Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More NonAligned Memes, Per Request

Rusty Mason in our comments section has requested that we elaborate more on the NonAligned Companies concept.  Towards that end, I'll provide some memes, hopefully memes of outstanding virulence.  This set of memes is best pushed from a non-ideological, disinterested in the issues as such but concerned for the good of the company or business in question stance.

The mood of the country is growing angrier by the day.  This anger is like the electricity in a summer thunderstorm---it is desperately seeking a place to strike and ground itself.

Let's NOT be that lightning rod.

I foresee a profound breakdown in the rules of the engagement wherein both sides are going to use whatever governmental apparatus, be it local, state, or national, to punish any company they can identify as being among their enemies in any way, shape, or fashion they can.  It probably won't even be directly connected---we'll just all of the sudden wonder why we're getting anti-trust suits thrown at us like so many banana peels.

, attorney general of Kansas, what are you waiting for?>
Given that we're not an ideological company, but a company that makes for the mass market, what sense does it make to alienate X% of our customers?  Especially as angry as the country is getting no good can come of this.

Given that food banks are reporting major shortages this year, and not even the can say a bad thing about , why don't we focus our corporate philanthropy on them this year? 

From the standpoint of defense against any local governmental machinations, what say you to us sponsoring a bunch of local youth sports teams this year?  It's dirt cheap insofar as insurance policies go and it draw us zero negative attention unlike a lot of the other things we support.

We can also throw a few bones to and .  None of these things will cost much, or produce any negative blowback.

How we feel personally about issue X is really not the question.  It isn't our mission as a company. We have a duty to our shareholders and our customers not to become entangled in anything that can hurt our ability to carry out our mission.  The fact that we're talking about it more or less proves that it is controversial and taking either side will hurt us.


Anonymous said...

Couple comments

a. Only one side is actually smart enough to use the government to attack its enemies

b. The non aligned companies association will quickly be co-opted by leftists and non-aligned will just be a re-branded version of progressive

Jehu said...

I wouldn't say that conservatives lack the intelligence to use the government as their weapon, they simply lack the will. All you've got to do is copy the tactics of the left with the targets changed.