Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Illegal Infiltrators? Who Says the Jews Never Gave Us Anything?

Apparently illegal aliens in Israel aren't undocumented workers or even illegal immigrants.  They are Illegal Infiltrators.  I love it.
I confess I've always been somewhat fond of Netanyahu, and he gets demographic hegemony.  Now if only his coethnics/coreligionists would get with the program here in the US.

But whatever US Jews choose to do, Israel has given us a new rallying cry:

Expel All the Illegal Infiltrators!
How many illegal infiltrators do you want in your nation?
Infiltrator is an even better word than Alien in terms of the connotations.

Update:  I've also amended my blog list, removing TheColdEquations which has been down for a long time now.  We at the Chariot miss it and we left the link up for some months in the hopes that it might return.  I've also changed Collapse:The Blog to the Orthosphere link where Proph now blogs and added Steve Sailer's blog, which I confess I'm remiss in not doing so some time ago.

Update:  It gets even better:  Pogrom in Tel Aviv!

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