Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Philanthropy Actually Worthy Of The Name

Curing diseases and extending human life has always been something that Christians have worked towards.  It's nice to see some philanthropy actually going towards that purpose as opposed to primarily being employed to dispossess the demographic hegemony of me and mine.  Life extension research is pretty seriously undersubscribed from a societal point of view.  It needs a higher fraction of talent, preferably drained from the FIRE sector.


Anonymous said...

People in the FIRE sector, were they not in that, would not be bright minds working for the good of humanity elsewhere. They are horrible, immoral people with money, and if they weren't doing that they would be horrible, immoral people without money. I say this because I have worked for a lot of these people. I have seen bad people, and I have seen people become clearly worse as they became richer.

Jehu said...

Lots of useful stuff gets developed by horrible immoral people and from totally mercenary motivations. Lots of quants would make perfectly serviceable researchers.