Wednesday, September 7, 2011

White People with Spanish Surnames, Affirmative Action's Weakest Link

There are a fair number of people out there who are visibly and culturally quite white, but who have Spanish surnames and accordingly are able to reap lots of affirmative action goodies. My half-sister is a good example of this (my stepfather being Spanish/German and having the most common Spanish surname of them all)---visibly probably whiter than 80% of white people but the recipient of preference, scholarships, and the like on the basis of being 'Hispanic/Latina/whatever gets the most pluses'---being, in this case, operationalized by checking the relevant box. I could have done this myself back in the day, there was talk of changing my last name when I was a youngster, but such blatant gaming of the system was considered distasteful by middle class people back then.

Nevertheless, this group is one that could be fairly easily wedged free from the existing non-Asian minority coalition. The smaller the coalition becomes, the easier it is to fight it and to remove the perks of being diverse that come at the expense of the non-diverse, like, say, my own little ones (nobody would mistake a pair of very fair little redheads with bright blue eyes for anything but the descendants of Vikings and other presently disfavored groups). Doubtlessly, the coalition would see this as an effort to divide and conquer, as in fact it is, but I have a little secret to tell you.

You don't have to convince minorities if that is your objective, you have to convince overly nice white ladies that they're not being 'mean' by advancing their husband's interests. There's of course the obstacle of the judiciary, but that is a battle that has to be fought anyway and I've outlined a plan in previous posts for delegitimizing it progressively in the eyes of the population. The short form is that as reactionaries, we are long (in the stock market sense) anger---anything that pisses off the population, like blatant legislation from the bench, works in our favor. It is to our advantage to fight anytime doing so costs us less resources than it does our opponents and when even losing bleeds the present elite's perceived legitimacy. In this case, much of the left will even agree---people like my sister have no business getting such goodies and God forbid, a system gaming version of myself getting Hispanic preferences would be an abomination.

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