Thursday, October 4, 2012

On Affirmative Action And Other Spoils

White people need to get over themselves and simply advocate for their own interests in a who...whom manner. Allowing things to be presented on a bogus universalist plane simply means you'll get finessed every time. Neutrality is effectively impossible, even for those of reasonably good will. Somebody WILL be favored. The only question is Who...Whom.

This nonsense about saying...we would support affirmative action but it's 'damaging to its recipients due to mismatch effects'/degrading to black people/etc is just plain disgusting. The reason to oppose it is because...drum roll...

It is contrary to the interests of non-elite white people. Period, end of story. God curse all the 'nice white ladies' that force the discourse into such a mendacious sewer and force the laundering of wholesome group and self-interest through the skirts of token minority totems like Sowell.

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Anonymous said...

It's the complete lack of understanding that each group of people(or country) has different views/ideas/goals.

Blacks and Whites want different things as do the United States and China.

Problem is white westerners think they can change everyone else to have the same ideas as them.

They fail to realize black people don't want the same things