Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scott Walker Turns the Cathedral's Left Flank?


I have this suspicion that Wisconsin's governor might not be stupid.  His targeting appears too strategically sound and his time horizons too long to be a member of that party.  This initiative of his has the potential of greatly diminishing the power of the Cathedral over higher education.  It's also a blessing for autodidacts everywhere.  We will continue to watch his career with great interest.


Anonymous said...

This is in reply to the black homeschooling post. For whatever reason blogspot simply won't allow me to type or paste into the comment box on that post.

Yeah, I browsed the article quickly and missed the reference to drugs and bullying, though actually those are the least of it. I suppose black homeschooling will be used to push absurd theories of black nationalism and black history - the article mentions the latter.  However the kids get this from popular culture & the public schools anyway.  If the kids learn basic literacy, numeracy and good habits, though, it could still turn out to be a social plus. Not sure quite what I think about it. 

I have begun, by the way, to develop an acute loathing of blogspot. My first comment I typed in notepad and pasted as is my custom, so that I can edit and not risk losing a comment. When I tried to enter my second, it would not allow me to do this, or, in fact, to type characters into the comment box at all. Blogspot is by far the clumsiest of the major blog platforms for the commenter.

Jehu said...

Blogspot seems to become a bit flakey during certain times of the day. I've disabled word picture verification for the time being as the amount of spam is still within the capabilities of the automatic filter.
On black homeschooling, I agree it's a net positive even if used to promote black nationalism, and I confess no little sympathy for the separatist variety of black nationalist. Frankly, the Cathedral hates homeschooling pretty much regardless of who does it, and were I their partisan, I'd feel the same. Public education that is under Cathedral control is one of the most powerful elements of soft control. Private schools are disliked, but homeschoolers are loathed.