Thursday, November 8, 2012

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Elizabeth Warren

Everyone's favorite fake American Indian has won her race for the Senate, despite appalling levels of bad faith and who...whom.

I've often joked that perhaps everyone should check whatever race gives the most benefits to them, which would mean calling yourself white on census forms (which establish group denominators and numerators for disparate impact) and Hispanic/Black/Indian/whatever on any applications with individual benefits associated with them.

It's bad faith, even if you could trump up a stepfather's last name or the like which is something like Diaz or Garcia. It is gaming the system. If you're not darker than Zimmerman, you've got no business calling yourself 'Hispanic' in an honest game.

But the system long ago ceased to have the moral standing necessary for people to respect it sufficiently not to game it much. Let the bad faith flow like a river from the mountain of hypocrisy!

Let the young adopt the credo of the Munchkin, checking whatever box gives the biggest bonus.

Let us force the hand of the servants of sanctimony. Let us force them to demand a blood quantum. Perhaps it is even time to steal a page from the 'transgendered', and subvert affirmative action for women as well.

You're a lesbian Hispanic transgendered woman. So say us all.


Mike in Boston said...

In the same vein: my kids are half Asian, but have my Italian last name. The plan is that when college application time rolls around, they will check simply "mixed race" and write about Africa in their essay. Heck, that's gotta be easier than racking up an extra 140 points on the SAT.

Jehu said...

It's a lot more than 140 points if you're talking the delta between Asian or White and Mixed. Basically, scoring +2 sigma on the ACT/SAT/etc would give them nearly automatic acceptance to wherever they want, probably with scholarships as well, with no mind whatsoever paid to 'well roundedness' or 'leadership' et al. Even 3-4 sigma won't give you that if you're white or Asian.

Bill said...

Let us force them to demand a blood quantum.

I don't think America would balk at this. Other than stories explaining the logistics of giving your blood sample at the Post Office or whatever, I can't see the MSM even covering it much.

totalesturns said...

I've met a tenure-track academic who vocally identifies as "bisexual," despite being in a monogamous heterosexual marriage, in what seems to be a calculated grab at an LGBT diversity bonus.

in Columbus said...

I don't think you get it, Jehu. Warren's hypocrisy isn't being overlooked simply because her gambit is clever, it's being overlooked because her politics are leftist. And the moment she dissents on any element of the creed, it will be brought back up with vigor.

This is a great blog for getting information about IQ, religion, and all sorts of other subjects, but here our host has shown complete ignorance about the mechanics of blackmail. Which is pretty much the most important thing to understand in 2012.

Talk about "gaming the system" implies that this game has rules. It has no rules, only rulers.

Jehu said...

In Columbus,
Her hypocrisy was brought up time and time again. It's just that the electorate (at least her portion of it, which was sufficient), didn't care. My point is that perhaps we should stop caring also, and just take whatever exploits are available.