Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Fatal Flaw of Whites and Jews: The Insatiable Hunger for Cheaper Labor

We hear the same refrains throughout history...

That's no job for a white man.  Let's buy slaves to do it instead.
Those are jobs Americans won't do, and I want cheap maids.  Let's import a new people, and if you complain about it, you're a racist!
And apparently these statements and the sentiments translate pretty well (or, from my perspective, rather horridly) into Hebrew in Israel instead.

Always rather than pay the prevailing wage in a free market, the white and Jewish business classes contrive to change the rules of the game to the profound detriment of posterity to beat down the price of labor.  In practice, all the the statements above have the implicit clause, at the price that we'd prefer to offer, built into them.  Businessmen need to be called on this and called hard.  The Chambers of Commerce get nowhere near enough flak from supposed conservatives for their demographic treachery.  They are about half of the alliance against us, and, frankly, we should lay into them without any remorse or any mercy at all.  It should be personal.  Any time they attempt to introduce moral language into the argument they should be brutally slapped in the face with their obvious economic motivation.  And since they started the moral language first, that motivation should be loudly castigated as greed, avarice, exploitation, or whatever infuriates the population best at the time.  The left side of that alliance can be painted as dupes and useful idiots of the Profits of Doom.  The Chambers of Commerce need to be brought to heel on this question by being punished sternly.  If Obama whipped them with whips, let us whip them with scorpions.  Automation and innovation are far better ways to improve standards of living in any case, and it'll be a long time before robots decide they're a new people.


Anonymous said...

By "whites" here, you appear to mean a very narrow band of the spectrum. I would guess almost entirely the lines that Moldbug calls the Brahmins.

I don't currently live near any whites who are in favor of cheap, brown labor.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see now "white ... business class". Point taken.

Jehu said...

Yes, in this case the Brahmins are effectively the dupes and useful moralizing idiots for the business class---or at least we can paint them that way to the majority of the population. I agree that the Brahmin are more conscious traitors than dupes, but it is more expedient to paint them otherwise in this affair so as to be able to assault one fraction of the coalition without effective support from the other.