Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rage Over The TSA Builds, Still Desperately Seeking A Political Expression


Look at the comment like and dislike counts on this story about the TSA's petty thuggery and demand for submission rituals.  There is a VERY strong undercurrent of anger about the TSA.  Romney is an idiot for not capitalizing on it.  People REALLY don't like being made to undergo submission rituals and would like an avenue of retaliation.  This is especially true because it's nearly all security theatre anyway.  The passengers are a far more effective anti-terrorist agency than the TSA will ever be, and it took them all of around 3 hours to change their configuration from 'don't get involved' to 'fight or flight, and since there's nowhere to run...'.

Notice also that comments like this one...
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The TSA screens hundreds of peoples all over the country every day; the few stories that leak to the media, might lead to the TSA relaxing their stance...but thats when the real bad peoples get in...*shrugs*...do we have another 9/11 or worse...or put up with the TSA...yeesh...even a police officer would give you a ticket for something minor if your attitude sucked xx

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while comments like this one

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BD  •  18 hours ago
As a 25 year law enforcement veteran - Maybe you can begin to see how fast a government can change and all of a sudden cops and security turn into Gestapo. All they need is permission to act bad and it will happen and it can go from bad to worse overnight.. As a former Chief of Police I know that maybe 5 percent of cops would do what is right by our constitution. The other 95 % would act like Nazis in a heartbeat. I have seen it from the inside and tell you the average citizen needs to be aware. The U.S. government knows cops are like tigers on a chain. All they have to do is unlock the chain.

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