Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sometimes I'm Convinced I Have a Vast And Effective Counterintelligence Network

A network dedicated to my goal of the separation of School and State, unless, of course, counter-revolutionaries like myself control the state.  This incident is pretty seriously over the top, and exactly the kind of outrage I'd have my CI assets perform, if I had any such assets, which to the best of my knowledge, I do not.  There have been a bunch of similar gun-related outrages at schools lately.  Increasing the anger of the population is good.  Promoting more homeschooling is even better.  Forward the counter-revolution.


Aretae said...

I'm with you up to the unless. Hayekians, even not-as-thorough- libertarian as myself might suggest that separation of school and state is highly valuable EVEN in the world you wish.

Anonymous said...

Separation of School and State should be near the top of the Casus Belli/Ultimatum demands..

Anonymous said...


I have a question for you.

What is the word you use to describe people like yourself, in contrast to the 'neurotypical'?

Is is just 'nonneurotypical'? Or a more specific term? I looked through your archives and don 't seem to see one.

Jehu said...

I generally just use 'not neurotypical', recognizing that some people are a lot more non-neurotypical than others. By this I mean people whose brains have significant variation from 95% of the population in terms of how they process risk, diplomatic models, etc. Mostly I use this term because it hasn't really picked up a huge connotation yet, it's still living mostly in the realm of denotation. Give it a decade or two and it'll become larded with enough connotation to make it pretty useless to me. Such is life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, speccifically for picking out risk and diplomacy
(I take it you here mean interpersonal negotition in the broadest sense). Clarifies things a great deal.

Jehu said...

Yes, the particular details of risk processing and the interpersonal negotiation as you put it are where the overwhelming majority of the benefits are for those who would understand neurotypicals and non-neurotypicals. Having a model that doesn't totally suck for the garden variety neurotypical's internal 'diplomatic model' has helped me a lot. Wish I'd had it available to me back when I was 15.

The way neurotypicals process risk, btw, weighing losses of X approximately the same as gains of 2X is the root of the entire school of value investing.