Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Desperate Thrashing Against Homeschooling and Private Schools


Note especially the response by the readers of this SF magazine in the embedded poll---at this time 89% choose sanity---i.e. the best interests of their OWN children.
Hey, if 'it's for the children' is useful as a 'root password to the Constitution', it can be pressed into service by reaction as well.  The sanity on this issue, in SF of all places, really is quite extraordinary.

The next big wedge probably ought to be officially tolerating what goes on under the table---for instance, a woman homeschooling and providing day care for 2-3 children besides her own who are from similarly socially situated families.  That model wasn't terribly uncommon back during the first Great Depression, and pretty much only fear of regulatory enforcement keeps its pervasiveness down.


Anonymous said...

Do you have research on homeschool sharing?

I was at a religous household recentely where three families merged to buy a very large house. While distinct families with their own sections of the house they share much of the parenting responsibilities. If they were the homeschooling types this would offer a lot of possibilities.

Jehu said...

No research as such, just some experience of it within my social circle, although money is rarely involved. For instance, a friend of ours practically raises a pair of children of one of her neighbors, and lots of instructional swapping already takes place (particularly in advanced mathematics and science).