Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scorn and defiance; slight regard, contempt

Ridicule and mockery are among the most powerful weapons available to us.  Here are some good examples of it:

This site sells stamps to replace Tim Geithner with 'Tax Cheat' on currency. I wholeheartedly approve, as this is like defacing an altar of the Cathedral. Music is another way to propagate ridicule. Reactionaries and conservatives really need to get on the stick in this regard. Helicopter Ben, for instance, is eminently mockable. My little ones really love the silly stories I spin with their toy helicopters and little people about 'Helicopter Ben' tossing bags of money to starving bankers on Wall Street.  They especially love it when 'Farmer Jed' appropriates Ben's helicopter and drops bags of manure instead of money on said bankers.

Here's some decent ridicule set to music via youtube.

Yes, I won't claim their song is for the ages, but songs in this genre don't need to be. Anything that reduces the prestige of the Cathedral is a good thing, because in hard times prestige is what allows the center to hold.

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