Monday, March 26, 2012

Trayyon Martin and Reaction

One important thing to remember as reactionaries is that we are long volatility.  Anything which undermines the prestige of the existing power structure works in our favor long term.  What are some of the possibilities in this case?

The power structure is pretty clearly bent on attempting to railroad Zimmerman, but that's going to be awfully tough to do in Florida.  My bet is the jury acquits him, and there's a good chance the grand jury would as well. 

With articles like the following greatly undermining the initial media narrative, it's hard to envision a conviction.

There's also this:  Zimmerman is clearly a Hispanic, specifically a Mestizo.  How is that community going to take an obvious attempt to railroad him?  Hispanics aren't nearly so deracinated as white people, and they know how to play in the ethnic cleansing game.  This sort of thing isn't good at all for the Democratic coalition.

Lots of Republican officials seem to be eager to prove their anti-racist (read, anti white, or in this case, anti whatever the media mistakenly calls white) credentials.  Romney and Paul seem to have the good sense to keep their mouths shut on the issue---and Newt attacks Obama on a meta-point.

So there's a pretty high probability that we'll get some riots out of this.  While tragic for any victims of such, this only helps the cause of reaction.  Look to the aftermath of the Rodney King rights back in 1992 for an example of how quickly the mood of the country turned in a reactionary direction.


Anonymous said...

What's going to be interesting is if Obama decides to double down and have the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ go after Zimmerman. It might win him some points with his core supporters, but it may severely hurt him in Florida in November

Jehu said...

I'm pretty confident that he will double down and keep doubling down. Any significant black rioting and he's done in the election this November, IMO. Gas prices are likely enough to make him a one-termer in any case.

B322 said...

That's an interesting thought. The thing is, the election is only six months away; the trial could easily be dragged out into 2013 after BHO or challenger has already been safely elected.

Jehu said...

I doubt the original trial will get dragged past the summer, and it might not even get past the grand jury. Making the case go away would be his best move though.

B322 said...

Nominations are now open: what day should be HBD Day? The poll will come later.