Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perhaps Chick Fil A Needs an Auxilliary Business Plan?

Seems to me that the Westboro Baptist plan---provoke local officials into violating your civil rights, then sue the BeJesus out of them, might actually be appropriate here.  Is there anyone above 4 years of age in California that believes that this denial wasn't politically motivated?

Time to lawyer way way up Chick Fil A.  Those lawyers can be a serious profit center until the Left decides to stop this nonsense.


Rasputin said...

Off-topic, but here's a guy I think exemplifies the smart redneck archetype you like to talk about:

Christian, curious and competent.

Jehu said...

Yes, rocket scientists and engineers are held in pretty high esteem by rednecks, smart or otherwise. His quote about being called to be thinkers and doers rather than merely talkers is telling---it's basically the manifesto of the smart redneck, and I've heard it translated into lots of languages, including Japanese-flavored 'Engrish'.