Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Did The Nazis Persecute Homeschoolers As Much As the Current German Regime?

Honestly one has to wonder.  Most Western governments, it seems have adopted all the worst parts of National and International Socialism without any of the good stuff, like National Socialism's concern for demographic hegemony, or its cool parades, impressive architecture, or snazzy uniforms.  When the substance is effectively the same---lots of socialized areas in the economy, lots of crony capitalism and the use of government to benefit favored businesses, and the blatant use of education as a means of political indoctrination, how is this NOT Nazi or fascist?  Instead the modern preference is to use the name as an all-purpose epithet and to quietly adopt the substance.
The German Powers that Be are apparently more aware of the threat that homeschooling presents to their Nazi New World Order.  Note especially the picture of the homeschool dad and his four beautiful children.  Homeschoolers have a vastly higher TFR than the rest of society, especially in Germany.  The future belongs to those who show up for it.


Anonymous said...

What is the TFR of homeschoolers in Germany and elsewhere?

Jehu said...

Well, in the US it's north of 3---around 3.5 if I recall. I believe I've linked an article that touches on it.

Jehu said...

From the 2009 Ray Study:
Homeschool families studied had these demographics...note that these families might not be done having children yet.
Children per family (average reported at 3.5)
6.6% 1
25.3% 2
26% 3
35.9% 4-6
6.3% 7 or more
Note also that having an adopted or a foster kid or two isn't terribly uncommon in these circles, especially in the 7 or more set.

RS said...

The substance is not essentially the same because nazism featured tons of mass death. There's no getting around the historical burden this presents, and fascist economics, and spiritual class collaboration, is simply much less salient. To be blunt you will never convince anyone with this.

There is of course a huge lie involved in the near-religion of antinazism and that is the staunch refusal to recognize that nazism flowed chiefly from the grave bolshi threat inside Germany and the mass terrors, and mass arms buildup, of realized bolshevism in USSR. It was the bolshis who first decided to discard Belle Epoque 'standards' and bring back panoramas of torture-like suffering (for civilians) not familiar since the much more malthusian 1600s. There was limited reason to turn the nonmalthusian 1900s into a remake of classic 1600s mass horrors, but they decided to do it.