Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dissolution of the Monasteries II: Blue on Blue

One of the big things going for Reaction is that our foes are strongly self-destructive.  Sometimes one need only hand them a gun with which to blow their own brains out.

Here is such a gun.
Presently lots of Blue States and cities are seriously strapped for cash, having run out of other people's money.  They look to the huge endowments of the Cathedral's universities, and, in the immortal words of Gollum---they WANTS it.  So far there have only been a few noises made in this direction, but the inclination is clear.  We need only encourage such.  Here are some memes we can feed to the far Left.

No Cathedral university with an endowment bigger than X should charge any tuition to its students.  It is that students leave saddled by a mortgage on their future.


We should tax the hell out of any endowments bigger than Y.

Basically paint them as Scrooge McDuck.  It doesn't matter what they use the funds for, most likely pouring it down rat holes or setting it afire is what will happen.  The important thing is to get the endowments looted.

Should option 1 be chosen, and I think it has an easier time politically given the current zeitgeist, you've got another wonderful result:

The students will ironically feel LESS grateful and loyal to their institution.  This is neurotypical ingratitude for you.  What is obtained cheaply is generally held in contempt.
Also, the lack of the debt burden on the graduates will make them much more likely to go 'off the reservation'.

The seeds and ideas are already there, it is to us to water them and to supply the rope to the Cathedral's acolytes with which to hang themselves.


Bill said...

You don't even need to go this far. What local governments are mostly agitating for is an end to the tax-exempt status of universities. Universities normally pay no property tax. As you might expect, they leverage this by buying up tons and tons of land, to the detriment of local government. Just making them pay for the city services they use via property tax would do them some harm.

Then, go after their tax-exempt status. Why should rich people be allowed to get a tax deduction for building monuments to themselves on campus?

Since slippery slopes are real, once you start down this avenue, you will soon be taxing universities brutally. I mean, seriously, if you want to transfer money from rich to poor, is there anything better to tax than universities?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the sentiment, but I suspect that, in practice, what would happen is that Cathedral dissidents would suffer most from the way this law would get enforced.

The heads of any municipality large enough to generate any real debt would probably have alumni links to first-rate Ivies. And it's the Ivies that need destroyed. Public Universities just follow their lead.