Monday, January 14, 2013

Because A Political Party is Still A Party

Free Northerner posits one possible reason why so many conservatives 'go native' in Washington.

Perhaps Reactionaries need to develop a system of parties in such places.  They'd need lots of costume parties, with lots of dancing, generous amounts of alchohol, cigars, et al..  Provide plenty of opportunity for reactionary themes, and plenty of opportunity for wives to play dress up, sometimes as faux royalty, a fantasy near and dear to many (most?) women.  It seems to me that reactionaries could arrange far better parties than mere conservatives, who obviously can have more fun than SWPL sneerfests.
Back when I was in college, one of the fraternities---Kappa Alpha if I recall, had lots of cool formal events where they dressed in what amounted to Confederate Dress Uniforms and were accompanied by sorority girls dressed as Southern Belles.  All parties concerned appeared like they had a damned good time.  Perhaps that's the way to increase the gravity of reaction.


bdoran said...

Because of interest. Power. Money.

Also because the Left is the institutional government - the real government - in every single Western nation.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but a pretty good argument against enforcing copyright law

This would weaken the Cathedral if applied.

Jehu said...

I'm all for weakening and shortening copyright, as well as bringing exceptions to copyright out into the sunlight. I think 20 years would be more than adequate---about the length of patents. Fair use would also need to be expanded to fit the actual perception of such in the public.

Anonymous said...

But if you're really following your own advice about attacking the enemy where it hurts, you would want to get rid of copyright entirely, since copyright holders tend to be liberals. I can name a bunch of big Democratic donors who are media moguls, but not one conservative. Not to mention the fact that the media is the main driver of leftward social change.

Jehu said...

I'm for incremental steps. As it stands, if I'm on a jury for a copyright violation, I'm almost certainly going to nullify the law anyway.
But I could certainly live with 20 year copyrights with very clear bright-line rules, were that on offer. Since it's not on offer, I'm inclined to nullify even on cases that would be covered by that regime.

Unknown said...

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