Friday, September 28, 2012

Got To Love The Golden Dawn

Taking part of the anarchy out of anarcho-tyranny.
The tone of the article is of course negative, but the takeaway from the comments is positive.  Go figure.  They empathize with the Greeks.  Nobody else will do anything about crime and malfeasance from immigrants.  But the Golden Dawn provides protection and solves their problems.  This is particularly effective because of one thing:

The Golden Dawn had NO hand whatsoever in creating the chaos, being an up and coming group of upstarts with no connection to the existing powers that be.

Golden Dawn sucks the least of any of the parties in Greece.
Hell, they suck less than any parties on realistic offer here in the US.  The article also mentions that they're reaching out to the Greek diaspora throughout the Western world.  This is encouraging.  Further encouraging would be establishing friendly contacts with similar ethno-nationalist organizations from other ethnicities in Europe.  They're, if not your friends, at least other targets for the Multicult to deplete its ammunition against.


Anonymous said...

RICanuck says:

Golden Dawn is working to provide stabilization as the old rulers' authority and compeence wane.
The government can no longer guarantee basic services, so Golden Dawn will step in. 'But they're fascist!', the old line media explains. Hizbollah in Lebanon did the same thing on their march (and bombing) to power. The old line media trots out Hizbollah's social programs to point out that Hizbollah is not that bad.
The Muslim Brotherhood is doig the same in Egypt as we speak. See

Matthew said...

That article is full of comically misfiring attempts at rhetoric:

"Nature hates vacuums and Golden Dawn is just filling a vacuum that no other party is addressing," one woman lamented. "It gives 'little people' a sense that they can survive, that they are safe in their own homes."

She laments that little people now have a sense of safety.

But the hand-outs come at a price: allegiance to Golden Dawn. "A friend who was being seriously harassed by her husband and was referred to the party by the police very soon found herself giving it clothes and food in return," said a Greek teacher, who, citing the worsening environment enveloping the country, again spoke only on condition of anonymity. "She's a liberal and certainly no racist and is disgusted by what she has had to do."

"I never imagined that something like Golden Dawn would happen here, that Greeks could vote for such people," she sighed. "This policy they have of giving food only to the Greeks and blood only to the Greeks. The whole package is terrifying.

Obviously the Guardian isn't aiming this borderline hysterical propaganda at hoi polloi. They're calibrating for the midwits, who are the only ones begging to be fooled.

bdoran said...

"Anna Diamantopoulou, a former EU commissioner, shakes her head in disbelief. Despair, she says, has brought Greece to a dangerous place."

No Lady you did.

Jehu said...

Yes, it's all quite amusing really. Golden Dawn is following a well worn playbook. All you have to do to take the wind out of their sales is to provide functional government and defend the demographic hegemony of Greeks in Greece. But the Multicult refuses to do that.
It's also funny how much the fascist and Nazi labels get tossed around.
What distinguishes facist and Nazi economic systems? A fair amount of socialism plus crony capitalism. Sound familiar? Economically most Western countries could be described as fascist today anyway. It's like the worst parts of facism were adopted minus the snazzy uniforms and cool parades.

Justthisguy said...

Yup. As an old band nerd, I do love a parade. I think I look good in a Shako, if I do say so meself.

peterike said...

Golden Dawn and parties like them across Europe are the only hope to turn back the ravenous hordes overflowing the third-world sewers.

Perhaps Greece will once again show the way for the West as they did thousands of years ago.

B322 said...

I'm impressed that Wikipedia had a whole article on them without mentioning any of their positions. Naw, just kidding, it's par for the course for Wikipedia.