Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Universalism never is, and why I want YOU to defend your own interests

Ever notice how these days, almost every appeal comes wrapped in the language of universalism? It's for 'the common good' or it's immoral or selfish to take the other position. Frankly, it's my observation that when one person accuses another of selfishness in the political arena, the accuser is at least as guilty of selfishness as the accused. Granting any advantage or privilege to such arguments essentially amounts to promoting the glib and those lacking self-awareness over those actually vulnerable to a guilt trip. In the previous post I talked about moral standing. I propose that any speaker in the political arena that lacks moral standing for the argument that they're making be categorically ignored, and heckled and mocked if possible.

So what do I want from you, gentle reader? Simply put, I want you to recognize that it is at least as acceptable for you to defend your interests as it is for anyone else. If you're like most of my readers, everyone else (i.e. those from demographic and/or political groups other than your own) is already advancing their group interests through the political process, and guess what...YOU CAN'T STOP THEM FROM DOING SO OR WANTING TO DO SO. And, guess what else, you shouldn't want to. Forcing everyone or attempting to force everyone to make abstract appeals to universal morality in advancing their political arguments just gives a massive advantage to the party that controls the cultural battlespace. And it's funny, isn't it, how many SWPL positions just HAPPEN to advance their group status interest. If you're not like most of my readers (e.g., you're a non-Asian minority), congratulations, your group is already following my advice, and I will not attempt to level any moral condemnation on you and yours for your choice. I DO, however council you to consider carefully which side your bread is buttered on when considering such existential issues as demographic hegemony and who is to have it in the future.

There is no moral high ground in American politics as a whole at this time in history. There might never have been. There is only this:

If you do not defend your own interests as a group, you will lose in the group competition for status, demographic hegemony, and in extreme cases, survival. Demographic hegemony is an existential issue, there is no substitute for it, and it is a ball that is presently in play. Whether defending it is 'racist' (in practice, white Euros are the LEAST racist of any group on the planet) is irrelevant. Whether you and yours 'deserve' in some cosmic sense the hegemony you presently enjoy is also irrelevant. You ARE selfish, and pretty much everyone else on the planet is also, and in most cases a lot more so. So even if you're cursed with self-awareness, don't let such accusations get you down. The work 'Who Really Cares' demonstrates that statistically speaking, you probably are more generous than your accuser anyway.

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