Thursday, January 19, 2012

Culling the Herd, Goodbye Perry

Now Rick Perry has dropped out of the race, taking his abominable immigration positions with him.  Hopefully Gingrich will be next, as, in my opinion, he's the next worst candidate still in the race.

Perry and Gingrich are both particularly bad because one gets the feeling that their hearts really are in the whole racial replacement enterprise---that they're not just posturing for anti-racist/anti-white brownie points from the MSM.  In addition, both Gingrich and Perry have generally run from fairly conservative areas (Perry the governor of Texas, Gingrich a representative from Georgia if memory serves).  It is a good bet that their positions would modulate to the left when running in a less conservative electorate.  With Romney that effect is likely to be in the opposite direction---most of the US is more conservative than the state of Massachusetts.

Interestingly enough, I noticed today that the MSM is running the line that Gingrich's ex-wife says that he wanted an 'open marriage'---i.e. to practice a soft polygamy.  It's amusing what rope is being produced to hang him with---I'd prefer that we practiced a more old school hands-off approach to the personal lives of the politicians that we set up as alpha males, but I can't say I terribly mind seeing Gingrich cut down, especially if in so doing more of the prestige of the MSM is eroded away.


B322 said...

I read in my local paper some hack opining that now the GOP race was basically two-way, between Romney and Santorum. I kept thinking, "Aren't they leaving someone out?" but I couldn't remember whom.

Just getting. I'll probably vote for Paul as the better all-around candidate even if Santorum's immigration stance is probably better.

Jehu said...

Ron Paul, IMO, is a lot more electable than Santorum. Paul and Romney, IMO, are the only candidates in the Republican field that can conceivably withstand the shitstorm that the media will unleash against them. Romney because he's just so boring, Paul because he's used to having it dialed up to 11 already. Santorum's name has already been turned into an epithet. What I'm hoping for most honestly is that whoever survives this nomination process feels compelled to pander to the likes of us.

Hail said...

I see from Romney's ancestry that his father was expelled, while just a boy, from his birthplace -- by angry Mexicans. (Romney's father was born in a Mormon colony in Northern Mexico, all of which were closed down during the early years of their political trouble).

I doubt this man will cry the kinds of pro-Hispanic crocodile tears we get from Bush, Perry, Gingrich (yuck), and so on.

This information leads me to believe that Romney may pander to the Racialist-Right much more than the typical 'corporate suit' he is cast as would.

Jehu said...

Hail, possibly so, although polygamists always draw a great deal of animus from monogamists who haven't been effectively gelded by universalist cant. Polygamy threatens the cartel agreement that the 'Dads' enforce vs the 'Cads'.

B322 said...

Hmmm ... hadn't thought about it that way, but I bet you're right. Santorum has a bigger bullseye on him than most. I don't think a candidate so closely tied to a stance on homosexuality would be a good thing for the GOP right now, or the right.