Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Manufacturing Anti Semitism in the Senate

Jews in the US represent around 2% of the population, concentrated heavily in urban areas on the coasts, especially in the Northeast.  Therefore an awful lot of people don't know personally any significant number of ordinary Jews.  This makes the public perception of the Jew in America particularly heavily influenced by the famous or infamous.

Today, we'll consider Jews in the US Senate, taking stated religious affiliation rather than attempting to research ethnic background (Hillary Clinton, for instance made much of her 1/64th Jewish ethnicity when running for Senate in NY, but she's not considered Jewish for these purposes, nor would be a person of Jewish ancestry who professes to be a Christian).

From Wikipedia
So first off, we have about 12% of the Senate being Jews, which is a 6x factor of overrepresentation, comparable, but probably higher than the overrepresentation of elite Protestant denominations.

Next let's consider what these Senators are doing for the Jewish brand.  For this, we'll go to

We'll consider recent activity (2009-2011).

So we have 3 D's,  2 F's, and 7 F- 
This is pretty damned abysmal considering that the average grade in the Senate is a C.  These 12 Jews are doing an awful lot to manufacture anti-semitism among Americans who are against the loss of demographic hegemony.  Senators are pretty high profile figures, and there is NOT A SINGLE ONE on this list that possesses even a marginally passing grade.

Here's the huge disconnect:
Approximately 60% of Jews in America are perfectly acceptable on the immigration issue.  Granted, this is lower than the population at large, but the claim that Jews in general want to racially replace Whites as the demographic hegemon is difficult to support.  What is happening is a massive betrayal of non-elite interests by elites (you see this also among most of the mainline Christian denominations).

Here's my warning to Jews in America.  Unlike, say, Methodists, you are defined in the public eye by your leaders.  Almost everyone knows Methodists that they think are great folks, ditto Catholics---and frankly, even Mormons are more recognized by their rank and file than by their supposed leadership.  Whether this is fair or not is frankly irrelevant, suffice it to say this it is simply so.  As a group you desperately need to stop your leadership from destroying your brand.  In 2010, there was an opportunity to do just that (Kaus ran against Boxer in the Democratic primary for her CA seat in the US Senate), and unfortunately, you blew it.  Even one or two A or B rated Senators would go a long way towards improving your image among ordinary Americans.

Why is it important to avoid getting branded on this issue (and others, such as gun rights or abortion)?
Given the unfortunate history of the Jewish ethnicity do I really need to go there?  Suffice it to say, that if the center does not hold, and things fall apart, there will ALWAYS be a search for scapegoats.  It is human nature and can't be repealed by any act of Congress.  It is always more appealing to punish an 'Other' than members of one's own radically extended family.  I'd prefer that the next scapegoat not be 'the Jew', but your leaderships is making that difficult.  It is also manufacturing a lot of new 'anti semites' every time someone connects SOME of the dots.

Next time we'll consider the Supreme Court.


Anonymous said...

Jews don't really deal with the idea of future blow back based on today's bad actions very well. Hence all the pogroms in Europe over the years.

Warning a group of people who make the same mistakes over and over again is like warning an aspie that's he's being annoying. He can't see it so what you're telling him doesn't make any sense. Besides, someone has to be ruling elites scapegoats when everything falls apart. Who better than history's greatest scapegoats, the jews!

Enjoy the decline.

Jehu said...

Warning aspies when and how they're being annoying is part and parcel of what we do here at the Chariot. We offer warnings, exhortation, and encouragement freely in the spirit of Christian charity, not a desire to see them turned into smoke or to die without issue.
Besides, around 60% of the Jewish voting population agrees with us on this existential issue. It'd be a shame for them to be the scapegoats for the misdeeds of their elites. The purpose of this series of posts besides the academic is to encourage a very vulnerable group to seize control of their own brand.

Hail said...

"the claim that Jews in general want to racially replace Whites as the demographic hegemon is difficult to support"

There is a methodological problem with the poll you cite. It is this: Perhaps a majority of people of Jewish ancestry in the USA are atheists. These people are, of course, likely more left-wing than their co-ethnics who still identify as religious, as all atheists are. Most/all/many of these atheist-Jews will not have participated in a poll that leads asking about religious belief.

Including all "ethnic-Jews" in such questioning would push the Jewish numbers a lot further left. Of that there can be no doubt.

Even this poll is not a home-run for the thesis: "Most regular Jews are sympathetic with white-racialism in the USA", which I infer is what you are saying here. The poll says "60 percent [of Jews] said [there is] inadequate enforcement [of immigration law]." This 'enofrcement' stuff is not necessarily a proxy for white-racialist sympathy. Even B.H.Obama himself has called for tougher enforcement, if memory serves.

Here is the knockout: On the question of amnesty, the Jews polled are split evenly, 11-to-10. Protestants oppose amnesty 38-to-10, rising to 63-to-10 among 'evangelicals'. If we were to include atheist Jews, we can only speculate, but it wouldn't surprise me if opposition fell to 10-to-25. (i.e., 25 ancestral-Jews in favor of amnesty for every 10 against.) (This comes from quick excel work, assuming that there were an equal number of atheist-Jews not counted as religious-Jews counted in the poll, and that the atheist Jews support amnesty 80% to 10%).

Jehu said...

What fraction of Jews are atheist? My guess is not very high, atheists are fairly uncommon in the US.

Hail said...

I have heard that a majority of Jews are secular, as in not observant of Judaism at all.

Whether I am right in my comment two above hinges on precisely how the poll-takers asked the question ascertaining religion. A certain share of Jews-by-ancestry must have been missed (not polled), if they were led to answer that they had no religious belief/affiliation. The question is how many.

Jehu said...

Reform and Conservative Jews were considered in that poll. Most of such are about as religious as Easter and Christmas-only Catholics. But they still occasionally darken a place of worship.

SFG said...

Feh. You've got me, HS, Jewamongyou...and that's about it.

I'm more likely to convert than I am to influence anyone. And I'm not even actively affiliated.

Jehu said...

My advice for you, and Jewamongyou, is to make sure you've got a good plan B if things go...nonlinear. That's my general advice to most people as I see the probability of such a series of events as nontrivial, but it's particularly important if you and yours are recognizable as useful scapegoats or are members of a group other than the demographic hegemon in the area where you live.