Friday, March 2, 2012

Unfortunate Developments North of the Border

Apparently a little four year old girl drew a picture of her daddy holding a gun and a teacher with the support of their CPS went totally freaking nuts about it.

Did you need yet another reason to homeschool?
Is four years old too early to learn to practice Operational Security and Taqiyya?

Canada has become increasingly scary on the civil liberties front in recent years.  Now in Alberta they're making noises about punishing parents who teach that homosexuality is a sin:  That is, punishing any parent who professes an orthodox Christian faith and who presumes to teach same to their children.

I understand that the Catholic church in England has a long tradition akin to Taqiyya.  Perhaps it needs to be taken out of mothballs once again in the old dominions.

I'm teaching my little ones to append a silent 'that I have any need or right to know about' onto the end of any question asked them by a non-family authority figure.  I suggest doing the same.

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