Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adios Bachmann

Bachmann has officially suspended her candidacy today, after the Iowa primary results were reported.  This was not unexpected, but it is too bad, as Bachmann was the closest thing to an acceptable candidate on the immigration issue going.  Now Romney has the best rating, at a C-.  Too bad Buchanan isn't running, or the Ron Paul of the 80s and early 90s.


CLAR said...

i think there is a decent argument to be made that paul's policies would eliminate a lot of the incentive for third worlders to immigrate here as well as empowering individual states to enforce immigration status laws.

i am, of course, disappointed with his libertarian open borders policy, but i doubt congress could pass any law to that effect for him to sign, and he does seem to be pretty likely to actually secure the border.

it still seems very unlikely that he would win the nomination though.

Jehu said...

Paul is probably better than Gingrich and Perry on the immigration issue---I don't think his heart is in the anti-racist (read, anti-white) crap he has to say. But I'm not confident that he's just doing holy deceit. Back in the 90s he actually talked fairly close to my demographic hegemony line.

Hail said...

Ron Paul remembers pre-1965 America. Of course he sympathizes with the Racialist wing of the Republican Party. What rational person wouldn't?

At the same time, no rational person running for president would dare say so, either.

Jehu said...

Hail, it's tough to say whether he's actually embraced the MSM-acceptable line on immigration or whether he's just using taqiyya. The problem is, the line he's pushing now has a large fraction of the libertarian non-community behind it. The big problem with Paul on the issue is that he's strongly against E-Verify, which is the one major means presently that actually has a reasonable chance to work given the lack of will and a hostile MSM. Paul probably wouldn't interfere with the state-level efforts though.

Hail said...

Snapshot of Events
Summer and Fall, 1965

August 11th-15th: 'Watts Riots' in LA
Aug 15th: Beatles perform at Shea Stadium, NYC
August 17th: 5,500 U.S. Marines begin first major U.S. offensive action against the Vietcong.
Aug 20th: Ron Paul turns 30 years old. (This year he makes the transfer from the USAF to the the Air National Guard, working as a flight surgeon in both organizations.)
September: The U.S. Congress is in the final stages of deliberation before the vote on the 'Hart-Cellar Act'.
Sept 22nd: The Senate passes 'Hart-Cellar', 76-18.
October 2nd: LBJ signs 'Hart-Cellar' into law.
November 11th: Republic of Rhodesia declared, with Ian Smith as leader. British immediately impose sanctions, demand Black Rule.
June 30th, 1968: Hart-Cellar Act, passed September '65, takes effect. Hitherto de-facto-race-based restrictions on immigration are abolished.
2010: The latest census finds that 166 million people live in the USA's 50-largest metropolitan areas. 'White Non-Hispanics' form 54% of this group, meaning that Whites of Northwest-European stock (the basic racial-stock from which the 'American' is descended) no longer constitute a majority of "their own nation's" primary population zones.

Hail said...

I've expanded the above into a full-length post, entitle Ron Paul Remembers