Tuesday, November 20, 2012

UN Encourages Obama Administration to Overturn the Colorado and Washington Pot Initiatives


What is there for reactionaries to do but cheer at blue on blue violence?  Indeed, we should help the weaker side so as to prolong the conflict while encouraging the stronger to keep doubling down.  To that end, make sure to practice Who...Whom jury nullification whenever you get the chance.

And while Obama might have no personal animus against the potheads, his nature will not allow him to surrender the power of the FDA without a fight.

Even, or perhaps, especially, when you consider that it is insane that pot is scheduled as it is.

Struggles like this have the potential of minting tons of low-church libertarians (i.e.---leave us the hell alone), and not a few genuine reactionaries.  You'll note that the whole FDA and Prohibition thing was a Progressive Cathedral affair from the very start.  Prior to 1900, you could probably mail order whatever drug you wanted---subject, of course, to the requirement that said drug had to actually have been invented.
Similarly, you could mail order pretty much any firearm you liked as well, and if you go back further, you could---and no small number did---own the genuine munitions of War as well like cannon and warships.

Pre-Cathedral reactionaries in the US tolerated levels of negative freedom nearly unimaginable by most moderns.  But you had to deal with the fact that other people could, and frequently did, ostracize you if they didn't like how you used it---or didn't like you for whatever reason.  Someone, after all, always has to be in the back of the bus.

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