Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Inquisition Regarding the Catholic Senators

There are 24 Catholic Senators in the US Senate

Using the same methodology (, grades for 2009-present.  Where no grade is assigned I also checked if they had a career grade since Senator is usually not an entry level position.

Ayotte (No grade)
Begich F-
Cantwell F-
Casey F-
Collins C
Durbin F-
Gillibrand F-
Harken D-
Hoeven (No grade)
Johanns B
Kerry F-
Landrieu D
Leahy F-
Manchin (No grade)
McCaskill C
Menendez F-
Mikulski F-
Murkowski D+
Murray F-
Reed F-
Risch B+
Rubio B-
Vitter  A-
Toomey (No Grade, but career B-)

So here we have one A-, one B+, one B, one B-, 2 C's, one D+, one D, one D-, and  11 F- grades as well as 4 No grades
This is a pretty wretched average grade but nowhere near as bad as the average  grade for the 12 Jewish Senators.

I will admit that my affection for the Catholic church in general is greatly reduced by the stance of its elites on the immigration issue.  If the Catholic church were at least effectively neutral on this issue I'd seriously consider 'swimming the Tiber'.  The rank and file Catholic in the US has a fairly good view on the immigration issue.  Looking at the numbers, it'd also appear that Rubio might be a fairly decent vice-presidential candidate from our perspective.


Hail said...

D-: Catholic bloc average
F: Jewish bloc average

...if the US Senate looked like the US Supreme Court (6 Catholics, 3 Jews), there would be nothing stop the Amnesty Train.

Looking in more depth at the four Catholics with decent grades:

A-: David Vitter, R-Louisiana, b.1961. Ancestry: All four grandparents born in New Orleans, of mostly-French extraction. 5 of 8 great-grandparents born in Louisiana, 3 in France. All his then-in-the-USA ancestors were living in Louisiana when secession and war came in 1861, which was, IMO, the defining experience of the American nation.

B+: Jim Risch, R-Idaho, b.1943. Ancestry: Half-German, half-British-Isles. 3 of his 4 grandparents born in the USA, with the fourth immigrating at age 1. Only 2 of 8 great-grandparents born in the USA. Both sides of family end up in Wisconsin by late 1800s. Risch born in Wisconsin, himself.

B: Mike Johanns, R-Nebraska, b.1950. Ancestry: Father's side German, of pre-Ellis-Island Midwest-farmer-settler stock. Mother's side Polish, immigrating 1900-1910. Senator Johanns' maternal grandparents were born in Poland, and definitely gentile, as there are many named 'Mary'.

B-: Marco Rubio, R-Florida, b.1971. Ancestry: Father born in Cuba, 1926. Mother born in Cuba, 1930. Note that Rubio's parents were not anti-communist refugees, per-se, as according to wiki they arrived in 1956, before many had heard of a young radical named Castro. ('56 was the very year Castro landed in western Cuba with a boat-full of radicals he had assembled in Mexico).

Note that two of these four men are from anomalous Catholic groups: the Cajuns in Louisiana and the Cubans in Florida. The Cajuns don't much resemble other Catholics in the USA, and we all know Cubans share very little in common with other Hispanics.

We see almost no trace of any Irish-Catholic ancestry among these four Catholics with good grades, and hardly any Ellis-Islanders (only Johanns' mother's side, i.e. counting paternal and maternal branches separately, only 1 of 8 branches between the four men is Ellis-Islander).

I don't want to take the time, but I'd bet that if someone did a similar analysis of the F- Catholics, one would find it peopled almost exclusively by Ellis-Islanders and Irish-Catholics.

Jehu said...

You are correct that Catholic affiliation should be viewed with extreme scrutiny in an elected official. The next group I'll consider will be the Mormons (6 in the Senate), followed by the Presbyterians (15 in the Senate).