated pleas for help from the ambassador and his minions:  Check---with accounts oddly enough on MMO boards reminiscent of Balin's journal in Moria (They are coming...)
Heroic Protagonists repeatedly request permission from corrupt/incompetent/evil higher ups:  Check
Heroic Protagonists finally decide to violate orders:  Check
Immediate success in a daring rescue:  Check
Action-packed flight to place of relative safety while requesting evacuation or reinforcement:  Check
Siege scene, with request after request denied: Check
Protagonists claim a large honor guard on their way to meet their Maker:  Check
Massive recriminations at high levels in government afterwards---Hopefully

To make it a more upbeat 80s film, the pilot/gunner/etc of the AC-130 on the scene would have to have violated orders also, and evaporated the antagonist's mortar team prior to the deaths of our heroes.  But, if there were indeed a substantial number of others that they managed to enable the escape of, it'll do as a sort of Alamo scene.

This is one of the reasons I'm so terribly conflicted on the military.  I loathe most of the uses that they are put to, and their upper leadership is not worthy of them.  But I love the American soldier himself, and I greatly respect his valor.  Why---well, recall that I'm a Southerner by birth.  It's a blood thing.  Check out the pictures of the secretary of defense and one of his generals in a recent press release---the general is looking at him like he's some sort of bug.

Those curious about more details on the story would be advised to pay a visit.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Behold the Incredible Magnitude of Authorial Affirmative Action

The sort of affirmative action we tend to see in our daily lives tends to be around the level of a sigma or so----roughly around the magnitude of the difference between the white and black mean level of intelligence.

But authorial affirmative action is far larger than this---it is easily 3 sigmas, maybe even more.

Consider this:
The marine infantry officer training is very very hard.  Apparently only those who are already exceptional in physical and mental endurance take it, and even among that population, about 1/6 of them fail it.

It has recently been opened to women, and volunteers were solicited for it.  2 women lieutenants in the Marines stepped forward, aspiring to be the first women Marine Infantry officers.

What can we reasonably infer about these 2?
They're probably more exceptional relative to the female population of marines than the average male candidate is relative to the male population of marines.  That's probably a sigma at least right there.  If male marine infantry officer candidates are typically drawn from the 'Second Sigma' of male physical ability, it is likely that these two were from the Third Sigma, maybe even the Fourth, of female physical ability.

They're probably also likely to get the 'benefit of the doubt', at least in any 'coin toss' sorts of deliberations.  What instructor is going to risk his career by being perceived to be 'unfair' to them?

But both of them washed out.

From this, and a lot of other evidence, we can conclude that the difference between the male and female distributions is on the order of 3 sigmas at least.

So, when an author places male characters around the +4 sigmas relative to the male distribution, and then places women who are competitive with them in the same capabilities, that author is engaging in authorial affirmative action of insane proportions.  GI Jane---indeed.  There do in fact exist women who are stronger than an average man, but they are few and far between.  Women stronger than men in the 'Second Sigma' of physical ability are pretty much Olympic quality, and women comparable to men at the NFL level (generally in the 5 sigma ballpark), basically don't exist.

But you'd never know that from watching television or movies.  For God's sake, the MSM arm of the Cathedral has convinced most of the population that a quarter of the population is gay.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Roy Beck of Numbers USA on the National Question in the Presidential Debates

In essence, nothing has really changed.  Romney is likely friendly to state level enforcement efforts, and will be more vigorous in dealing with illegal immigration via things like E-verify and turning off the magnets so as to encourage self-deportation, but he's probably not good for 'Operation Wetback II'.
He probably has decided that this is the most that 'nice white ladies' will bear.  Sometimes I loathe our political discourse.... Beck's article on the NumbersUSA site breaks down the transcript line by line.  It's worth the read.

Methuseleh's Children, the Undead, or Just Ordinary Voter Fraud in North Carolina?

Perhaps North Carolina is the secret headquarters of the Methuseleh foundation?
Or perhaps, like in Chicago, the dead walk on election day, or before it, to file absentee ballots.
Or perhaps there are lots of glitches in the database, with default values of January 1st 1900?
It is terribly annoying that no real energy is put into prosecuting such behavior.  A reactionary Christian like myself terribly disapproves of abusing the Dead.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Who Will Be The Next To Crowd The Confessional?

Some time back, we posted a Request For Propaganda---as an attempt to distort the histogram of reality and thereby 'Crowd the Confessional'.

Well, last week my wife and I read SM Stirling's latest 'Lord of Mountains', and he did not disappoint the RFP, clocking in around 1 reference to the sacrament of confession per 100 pages.  Not only that, he had a very Dante with a dash of CS Lewis portrayal of Purgatory for my favorite Lord Protector of the Portland Protective Association.
Ok, Catholic authors.  SM Stirling at least professes to be a heathen.  But he's writing way better propaganda for your cause than most of you.  I believe you can do better.  God wants you to do better.
Holy Mary for Portland!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mining the Minds of Smart Rednecks: More That Just 'Ick'

From talking to some of my friends in the 'Smart Redneck' category, it occurs that their gut contains more information about a lot of the things that make most neurotypicals say 'ick' than just 'ick'.

For instance, the usual response by a neurotypical to the idea that people could sell, rather than just donate, organs (usually kidneys), comes out as 'ick'.  Sometimes Second Sigma Sophists wrap it in a veneer about 'exploitation' or 'social justice', but they don't actually believe that, at least by the revealed preferences test.

However, talking with some of my allies in a pure listening mode, lubricated by a few drinks, one finds that their guts contain more than ick or folk Marxist sophistry.

One concern is that if kidneys, et al, are saleable, that the value of same will be entered onto every person's 'balance sheet', and taken into consideration before eligibility for things like financial aid at college, Medicare/Medicaid, and the like.  They agreed with my basic argument that people are selling chunks of expected lifespan all the time with jobs like roughneck on offshore rigs or contractor in dangerous areas.  It probably helps that some of them have actually worked such jobs themselves.  My suspicion is that they grok that the delta from forbidden to mandatory is awfully small in 21st century America.

A related concern as regards legalization of prostitution would be that women would be EXPECTED to accept jobs in that 'growth industry' should they be unemployed.  I vaguely recall a case to this effect from Germany some time back, so frankly that concern is hardly paranoid.  It's just one or two unprincipled exceptions away.

The common theme in all of these things is that it is really hard in the US for something to be legal but discouraged and low status, especially when the Cathedral lawyers get involved.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Golden Dawn Bashes Blasphemers And Smashes Sacriligious Scum?

Ok, I couldn't resist the alliteration.  Apparently a bunch of leftist multiculturalists decided that they wanted to degrade Texans, Jesus, and Christians in one fell swoop.  Because, of course

Ridicule Trumps Reason

But then the Golden Dawn and some Orthodox Greeks with balls decided to show them another truth well known to our readers

Violence Trumps Ridicule

The comments on the story are interesting...I particularly like this one
Linda Karlsson 2 comments collapsed

Collapse Expand I often wonder if multiculturalists intentionally pretend to be dumb or if you actually are an ideology of idiots.
Naturally Golden dawn does not hate foreigners. Golden dawn does not want their people to become a minority in their own country. If you define that as hating foreigner, then all countries in the world execpt the western ones are pretty much ultra-neo-nazists. Since only the western world is working hard with replacing their native population with foreign populations. You will find no mass-immigration into Japan I assure you.

Secondly, would you stand up and support the degrading of Judaism in the same manner you support the degradation of Christianity? If the play showed Muhammed as being gay, to provoke muslims, would you support it? I can assure you the rest of your anti-white anti-christian multiculti cadrè would not. In fact if there was a play about degrading Islam, "anti-fascist"(The actual fascists) would probably be attacking the theatre goers with knives and rocks.


You know I've often joked that a TV show 'Beat the Press', would probably get incredible ratings.  Let's see how this hypothesis plays out in the next Greek election.  Golden Dawn has shown it has no particular reluctance to beat the snot out of hostile reporters.  This has the potential of creating a prisoner's dilemma for every reporter in Greece regarding them.  Schelling would nod sagely.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ways To Rub Neurotypicals The Wrong Way

The classic non-neurotypical seriously rubs the neurotypical---even the smart neurotypical the wrong way terribly frequently.  Today I'm going to talk about one way that the typical aspie, geek, or non-neurotypical can be perceived as less annoying by most everyone else.

There is a ubiquitous habit among the non-neurotypical, and that is attempting to offer corrections, or more normally, nit-picks, when a neurotypical is speaking.  This irritates the living hell out of them.  So, before doing so, I recommend that you ask yourself these questions:

Are you in an adversarial mode of interaction with the speaker?  Briefly said, is the speaker your enemy or do you want him to perceive you as such?  If not, I suggest you continue on to the rest of my questions before blurting out a correction.  Even if so, delivering pin-pricks is usually less effective than logical or rhetorical decapitation as it runs the serious risk of making you look like an ankle-biter.

Is the perceived inaccuracy actually a 'load bearing' part of his argument?   Is he even actually making an argument as such?  If not, just let it go.  You can mention it in passing afterwards in private to him if you feel the need.  Most of the time it isn't actually load bearing, and much of the time, it's not even an argument at all.  If it is actually load bearing, I suggest repeating back a short paraphrase of his argument as you understand it to him before you attack it, giving him a chance to confirm or deny it.  You'll find that neurotypicals as a rule aren't very precise, and sometimes the quick summary with a chance to catch his breath will let him make a face-saving self-correction,

Resisting the urge to snap at any minor inaccuracy that passes by will make the neurotypicals a lot more comfortable around you.  One of the reasons is this:  the average person, especially the average neurotypical, and in particular those of the Second Sigma or below has no surplus of what a computer scientist or engineer would call 'Stack Space'.  When you interrupt their train of thought, effectively you're commandeering quite a bit of that space---pushing it onto their mental stack, so to speak.   Salesmen frequently use this sort of technique to confuse the customer and deplete his reserves of willpower.  Unless you're getting a real payoff for doing so, don't do it.  Antagonizing people is rather like warfare:  it should be done only deliberately to accomplish coherent objectives, not incidentally.
Carnegie would tell you to NEVER make such corrections.  Recognizing the nature of my audience, I'm not going to go anywhere near that far.  If I can induce you to at least consider the above before interjecting, I'll consider myself to have served you well enough.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TSA Demonstrates The Compassion That The Dying Should Expect From Government Healthcare

Yes, let's demand abject submission rituals from dying leukemia patients!
Romney is a fool for not bashing the TSA mercilessly.  Look at the comments on shine, which is a pretty liberal venue.  The loathing for the TSA is rising.

Paraphrase that old Serbian Gentleman,
Nobody should DARE to ever humiliate you again!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reasons Why Homeschool Families Are So Much Larger Than The Mean?

Per the Ray 2009 Homeschool study, the TFR of homeschoolers is apparently likely slightly greater than 3.5.

Why is that?
You can explain some of the deltas based on homeschoolers being more religious.  They're also on the average slightly richer and slightly more educated, but these things don't typically result in many more children.  They're also far more likely to be married and the wife is usually a stay at home mom, although a fair number also work part-time.

My suspicion is that having a large net disadvantage in the war of indoctrination reduces the fertility of non-homeschooled families.  It accomplishes this by making your children less respectful of your authority and thereby making them more annoying and burdensome.  Do we have any natural experiments available on this sort of question?  Do white families in areas with full-day kindergarten or preschool have a lower TFR?
Did areas where television was late in adoption (e.g. South Africa) have a slower fall in white fertility?

Or do we have to cop out and attribute the homeschool TFR nearly entirely to extra-hardcore religiosity---beyond that which can be easily captured by GSS or similar instruments?
Anecdotally, the homeschool families I know very well personally have this many children:
3*, 3*, 1, 5, 12, 4*, 4 (plus one extra adopted)
where an asterisk indicates that the family is PROBABLY finished having kids, but not a 95%+ certainty.
By the standards of homeschoolers, my wife and I, with likely our 3rd child being born next spring, have a fairly small family.  This is probably attributed to the fact that I married pretty late---in my 30s, whereas most of the other homeschool families married in their 20s.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Obama Takes Foodstamps...Higher and Higher   After Obama's minions release their patently ridiculous unemployment numbers, we see that food stamp recipients in the US are now at an all time high, pushing well past 46 Million. Anecdotally, my wife and her homeschool mom friends went to help out and make some food donations at one of our local Pacific Northwest food banks.  They say they have been EXTREMELY busy, much more so than they have any recollection of being. Reminder to self:  make sure to subtly push towards food banks and away from United Way in terms of corporate charitable giving.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

On Affirmative Action And Other Spoils

White people need to get over themselves and simply advocate for their own interests in a who...whom manner. Allowing things to be presented on a bogus universalist plane simply means you'll get finessed every time. Neutrality is effectively impossible, even for those of reasonably good will. Somebody WILL be favored. The only question is Who...Whom.

This nonsense about saying...we would support affirmative action but it's 'damaging to its recipients due to mismatch effects'/degrading to black people/etc is just plain disgusting. The reason to oppose it is because...drum roll...

It is contrary to the interests of non-elite white people. Period, end of story. God curse all the 'nice white ladies' that force the discourse into such a mendacious sewer and force the laundering of wholesome group and self-interest through the skirts of token minority totems like Sowell.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Did The Nazis Persecute Homeschoolers As Much As the Current German Regime?

Honestly one has to wonder.  Most Western governments, it seems have adopted all the worst parts of National and International Socialism without any of the good stuff, like National Socialism's concern for demographic hegemony, or its cool parades, impressive architecture, or snazzy uniforms.  When the substance is effectively the same---lots of socialized areas in the economy, lots of crony capitalism and the use of government to benefit favored businesses, and the blatant use of education as a means of political indoctrination, how is this NOT Nazi or fascist?  Instead the modern preference is to use the name as an all-purpose epithet and to quietly adopt the substance.
The German Powers that Be are apparently more aware of the threat that homeschooling presents to their Nazi New World Order.  Note especially the picture of the homeschool dad and his four beautiful children.  Homeschoolers have a vastly higher TFR than the rest of society, especially in Germany.  The future belongs to those who show up for it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Demonic Possession?

This story is truly bizarre---on the order of the recent 'zombie attack' stories.  Are we seeing an upsurge in demonic possession or are people just freaking out over the election and the whole '2012' thing?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Got To Love The Golden Dawn

Taking part of the anarchy out of anarcho-tyranny.
The tone of the article is of course negative, but the takeaway from the comments is positive.  Go figure.  They empathize with the Greeks.  Nobody else will do anything about crime and malfeasance from immigrants.  But the Golden Dawn provides protection and solves their problems.  This is particularly effective because of one thing:

The Golden Dawn had NO hand whatsoever in creating the chaos, being an up and coming group of upstarts with no connection to the existing powers that be.

Golden Dawn sucks the least of any of the parties in Greece.
Hell, they suck less than any parties on realistic offer here in the US.  The article also mentions that they're reaching out to the Greek diaspora throughout the Western world.  This is encouraging.  Further encouraging would be establishing friendly contacts with similar ethno-nationalist organizations from other ethnicities in Europe.  They're, if not your friends, at least other targets for the Multicult to deplete its ammunition against.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

TSA Scum Steal More Than Dignity
Hat tip to

This is interesting:  ABC News apparently ran the sting operation.  Apparently hatred for the TSA is even pretty strong even among the media.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, I bet the average reporter flies a lot more than the average American.

Are you listening Romney?  You're going to need some wedges to carry off this election.  You could do a lot worse than putting effigies of Bush and Obama in TSA uniforms and setting them on fire.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Different Sort Of Hate Fact

Violence > Ridicule > Reason

Honestly, only a few conservatives like Coulter and Limbaugh recognize that ridicule trumps reason. They have that realization in common with most liberals. This is why they are hated so.  Both Coulter and Limbaugh are honestly far tamer than the invective poured out by the left.  Listen to a leftist radio station sometime if you don't believe me.
There’s only one trump to ridicule, which is violence. Therefore if you want to win, and you’re outmatched in ridicule, there are really only two options—either improve and expand your efforts at ridicule, or use legally sanctioned or unsanctioned violence to trump it.

I hate the fact that the above statement is true, which makes it an entirely different sort of ‘hate fact’ than the usual.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Delaware Adds New Reason To Teach Your Family Taqiyya And Be Wary Of Mandatory Reporters

Delaware has apparently decided to outlaw spanking.  I'd prefer to outlaw a supermajority of politicians.
But until that glorious day (or more likely night) when the lamp posts of the nation see their highest and best use, it is important that the family is taught Taqiyya early and often.  Furthermore, no mandatory reporter should be allowed within your close social circle unless their loyalties to you outweigh any others.
This of course points up additional opportunities to push jury nullification.
Remember, any successful use of nullification, regardless of the issue it is on, weakens the Cathedral by desacralizing the Judiciary. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jeremiah Goes To San Francisco?

The Pope has sent a new, hardcore Archbishop to San Francisco.  One who is sure to imitate the prophet Jeremiah.  Surely the remnant of San Francisco needs the encouragement he will provide.

I joked with my wife that it would perhaps make a great screenplay were the Pope to send Jonah, instead of Jeremiah.
Jeremiah, you see, calls people to repent, and desperately wants them to, but know that they assuredly will not.
Jonah, on the other hand, calls people to repent, under duress from God, and hopes that they won't.  But they did anyway, a profound lesson for any would-be evangelist.  You can plant the seed, but only God gives the increase.  Sometimes He gives it without any consideration whatsoever to our desires.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another Hurrah For The True Finns

The True Finns---calling themselves the 'Finns Party' now apparently for English-speaking consumption, looks likely to score a lot more representation at the municipal level in the coming election.  It has radically expanded the number of candidates that it has running and will probably do quite well.  This is, IMO, very important because it will both strengthen their power and client base and weaken that of their enemies.  The Finns party GETS demographic hegemony, and we here at the Chariot have tremendous sympathies in favor of any such parties.  Being solid on demographic hegemony makes me not inclined to care whether you're socialist or a disciple of Rand when your opposition is bad on that issue.
Existential issues, after all, pretty much by definition, trump pretty much everything but Deus Vult! issues.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Golden Dawn Surges Ahead

Also reported on

I'm not surprised and I am somewhat encouraged by this development.  Golden Dawn is for the demographic hegemony of the Greeks over Greece, and since pretty much all of their opposition isn't, I'm for them.
They've also taken a page from building public support from 1920s Germany, along with something else interesting:

They've taken to forming groups to go out and enforce laws that are on the books but that the ruling regime has no interest in enforcing.  This is sticking a thumb in the eye of anarcho-tyranny.  I suspect within a decade this might be a viable move in the US.  One thing to remember, when in the jury room, always practice who...whom.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sheer Insanity and the Wisdom of Old-School Bigotry

Sheer insanity is inviting in immigrants who will predictably demand that the rest of the population walk on eggshells.
I have to acknowledge the wisdom of the old-school 'bigots', who moderately hazed each new group of immigrants.  Only through fairly thorough hazing can you guarantee that a group isn't going to go Muslim on you once it gets its demographic or political critical mass.
What's more, groups that are actually hazed tend to develop more loyalty to the polity.  Go figure, it's the nature of the neurotypical.  Fraternities and secret societies have always known this, if only at a gut level.  The banning of such societal hazing is one of the many reasons why the assimilating power of the US is at an all time low.

Sanity would be an immediate time-out on net immigration and an Operation Wetback II that is more grandiose, in the style of all good sequels.  The timeout would last at least 2 generations, 3 if it doesn't include a WWII-sized war in the middle.

But to accomplish this ordinary white people need to get over themselves and accept that THEY HAVE INTERESTS as such.  Drop the universalist crap and stop hiding behind the skirts of your minority totems and simply pursue your interests as a group.  Yes, this means acting politically EXACTLY like your opponents.  News flash:  There is no prize for being the last group to still follow the rules. 
PS:  God never ordained the rules you were following.  Any argument from Christianity that has an obvious consequence that nobody but post 1950 Christians are really Christians is ridiculous on its face.  Treat it as such.
PPS:  Civility is overrated and won't be returned and is furthermore absolutely inappropriate in existential conflicts.  You're in one, start acting like it.  Oh, and one more thing:
White privilege doesn't exist, but it should.  Start fighting to make your world look like the fevered imaginations of the 'anti-racist' (i.e., anti-white) sanctimonious scolds.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More NonAligned Memes, Per Request

Rusty Mason in our comments section has requested that we elaborate more on the NonAligned Companies concept.  Towards that end, I'll provide some memes, hopefully memes of outstanding virulence.  This set of memes is best pushed from a non-ideological, disinterested in the issues as such but concerned for the good of the company or business in question stance.

The mood of the country is growing angrier by the day.  This anger is like the electricity in a summer thunderstorm---it is desperately seeking a place to strike and ground itself.

Let's NOT be that lightning rod.

I foresee a profound breakdown in the rules of the engagement wherein both sides are going to use whatever governmental apparatus, be it local, state, or national, to punish any company they can identify as being among their enemies in any way, shape, or fashion they can.  It probably won't even be directly connected---we'll just all of the sudden wonder why we're getting anti-trust suits thrown at us like so many banana peels.

, attorney general of Kansas, what are you waiting for?>
Given that we're not an ideological company, but a company that makes for the mass market, what sense does it make to alienate X% of our customers?  Especially as angry as the country is getting no good can come of this.

Given that food banks are reporting major shortages this year, and not even the can say a bad thing about , why don't we focus our corporate philanthropy on them this year? 

From the standpoint of defense against any local governmental machinations, what say you to us sponsoring a bunch of local youth sports teams this year?  It's dirt cheap insofar as insurance policies go and it draw us zero negative attention unlike a lot of the other things we support.

We can also throw a few bones to and .  None of these things will cost much, or produce any negative blowback.

How we feel personally about issue X is really not the question.  It isn't our mission as a company. We have a duty to our shareholders and our customers not to become entangled in anything that can hurt our ability to carry out our mission.  The fact that we're talking about it more or less proves that it is controversial and taking either side will hurt us.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Spambots Getting Closer and Closer to Passing a Turing Test

I've noticed some of the spam comments in my spam comments folder are actually getting reasonably insightful.  If, for some reason, you have a legitimate comment that appears to have vanished, let me know, in a comment without an associated link.  The spam format I'm seeing most looks like this:
Insert flattering stuff here, occasionally even a good suggestion, like use more pictures
Visit my website .

So if this is your typical comment format, blogger tends to flag it as spam.  I'm actually moderately forgiving if the commercial link is arguably somewhat germane to what is being discussed.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why Are Moslems So Touchy? Because It Works!

A lot of folks in the blogosphere right now are asking---why is it that Moslems are so touchy about being insulted?
After all, Christians are insulted all the time, and generally with much more scathing insults at that.  But you don't see them beheading anyone, or even threatening the same.

The truth of the matter is this:
Moslems are basically allowed by the Cathedral's rules of engagement to do nearly any damned thing they want to without severe reprisal.  This is because they're not considered white.  Only whites are held to universalist standards, and only the wrong kind of whites (non-elite and non-SWPL) actually get punished with any real frequency for violations of said standards. 

But back to the main point.  The violence veto WORKS.  In the final analysis, there are two moves in the cultural war, violence and ridicule.  Ridicule trumps pretty much everything else, and is amplified by control over the media and cultural battlespace.  Everything guessed it...violence.  The endgame of this is left as an exercise to the reader.

When your group's beliefs are subjected to ridicule, this lowers the status of its members with respect to the general society.  This is especially true when you're the ONLY such group that people are allowed to ridicule.  One might say there is in society a 'Law of the Conservation of Niggers'.  That is, society must always have a certain number of niggers, bitches, or whatever you prefer to call them.  Someone who occupies the rearmost seats of the bus.  Until Jesus returns, some group or groups will ALWAYS be the niggers.

One might also formulate a 'Theory of Optimal Persecution'...which is to say the proper amount of persecution to level to maximally surpress and marginalize a group.  Too much and you make martyrs, too little and they ignore you.  Moslems in their early phases of conquest seem to have found the sweet spot for their populations of interest.  The more courageous the population you're surpressing, ironically, the LESS harsh you should be (for instance, convert or die didn't work against the early Church when the Romans tried it, but convert or be a second class citizen and pay bonus taxes actually largely did over time).

Moslems get this, if only at a visceral level.  They're not about to allow their religion to face the twenty centuries of mockery and scoffing and ridicule that Christians have.  Let's face it, for most ordinary people, sacralized things and humor are like calcium and iron.  They find it awfully hard to maintain the numenous, holy state of something in their mind if it has ever been the punch line or butt of a joke.  Libertarians and the like just don't get this, because most of them are miles from neurotypical.  How many ordinary people, for instance, can laugh at Monty Python's 'Every Sperm is Sacred', and still maintain an orthodox theology of the body?

If you can you're probably not neurotypical.  There is reason why the Catholic Church used to censor the hell out of anything without its imprimatur.  It wasn't because they were stupid.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Downgraded Again
The US credit rating has once again been downgraded in the face of QE3.
Commit to printing press up a bunch of money (yeah, I know it's really more a matter of magick'ing up a bunch of ones and zeroes to make a loan), and one would rationally expect that your creditworthiness would decline.
Frankly I'm shocked that our credit rating is as good as it still is.  Probably that's just because somebody has to be given a good credit rating, and we're the best of skid row.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Opportunity For Reaction To Use The Left Against Itself

From our old reactionary friend Sun Tzu
To a surrounded enemy, you must leave a way of escape.

Show him there is a road to safety, and so create in his mind the idea that there is an alternative to death.

It is essential to reduce the financial and cultural power of our adversaries.  One way of doing this, of course, is through boycott and buycott.  But presently, we lack even enough buycott targets (no Chick Fil A within a couple of hundred miles of Portland, for instance).  So perhaps we need to create buycott targets.
How do we do this?
By creating a safe avenue of retreat from the Cultural War for lots of small businesses and maybe a few corporations.  How do we create this avenue? 
We subvert the Left into creating it for us.  The Left largely has this entirely mistaken idea that corporations are on OUR side rather than theirs.  We can use that.  What we push for and support the creation of is something akin to the old League of NonAligned Nations.  Basically, this is a group of companies, mostly small, that are certified as being totally neutral in any cultural conflict and which do not seek to involve themselves in politics at all.  They only give charitable contributions to totally noncontroversial (which we'd define by the 2 sigma rule, if it's non-controversial to the 98%, that'll do).  Examples would be local kids sports or academic teams and food banks.  They'd be certified by some trusted independent arbiter, like with early organic foods and could display the insignia of the nonaligned league at their places of business
The contingent that hates the Citizens United decision should be all over this as a way to help take the influence of corporations out of politics.  Reactionaries and our unwitting allies could patronize these companies disproportionately.  Truth be known, the whole attempt at localization of consumption is almost halfway to this, since local companies are generally FAR less instruments of the Cathedral than nationals and multinationals, even in places like Portland. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rage Over The TSA Builds, Still Desperately Seeking A Political Expression

Look at the comment like and dislike counts on this story about the TSA's petty thuggery and demand for submission rituals.  There is a VERY strong undercurrent of anger about the TSA.  Romney is an idiot for not capitalizing on it.  People REALLY don't like being made to undergo submission rituals and would like an avenue of retaliation.  This is especially true because it's nearly all security theatre anyway.  The passengers are a far more effective anti-terrorist agency than the TSA will ever be, and it took them all of around 3 hours to change their configuration from 'don't get involved' to 'fight or flight, and since there's nowhere to run...'.

Notice also that comments like this one...
5 users liked this commentPlease sign in to rate a Thumb UpPlease sign in to rate a Thumb Down69users disliked this commentPudles  •  19 hours ago
The TSA screens hundreds of peoples all over the country every day; the few stories that leak to the media, might lead to the TSA relaxing their stance...but thats when the real bad peoples get in...*shrugs* we have another 9/11 or worse...or put up with the TSA...yeesh...even a police officer would give you a ticket for something minor if your attitude sucked xx

Are getting downvoted into oblivion.
while comments like this one

1508users liked this commentPlease sign in to rate a Thumb UpPlease sign in to rate a Thumb Down49users disliked this comment
BD  •  18 hours ago
As a 25 year law enforcement veteran - Maybe you can begin to see how fast a government can change and all of a sudden cops and security turn into Gestapo. All they need is permission to act bad and it will happen and it can go from bad to worse overnight.. As a former Chief of Police I know that maybe 5 percent of cops would do what is right by our constitution. The other 95 % would act like Nazis in a heartbeat. I have seen it from the inside and tell you the average citizen needs to be aware. The U.S. government knows cops are like tigers on a chain. All they have to do is unlock the chain.

are being upvoted into the stratosphere.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Light Unto the Nations: Israel Once Again Shows the Way!

In this case, Israel has shown the proper translation of 'Segregation Today, ...' into Hebrew.
Whites in the US should behave more like Jews in Israel.  They GET demographic hegemony.  So should you.  And when the dead dogs of the ADL or SPLC start their yammering, slap them in the face with the wisdom of their betters who reside in Israel.

Most folks who like to point up the hypocrisy of elements of the Left do so in the attempt to force them to live up to their beliefs.  My purpose is different, to get ordinary non-elites to recognize that the rules of engagement are irreparably broken---the veil is torn---and for them to devolve the conflict to the proper slugfest of self and group interest that it should be.  Take back the discourse from the sanctimonious scolds and sophists.  It is absolutely OK to be for something because it is good for your group.  Every other group recognizes this, and most make no bones about it.  Get over your pretensions whites.  It is your task to defend your naked self and group interest just as much as it is the task of NAMs and Jews to defend theirs.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How Well Does The Smart Redneck Thesis Hold Up?

Frequently I like to reexamine the world to see how well my world model fits it.  It is a useful exercise that is rarely undertaken enough.
The core element of the Smart Redneck thesis is that there is a significant element of the US population comparable to the group I call the 'second sigma', but with a stronger focus on mathematical/spatial intelligence than verbal and a decidedly more rural slant.  Obviously I know these people exist, because I interact with them on a daily basis in professional and personal settings.  But let's look now to see if we can see any strong evidence of them in other contexts.

If one consults Mu Alpha Theta (which is a national competitive mathematics society of long pedigree and wide scope---I participated with some success back in the 80s myself), you'll see some curious results

You'll note that the consistent winners these days seem to come from Vestavia Hills and Buchholtz High Schools.  Vestavia hills was a strong force back in the 80s when I was involved, Buchholtz if I remember correctly was not.  Vestavia Hills is in Alabama and Buchholtz is in Florida.  Are those redneck states enough for you?  By the way, when I say redneck I'm in no way being insulting---I like this group in general a lot more than the second sigma and they are way more useful.  Vestavia is fed pretty strongly by the old Huntsville space and military complex, so lots of sons and a few daughters of engineers there, and Buchholtz likewise from the area around the University of Florida.  UF is actually a pretty major producer of engineers---enough such that one year there their student government was overrun by the 'Engineering Party'

The National Merit competition actually discriminates against this set, because it uses 2x verbal plus 1x mathematics in its selection index.  This is allegedly done to equalize sex ratios of National Merit Scholars, but one has to ask, is this not actually also an example of structural competition between the Smart Redneck class and the more SWPL Second Sigma?  Certainly it dovetails with the evidence of statistical discrimination against applicants with activities like JROTC, FFA, or 4H.
This is actually a big deal, because to be honest, the PSAT was the most lucrative test I ever took.  Generally you could get a full ride to an undergraduate STEM degree at your home state's flagship university even if you were a white guy back in the late 80s if you were a National Merit Scholar.  For a lot of smart rednecks, that's a bigger deal than elite institution admissions (altough those are insanely important as regards the national question). Anyone know if that has changed?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Note to Libertarians, Consider Closely the Median Voter

In a democratic or pseudo-democratic system, you will NEVER get more freedom than the median voter desires.  Perhaps demand, in the economic sense of the word is a better fit than desires, in the sense of being willing to be at least slightly inconvenienced to obtain or enjoy it.
It is, of course, very easy to obtain LESS freedom than the median voter's desires.  The proof is an exercise of simply looking around you.
Because of this, libertarians would be wise to consider carefully just WHO they are advocating, either explicitly or as a foreseeable impact of the policies that they favor to fill the roll of said median voter.  Low church libertarians are far more sensible in this regard.  National boundaries aren't just lines on a map, they also partition different populations with not simply different distributions of abilities and capabilities, but also differences in distribution of desires for various sorts of freedoms.  You've been flying cover for the plutocrat wing of the Republican party for at least a couple of decades now in its hunger for cheaper labor.  How's that working out for you?

How many of your opinions could cost you your job now, if they were freely spoken, versus, say, back in the 1980s?
The fact of the matter is you'd be far better to consider freedom as a direction, rather than as a tangible destination.  You'll find that many of the freedoms you advocate are in practice antithetical to each other, like trying to absorb calcium and iron at the same meal.
Libertarianism, of the low church and ESPECIALLY the high church variety is an almost exclusively Anglo and to a lesser extent, Germanic thing.  The proof of this is available by simply opening your eyes and looking around at any gathering of such.  It has pretty much no traction among the bulk of illegal, or for that matter, legal immigrants in the US presently.  The least damaging thing you could do for your prospects is to call for a complete moratorium on net immigration of all sorts for at least a generation.
You probably ought to have opposed female suffrage too, but that ship had largely sailed before the notion of libertarianism had any currency at all.