Sunday, June 3, 2012

Request for Propaganda: Divorced Women Nearly Always Wind up Trading Down

It is nearly trivially true that most women who divorce wind up with replacement partners that are objectively (and usually subjectively too) inferior to the partner that they divorced.  Sometimes they wind up with no new permanent partner at all.
They're almost always at a weaker position in the MMP/SMP than the first time.  This effect is so strong that I can't think of any counterexamples off hand that I personally know.  In many cases the delta in quality between first and second husband is truly profound.

But if you were to look at our mainstream entertainment, one would tend to conclude the opposite of this truth.  Therefore, I'm putting out a request for RFP for those amused by that sort of thing...for artists, writers, etc, to present the world as it actually is, in a statistical sense.  Hell, there's a good chance that a lot of women would even misinterpret your move as 'identifying with their actual problems', when you show the newly divorced woman with a couple of kids having a rude awakening in the SMP/MMP.  I suggest doing this with secondary and tertiary characters, so you don't feel compelled to give them a happy ending, as it were.


Anonymous said...

There are a few criteria for a woman to trade up:

1) She should have no children.

2) She should still be fairly young/attractive.

3) Often women leave when the man suffers a setback (job loss, sickness) that brings his value below that of the woman. This could also take the form of a man not realizes some potential the woman took as given (a med student that doesn't become a doctor).

Roissy posted some studies that more or less show women understand this at some level.

Master Po said...

RFP: Request for Propaganda. What a refreshing acronymn!

My One Great Novel, the one I'll probably never write, deals realistically with the empty promises of divorce and the light and transient miseries of faithful (more or less) monogamy.

Jehu said...

My observation is that simply having been married before is a significant status hit for a woman, even a minor one in the case of a widow. Maybe if she married significantly overweight and she lost lots of weight before she got back into the market.